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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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 Tell us your story!

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  • There is no downside to Freegling   1 loves this

    From a member of Ascot Freegle#7015
    I have to say I have not received Freegle products but giving away yes all the time. It never ceases to please me the variety of items people want. I have given away pictures, ink cartridges, curtain poles, crockery, a washing basket and a bin. I also love hearing why people want stuff from stuff for uni to changing the style of a room. I don't do it often but when I do it has been 100% successful.
  • Giving and receiving!   Love this

    From a member of Reading Freegle#7000
    Over the years I have used Freegle loads - mostly at first it was to give away things, such as curtain poles, shed and other things that we didn’t want when we moved into new home. Now I am a single parent I still have things to give away but have also received garden furniture, kids chairs, ironing board etc. I’ve even recently got an office chair for the school I work for, which doesn’t have money for chairs for teachers. It’s great to pass on things to others and not just throw them away. It’s good for the environment, good to help others and good for the soul! Thanks so much to all the volunteers who keep Freegle running. You are doing a fantastic job!
  • Charity shopper since knee-high!   Love this

    From a member of Edinburgh Freegle#6997
    I’ve always loved reusing things and making sure nothing goes to waste. I used to ‘help’ my mum when I was 5 and she volunteered at Oxfam. Nowadays I’m usually looking for household items, as we’re slowly improving our flat. I work in a sustainability office so hate seeing appliances and kitchens that are just a few years old going to landfill when they still have plenty of life left. I used to be big into vintage fashion. These days I dress more mainstream but still buy a lot of stuff in charity shops. I have a young child so will often have toys and clothes he’s grown out of available.
  • Trying to be as Sustainable as Possible!   3 love this

    From a member of Thanet Freegle#6992
    Hi I run a large airbnb called Magical Margate Townhouse, and through the renovation and now that it's done we have tried to be as sustainable as possible by freegling and giving away, swapping, gifting as much of the old materials in the house, and now the furniture, as possible! I often hoard items hoping to upcycle them at a later date but freegling has given me the freedom to give them away, knowing that I will come across something equally as lovely in the future. Horses have drinking troughs, locals have furniture, and a local builder has a stash of plumbing parts because of us and that makes me feel happy. And small bits of building materials that most builders would chuck in a skip ended up being used by householders for DIY, saving yet more waste as they would only have needed to buy new too, and throw away what they didn't use! Happy freegling everyone! Anna
  • Helps me, helps others.   2 love this

    From a member of Southport Freegle#6986
    I’ve been a member of Freegle for years and I’ve had many, many positive experiences of giving (mainly), but also receiving from lovely, friendly people who all seem to really care about the ethos of recycling and sharing. I always think of Freegle first when I have something I no longer need as I have always found someone who can benefit from things I no longer need.
  • In the wrong place at the wrong time   4 love this

    From a member of Edinburgh Freegle#6851
    I'm new to freegle, but have already received a brilliant double bed for my daughter's bedroom, which came with the grey velvet headboard she has always wanted. It's true to say that one man's trash is another man's treasure! I think i was born in the wrong time, i would love to return to a bartering system, as i believe sharing is so much more rewarding than buying or selling things. We need to stop buying things we don't need and throwing things away, and go back to fixing things and sharing things! Go Freegle!
  • I love rehoming things I no longer need .   7 love this

    From a member of Lambeth Freegle#6824
    I Freegled a gas cooker as I needed to replace it with an electric cooker due to a problem with my eyes . It’s was in perfect working order and just needed a new home .It went to a grateful family who appreciated it . I was really happy to have helped. I’ve collected bricks through Freegle for my garden , a printer which I’m yet to use and have also donated packing materials . It feels satisfying to save money , my own and other people’s and to minimise the waste created by consumer traffic . When I Freegle I feel like I’m doing my bit for the environment and helping myself and others .
  • Wish I'd heard of this years ago   5 love this

    From a member of Chelmsford Freegle#6959
    I was clearing my parents' house after they both passed away and had taken some of their furniture for myself which meant that I had to dispose of some of mine to make space. The local charity shops all said they didn't have room, so I joined freegle. I gave away the furniture within two days to a lovely friendly lady. In the past year I have taken a few bits and pieces, have given away lots of things which would otherwise have been dumped and have made some lovely new friends. This is just such a brilliant scheme which is good for people and the environment.
  • Win-win situation every time   6 love this

    From a member of Devizes Freegle#6954
    I've never claimed anything but have given quite a bit - everything from an electric lawnmower, a brand new unused child's cot to a collection of oldfashioned board games and a bag of assorted buttons. What really pleases me (apart from the freeing up of space in our tiny retirement bungalow) is that stuff that meant something to me has gone to someone who really appreciates it. The cot went to a women's refuge, for example, and the board games to an old people's home. Win-win
  • How freegle help me when I was in need.   6 love this

    From a member of Haringey Freegle#6934
    Hi hear we go, I move in a property without anything in and I was struggling with to make ends meet , I couldn't afford to buy anything thing my daughter's did not have beds no wardrobe, and I told one of my friends what I'm going through, he advised me to look for freebies but I wasn't sure how to go about it ,istated looking and I found freegle that site help me I was able to fill my house with everything that I needed to keep me going, I can not thank freegle enough that's why I give to those who might need it and that makes me happy.
  • I was homeless with my son and we have moved into a empty apartment and every one has been absolutely fantastic helping us with things   5 love this

    From a member of Durham Freegle#6910
    We moved into a empty apartment now we have been given 2 mattress and a tv and a fire and music sistem for my son it's starting to be a home now just in time for Xmas I would like to thank you all for your donations absolutely fantastic thank you all for your help
  • Why Use Freegle?   5 love this

    From a member of Neath Port Talbot Freegle#6857
    I use Freegle because there have been times in my life when I have struggled to get the basics and have had generous people help me out, without me even having to ask. They recognised a need, and filled the gap. I am most grateful for those community spirited people. That is what community is about. We work together to make sure no one is left behind, in need. Freegle is just an extension of that mentality. It also helps in a massive way to combat landfill waste and this crazy consumerist economy that we have built in the last few decades, that is destroying the environment we need to live. If I have something I no longer need, or I can see someone need more than me, then Freegle helps me to pass that item along. Thank you, all you volunteers that help to keep this organisation running.
  • Knitting wool for preemie baby clothes for JR   5 love this

    From a member of Witney Freegle#6821
    A few months ago I put a wanted on for the above on hearing on the radio that the JR Hospital needed blankets for the preemie babies. I have knitted baby sets wherever I have lived for the past 15 years & decided to ask for help as I am an OAP with little funds. I received wool, buttons & toy patterns in abundance. The picture shows the second batch I took up after receiving lots of wool from Freeglers. I am really grateful for this site, to the admin as well as the Freeglers as I have now been able to supply them with over 50 sets, in two sizes, 20 blankets, 30 hats, 8 small toys & 4 angel sets for stillborns in white. I have a 3rd batch almost ready in Christmas outfits as the matron said they are always short of those at Christmas. I have also been making Christmas Cards for the Salvation Army for many years & received a bumper pack of coloured card from another kind Freegler & hope to raise a good sum again for the Homeless again this year. Thank you all of the Freeglers who have helped in any way, I could not have done it without you. I have had to buy some white/cream wool to use up the dark colours for ribs on the sets, but all colours have bee very welcome. I never throw anything away, always Freegle it & get my friends to do the same. It has helped me through some very difficult times in supplying items I could not afford & I will continue to Freegle. My thanks again go to all.
  • Found Good Friends   6 love this

    From a member of Bexley Freegle#6812
    So I love to recycle and give away ...I also love the cinema and replied to A FREEGLER who was giving away 2 cinema tickets as he and his wife could not go the time I was freegling plants and they were doing their garden ...we arranged to swap but what we were not expecting was the fact that because we all had so much in common we became good friends . That was years ago ... I think Freegle is a fantastic site we have recycled creatively for years and it is always great when you know what you are giving is helping someone else. For example when I was giving my old fence posts it helped a young couple make a front garden fence by cutting the rotten bottoms into 3ft posts and another couple made a tortoise sanctuary out of the rest..The thing I most love in my house is a pine box seat in the kitchen made from a freegled wardrobe door..and a mattress topper...saving the enviroment and our pockets £200 ...So thank you freegle and to all the like minded people who use it :)
  • Freegle saves me money   5 love this

    From a member of Reading Freegle#6809
    The council charges £37 to remove a sofa so if I can find someone to take it, we are both winners!
  • Brilliant resource, generous people.   4 love this

    From a member of Lancaster Morecambe Freegle#6948
    I'm a foodbank volunteer, Freegle is brilliant site to use whenever we need things for the foodbank, there are many generous people out there always ready to help. Plus I've used Freegle for my own use, I doubt there is a better website or group.
  • Sharing is caring!   4 love this

    From a member of Stafford Freegle#6945
    I'm fairly new to freegle, as I thought it only happened in the London area. How wrong I was. I am very surprised it's a national thing. This scheme is a fabulous idea, why waste stuff when others can use it & appreciate it. Let's all share our unwanted items and do our bit to reduce land fill. Sharing is kind & friendly. Giving feels good.