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"I say NO to the throw-away society!"

I don't like to throw things away if they still have some use in them (or even if I just think that "it might come in handy one day"!) and as a result the limited amount of spare space in our small three-bed semi tends to get full up quite regularly! So my dear wife of over 60 years then has to suggest, often quite forcefully, that it's time to get rid of a few things! And that's where Freegle comes in - since I discovered it, which was not that long ago - before that I used to have to reluctantly take old but still serviceable items to the local recycling centre along with stuff that really was beyond further use. Now, if there's something I want to get out of the way but which still works, such as the pump from our pond when we filled that in for safety reasons (ours and our great-grandchildren's) I offer it on Freegle. The pump went almost immediately to a lovely chap about half my age who was just digging out his own pond! Likewise I always look at everything being offered by others on Freegle - occasionally I see something I wasn't specifically looking for but which I'm able to put to good use. For instance I recently found a very attractive table which had suffered at the hands of some "vandal" or other and had a few deep gouges on the top which meant the lady owner didn't want to go on using it - but it now makes an extremely useful work surface in my garage with storage space underneath! I've also just acquired a working printer for my grandson - he's been coming round regularly of late with his fiancee to use my printer to print out various travel and house-purchase documentation, because they are too intent on saving to get married to spend money on buying a printer for themselves, but in a few days, once I've checked the printer over, they'll have a perfectly good one courtesy of a kind Freegler! The same chap also gave me another printer which he said his wife had put too big a wad of paper in and jammed it up so tightly he couldn't free it, but I reckon I've got a 50/50 chance of getting that one going as well, for another of my grandsons who's an impoverished student at university and will shortly need to print out his dissertation. (If I fail, he'll get one of my own old printers, recently superseded by one acquired from a different local free recycling site which I also scour and use regularly!) Keep up the freegling, everyone!
12 hours ago on Chippenham Freegle #10638


16 hours ago on Berko and Tring Reuse #10641

"Waste not want not" 2

Some things ,given ,some things acquired through freegle, a good service , particularly in times when price of everything is soaring. Thank you so much.
2 days ago on Penrith and Eden District Freegle #10632

"Look what you helped me make!" 2

Thank you so much to all of you who gave me various old textiles and fabric remnants recently! As promised, I'm sharing an example of what I'm making from them :) This rug is about 120cm across.
2 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #10635

"Lots of kindness about which cannot be a bad thing!" 1

Received many things over the years and am very grateful. Also have given quite a lot - it is a great to know people are being helped and appreciated :)
2 days ago on Scarborough and Whitby Freegle #10626

"House move Prompted Changes" 3

Moved house recently and, quite a lot of our belongings had been in storage, now found that some items just don't 'fit' in our new surroundings (and had lots of cardboard boxes!), it was just not right to take things to the dumpit site - we have become such a throw-away society which I hate! We regularly donate items to charity shops, and often come back home with a few purchases!, and we've now discovered that Freegle is a great way to 'dispose' of items that are no longer any use to us but may be just what others are in need of. Always happy to help where we can, oh and we do keep an eye on what's on offer too 😍
2 days ago on Eastwood Freegle #8448

"The amount of waste in the Western world is horrific!" 2

I joined Eastbourne Freecycle (as it was then) in April 2008. We moved to this town from Sweden on 2nd January that year, and I happened to read an article in The Eastbourne Herald about this group and about the concept of freecycling, which was quite new to me. I have always detested waste, and for many decades I have donated a great many items to charity shops in two different countries. However, when we bought this house, we bought it with most of the contents, and it was a real boon to be able to offer things on freecycle. Amazingly, most of the contents found a home with different local freecyclers! I gave the books and some ornaments and numerous vintage tins to different charity shops, but the rest was freecycled - including garden plants, a vice, many items of furniture, TV, avocado green bath tub, gas cooker, fridge-freezer, kitchen items, crockery etc. Even the old 1930s tiled fireplace surround from the main bedroom, and the sandstone and mahogany from the 1970s fireplace - and yes, even the hideous grubby 30-year-old fitted carpets found a grateful recipient! (These were wanted by a nice young couple for the overgrown allotment they had just taken over, to smother the weeds.) Doubtless it would have cost us quite a lot if we had paid someone to empty the entire house and garage. Instead, we gave it all away to people who were actually grateful to come and collect these items! Astounding! I am still offering things on Freegle, by the way.
6 days ago on Hailsham Freegle #628

"Thank you " 3

My first experience of receiving was this week here on Freegle. I am so grateful for the school shirts I received. My grandson, like most growing children, needed some school shirts and it was what I call divine timing, as I noticed an advert here on Freegle offering them. My daughter works full-time, as a single parent and she often struggles. The kind lady offering the shorts even dropped them off for me at home, as I have a lot of health issues that compromise me and stop me from going anywhere. I decided to give her son - whose shirts they were and who had been ill - a small gift of thanks a VW camper shape money box. It was a reminder of how wonderful it is that people here on Freegle all help each other and that in itself is brilliant. Thank you very much for the shirts. I, my daughter and my grandson are all very grateful for the shirts. Sandra
9 days ago on Maldon Freegle #10593

"Sharing our items and making people happy " 3

In our previous address I gave a lot away on Freegle as we were moving 300 miles and could only fit so much in the van and one car. Now I'm in our new home I have been gathering items to give away that I no longer use, or haven't used within the last 12 months. Recycling is important to me as it reduces land fill.
9 days ago on Plymouth Freegle #10596

"Windows" 1

Received 4 double glazed units, now 3 have been used in a man cave with the last one to be used for the overflow shed! Have also recycled unwanted curtains, office chair, wrought iron gate & will use in the future too. Thank you to those of you who offer & those of you that collect. All saves landfill.
9 days ago on Fareham Freegle #10605

"From a veteran freegler" 2

I have been a member of Freegle or local freecycling groups for many years and have been delighted to give away our unwanted 'stuff' to people who want it. Having, sadly, had to clear three family members' homes, as well as having accumulated items over the years that are no longer wanted but seem too good to throw away, I have probably, happily, given away hundreds of pounds worth of things - but so relieved not to have dumped them. I always like to hear a bit of a context as to why someone wants something and a please and a thank you from people receiving things is always most welcome. I confess I don't like it when the message is curt and impolite. Messages like 'I can pick up at 6' or 'I'll take it off your hands' or 'Where r u?' or 'Is it still available?' within 10 minutes of it being posted are not likely to result in my offering my item.
9 days ago on Blackwater and Yateley Freegle #10608

"The Perfect Result" 3

My wife never learned to ride a bike, and as I go for runs in the park she said she would like to learn and come with me. We are not spring chickens, so in case she didn't manage to learn I asked on Freegle if someone had an old ladies' bike they didn't want, condition unimportant as I could "tart it up". I got a response right away from a very kind lady who could no longer ride her bike, and offered it to me. When I went to pick it up I was amazed to see it was in pristine condition, and the lady said she just wanted it to go to a good home. It has .... and I have added stabilisers to it, so my good lady can try hard to learn how to balance on a bike.
9 days ago on Arbroath Freegle #10611

"Use, recycle don't throw it away." 1

I have recycled things for years. If I can't use it, maybe someone else can. We have given, beds, ovens, fridge freezers away plus many small things. Lately I have been looking for things for Ukrainian refugees who are trying to make a life here. The generous people who give good things away are a blessing to so many. Thank you so much. As long as things are clean and can be reused, always try and recycle it. You are helping someone else. Thank you and well done to all of you. ♥️
9 days ago on Guildford Freegle #10614

"Far better than going to landfill sites!" 2

I like to recycle material, especially duvet covers and colourful sheets, skirts with lots of material and man’s shirts, which I get from charity shops, freecycle or donations from friends. These I make into dresses and shorts which I send to a charity who then send them to Africa for little girls and boys. Over the last few years I have sent over 100 items, so much better than sending to a landfill site.
9 days ago on Taunton Freegle #10617

"Changing the world one good act at a time." 1

It is one way of doing your part to influence humanity positively in your community that one good act will be followed by another.
9 days ago on Eastleigh Freegle #10620

"Help for Ukranians" 5

A local Ukrainian faily we are supporting asked if they could have a garden table and chairs; being city dwellers they are really enjoying living out in the country. I put a 'wanted' on local freegle and was given a wonderful set of garden furniture for them. Thank you to wonderful freegle.
12 days ago on North Cotswold Freegle (Cirencester to Moreton-in-Marsh) #10539

"Picked up sat nav." 2

I picked up a sat nav off a gentleman of freegle which we were made up with but I always treat the person as well example. Packet of biscuits, packet of Sweet's or chocolate I think he was made up with the mints that I gave more than I was it made my day .
12 days ago on Warrington Freegle #10542

"Tinker / recycler / gardener " 1

I love gardening and building toys and structures for my kids to play and grow in. I hate waste especially plastic and I reuse, repair, clean, giveaway and take; over disposal whenever possible. We love frequenting charity shops and I love the wood reclamation yards!
12 days ago on Malvern-Hills-Freegle #10554

"Freegle forever! "

Over the many years since I joined Freecycle first, and later helped launch Freegle in our city, I must have given away hundreds of items, and received quite a few! I scan through the daily digests first thing in the morning to see whether there are any requests that I can respond to. We set up a village WhatsApp group when the first lock down was declared, to ask for and offer support to those residents who were shielding, or self-isolating. The group has now morphed into a channel for social interaction, requests for advice, the sharing of photos and information, and - of course - offers of items and surplus produce. We're a small community, but someone, somewhere, knows the answer, is able to help, or needs just what someone is offering. And if not, Freegle will. Here's today's soon-to-go items.
12 days ago on Frome Freegle #10566

"Hording." 3

I was looking for space in my cupboards for a new sauce pan and realized I was becoming a bit of a horder, that's when I discovered Freegle. What a god send.
12 days ago on Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex #10569


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