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"Morsbag Project from old fabric"

I joined Freegle a few days ago and was surprised that I was offered some fabric that is perfect for the Morsbag project. The project involves using old fabric to make tote bags. You purchase the labels to stitch on to the bag and the bag is then given away for free. This project saves fabric from going into land fill and stops the use of plastic carriers Even fabric that is worn can be used as the worn bits can be cut off even smaller pieces can be joined together to make a bigger piece of fabric
a day ago on Hull Freegle #7722

"I've been very lucky in the last few days" 2

Received some upholstery things which are going to be very useful in upholstering the lovely little chair I received just before lockdown - just need some advice as to how to remove the 100 or so upholstery tacks so I can reuse the originals - its a slow process so far!!! And today I picked up an excellent mattress for use when my family can stay over again Many thanks to both freeglers
4 days ago on Norwich Freegle #7707

"Very happy thanks to a generous Freegle Lady" 2

I haven't work since the lock down started and as I wanted to start doing exercise but couldn't really afford to buy a bicycle, a friend suggested to come to Freegle so I did 2 days ago and the same day an angel appeared (Maya L17)who offered me a bike, I went to meet her yesterday to see the bike and I felt like a child who just received her first bike, I couldn't believe how beautiful this bike was and that was going to be mine, I simply loved it, I started doing exercise today, I'm a happy rider now thanks a lot to my very generous angel who I found here and thanks to FREEGLE!!
4 days ago on Liverpool Recycle #7710

"I love helping people" 2

I love Freegle - and I've met some lovely people doing it. I've found it so satisfying being able to donate things rather than struggling to dispose of them. Today I gave a small sofa and a rug to a single mum and it felt great! And actually it not only meant some things that I've had good use of for 10 years are now benefitting someone else, it also saved me money, as I would have had to pay £30 to get the council to collect and dispose of them - which would have been such a waste. It's a win-win-win!
4 days ago on Bath Freegle #7716

"Love giving things & helping people" 3

I loved to help people from a very early age as a small child. My first voluntary job was when I met a Nun who told me the work they where doing. The Nuns run a home helping old people. I loved her story and volunteered to help, I really enjoyed it, even though I was helping in the kitchen washing large metal dishes. But the reward was great tea and cake afterwards, I was 13. I went whenever I was free. I am not a hoarder, but I do accumulate items from people that I myself don't use but otherwise would have gone to the tip. I always believed that there is always someone out there that is wanting something, no matter how trivial or stupid it might seem and could not afford to buy, but have not got the courage to ask neighbours or charities, but if they look on Freegle they can always click on what the need, not feeling embarrassed. By getting involved with Freegle, I have had a chance to offer people everything from Furniture, White goods, China, bedding, gardening tools & other tools, reading materials, and computer items, even Coeliac food, everything I can get my hands on. Oh today it was a Beehive Composting Bin. Next on the list is a massive load of Song & Music Sheets. Today I have met a wonderful couple who came to collect the compost bin. What lovely people. The gentleman also helped me with my computer while he was here, just because I mention I was having problems with some updates. He just went to the computer and spent over half an hour or more putting it right. He then went off happily with his Bin, very happy he could help me. I love helping people and Freegle is the best way to give, receive and met wonderful people. So keep up the good work and hope that people thing twice before throwing IT (what ever it is) away. Thank you.
6 days ago on Flintshire Freegle #4284

"Never enough books!" 5

I'm an avid reader. I just can't get enough books. I circulate mine- read them, let them go. I use libraries as well and I feel like a kid in a candy store every time I enter a library or a book store. I got 3 books from a freegle member last year. I read them all and let them go and since then, I keep an eye on this website. Thank you!
11 days ago on Woking Freegle #7694

"Hedges galore" 4

I’ve been keen on re cycling for ages. When my grown up children were small they were amazed when other Mother’s screwed up wrapping paper and binned it.....mine was always re used. So when this site came along I was really pleased. One of my latest and best free cycle receives was a practically new hedge cutter. Last year towards the end of the season mine packed in. I didn’t want to buy late in the season because 6months of the guarantee would have been lost. I put in a request on here and was offered one. When I got to the lady (Thorpe) she had used her new one once, cut through the cable and although her Dad had repaired it she was frightened to use it.What a fantastic offer. It’s been used lots of times this year as I have probably over 150’ of hedges altogether. So thanks to one and all.
11 days ago on Norwich Freegle #7697

"Some items l freegle, I have received." 5

I am so so happy to be here. I joined this June but have gotten some of the things I needed like baby stroller and baby mattress because I am expecting my fourth child soon. I am so so grateful to all the givers.
11 days ago on North West Leicestershire Freegle #7700

"Happy to give!" 6

I love Freegle, My partner introduced me to this page and since then I have not thrown any of my stuff which is a sense of relief. Specially when few items are close to your heart and want if it can be of any use to others rather throwing it. This page is so easy to use. Whether its kitchen-ware, home-ware or anything. I can quickly add the details here and people can collect, its so amazing whatever I added on this page, it has been taken by freegle member so quickly. The best I got from this page is my Bean bag (only thing). I just love it and thanks Freegle member who offered me this bean bag.
11 days ago on Watford Freegle #7679

"Repurpose with a difference" 3

We ship goods to The Gambia to support locals and in turn creates employment and it also sends kids to school. We get all sorts donated which we collect and what we can't send we freegle. We also keep an eye on what is being offered and if not snapped up first.. We will ask afterwards. So a win win for us and freeglers alike. Thank you so much for everything you do. Helen and Clive xx
11 days ago on Bradford Freegle #7691

"Better than buying a new item" 6

This was an email I sent to someone who gave away a battery-powered piano keyboard: Thought I'd let you know the keyboard was a real hit at the children's centre today and one boy really played with it and later sat and sang with my wife (first time speaking for him as he has very little speech). So thank you - it really helps to have something good which at the same time, you can let children loose on to a limited extent, without being too precious about it. Just perfect and I'm very grateful you freecycled it.
17 days ago on Stroud Freegle #2098

"By giving me the materials to start knitting again, Freeglers helped me discover a way of coping with ill health" 7

I've been a member of Freegle/Freecycle for a long time but mostly as a giver. When I was unable to work because of chronic back problems, my morale and my income plummeted. I requested wool and needles so that I could start knitting to occupy my mind and my time. Two freeglers very generously helped me out and I've never looked back, I've knitted almost every day since then and met new friends through knitting groups. Thank you, Freegle!
17 days ago on Canterbury Freegle #622

"Striking pond irises from Iford" 4

I love flowers and saw pond iris being offered as excess plant. As I have no pond and it said pond plant, so I stuck the whole clump inside a paint pot and pampered it with water. I expected it to be yellow. I asked the person offering it, she said it's an ensata iris. This year I have had a continuous supply of striking violet irises. All my other irises have stopped flowering, but not this! The violet colour is a joy! Isn't it a beauty! Thank you very much to the lovely lady who freegled it.
18 days ago on Basildon Freegle #7643

"What isn't there to love?" 7

Freegle is one of the best things ever. You get to give and receive and meet lovely people. Recently, I went through all my clothing, toiletries and books and got a fantastic response. I've started on a new craft project, inspired by a newspaper article about the 1960's artist Patrick Heron. I put a shout out for some DMC tapestry wool and a lovely lady delivered some. I've also created a windowsill 'garden' and requested nasturtiums. A lady in my home town, Ramsgate, offered some and we met at her house, leaving the items on her doorstep. I took some bean seeds and on top of the nasturtiums, she included 3 small lavender plants!!! I can't begin to tell you how happy Freegle makes me. Keep on keepin' on!
18 days ago on Thanet Freegle #7646

"retro singles for record player" 3

I collect 45 singles for my old autochange record player, obviously such records are no longer made but make a wonderful collectors item and actually work as a "conversation piece" on my radiogram or record player, Freegle is a good local source for such an item
18 days ago on Manchester GreenCycle #7652


i came into my block and i saw a poster and it was really interesting so i took a slip and here i am giving and receiving this is just great !!
18 days ago on Wandsworth Freegle #7655

"Freegling is such a good idea"

We have given lots of items on Bath Freegle and now moved so using different groups ... it’s a great feeling to think that someone can make use of something we no longer want/ need . The best story I have is of my freegling a standard lamp base belonging to my late parents but suddenly had a pang of nostalgia and withdrew it . A very kind fellow freegler then offered me the perfect shade to go with it , I was so touched by the gesture - it’s now in our living room and I love it ( and Freegle!)
18 days ago on Bradford on Avon Freegle #7667

"Great to clear out stuff!" 3

I have given several things over the years to Derby and South Derbyshire Freegle, when our kids were little and we didn't have much money we managed to get beds and wardrobes for them and for us. Now the kids are older and we are a bit more financially secure, it is good to pass on things to other folk who need it more. Also it is good not to be dumping stuff in landfill sites.
18 days ago on South Derbyshire Freegle #7670

"First time user on Freegle" 2

I was introduced to Freegle by a friend of mine as l lost most of my furniture in Storage. I have been able to receive some nice curtains from a very humble lady on here. I moved into an unfurnished house and as I was searching for a few items, my friend suggested that I register with Freegle. I am on a low income and l'm caring for my two children with additional needs, l am not able to purchase items directly from manufacturers at present. Every little thing will go a long way for myself and my children. I am happy to be here.
18 days ago on Bromley Freegle #7675


18 days ago on Merton Freegle #7676


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