Tech Take Back Day – Brighton


We would love to help you give your techy gadget a second life!

Presuming Ed’s Coffee House, 114-115 London Road, Brighton BN1 4LJ

You can preregister with your details here or just turn up on SUNDAY 10th January 10am to 4pm.

Did you receive some tech as a Christmas present, if so have you thought about what you will do with the old Tech?

A consortium of Community Recyclers and Tech specialists have joined together to allow you to ensure your old tech can be properly managed, data wiped and reused (wherever possible) and help a charity or local project along the way.

Bring in your unwanted tablets, laptops, mobile phones, PCs, game consoles (any portable/mobile electronic device that holds data) and we will wipe the data and then assess for best next life options and facilitate that (repair, reuse, charitable donation, sale, recycling, safe disposal…..)

Freegle Brighton, EraseMyData and SOENECS ltd have joined forces to offer all Brighton & Hove residents a service that gives you:

  • piece of mind that all data has been destroyed to government standards
  • the opportunity for all tech to either be re-used, refurbished or recycled, and
  • a simple way of supporting local Brighton & Hove charities to redistribute tech to those that might not be able to afford it

The Christmas season, with Black Friday on Nov 27 2015 and Cyber Monday on 30th November is the highest consumer-purchasing period of the year (£3.3 billion spent in the UK over the Black Friday long weekend!) and is also a time for many households to de-clutter in preparation – making ‘space’ for the New Year and in response to influx of new goods in the post-Christmas period. With all this purchase, the amount of unwanted tech will rise, we want to help you manage it! Don’t let old electronic things lurk unused or worse still get thrown in the bin!

To manage the problem we have a unique process where the assets are triaged as suitable for refurbishment or recycling and summarised by the following flow diagram:

We will guarantee that your data is wiped and that your old tech can have a second life.

Our Tech-Takeback Day will be held on

SUNDAY 10th January between 10am and 4pm

in Presuming Ed’s Coffee House 114-115 London Road BN1 4LJ.

You can preregister with your details here or turn up on the day.

Enquiries to Cat Fletcher (Freegle Brighton Director):

For information, research and data about electronic UK consumption and waste issues go here

We would love to help you give your tech a second life!

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