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Freegle Group Guidelines

Your moderating team is there to help: send them an email if you would like help with anything or if you get stuck. You can find their address on the Yahoo home page for your group – it’ll be something like (just replace AmbridgeFreegle with the name of your group). On Facebook and Freegle Direct click on the link and send them a mail.

Messages you post on your group are received by your fellow group members via individual emails or posted on Facebook or Freegle Direct, depending on what you and they have agreed with the group. Interested members reply to your message individually and you arrange a mutually convenient time with your fellow member to call round and pick the item up. How easy is that!

To help you get the best out of your group please read the pointers below.
(These may vary a little from group to group).

“Please do” stuff:

  1. Please keep your message subject/title lines simple. All initial messages will be either an Offer or a Wanted, then say what your item is (e.g clock, bike etc.), and end with your location. Other group members want to know where you are before they give you something for free or ask for something. Remember: OFFER or WANTED : Item (Location)
  2. Please describe your items honestly in the main body of your message.
  3. Please be considerate – turn up to collect when you say you will or call before the agreed time to re-arrange if you have to change your plans.
  4. Please think carefully before giving out personal information like your phone number or address on the group list. Many groups have rules on this, they are out of concern for your personal safety.
  5. Are you thinking of selling things obtained on the group? Our main objective is to keep things out of landfill. If you’re planning to sell items you get on the group then that is fine as long as you are honest about it and mention in your emails and messages that you are planning to sell the items on. If you are discovered breaking this rule then you may be banned.
  6. Be polite in your messages to other group members. If something happens you object to, please email your group moderators.
  7. Don’t forget that if you don’t tell your group moderators that something is going wrong, then they’ll find it hard to help.
  8. Please do join your local cafe chat group if your group has one.

“Please don’t” stuff:

  1. Please don’t ask for or offer money for stuff. All items must be completely free.
  2. Please don’t ask to borrow or swap items. If your group has an associated cafe (chat) group, you may be able to ask on there.
  3. Respect any restrictions your group has on alcohol, tobacco, firearms or drugs, legal or otherwise.
  4. We ask that you keep politics, religion, rudeness or personal attacks on other members out of your Freegle messages. If you have a problem with another member, contact your moderators.
  5. Please do not send spam; “referral links”, “invitations to join” and so on are all viewed as spam. Respect the groups and your fellow members’ email addresses, they are not there as a useful reference. If you spam Freegle groups you risk being banned.
  6. Please read your group’s guidelines and do not ask for the same thing or offer it more often than your group allows.
  7. Cross-posting is offering or requesting an item on more than one group at once. Your group may ask you not to cross-post. If you are a member of more than one group, start with one group first (usually the one where you live). Post on there first. If you don’t get any responses after a few days then try again on a neighbouring Freegle group.
  8. Please do not offer or request animals unless your group allows it.

Lastly – you might find you are getting far more messages than you anticipated when joining. Don’t panic, you can change how often you get messages – please don’t leave your Freegle group because of it. Contact your local moderating team if you are having problems with changing your message delivery settings – they will always be pleased to help.

Most importantly, have lots of fun Freegling.

Please see our Disclaimer, Safety and Privacy notices.