Key website links

Here are some handy links for you to use in your work and for publicity purposes.

Links to Freegle communities - Use this link to find your local Freegle group, then add the links to your website. For example, if you search for York, you can select the York Freegle group


Shortlinks can help make your publicity easier. They are short website addresses which redirect to longer ones. They are easier for potential members to remember and type than a long URL and are more practical for including on websites, posters, leaflets etc.

Each Freegle community has a shortlink, and you can create your own trackable shortlinks to help you monitor activity. Please go to the Shortlinks page for more info.

An example shortlink would be which redirects to

Live Statistics

On each Freegle community’s page you can view live statistics for that particular community (the example below is for We also use WRAP's Benefits of Reuse tool to generate CO2 and cost savings data.

You can also search for statistics for specific local authorities from


We are currently developing a heatmap, which will enable you to better direct your communications by showing you where and how much Freegle activity is taking place in a given area (see example below). You can find this at


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