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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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"Really glad I started using Freegle, reuse is best!"

Before I always felt bad for long time when I had thrown away or recycled a good item. Also hesitated to freegle as I was worried how the exchange of items will happen? Will I waste time? All fears were gone when I freegled first item, a computer keyboard. I was so happy that I tried. After that I am so comfortable doing this. The member community is amazing. Freegle app is good. Finally, the process has encouraged me to maintain the items with even more care so that I can keep freegling.
4 hours ago on Birmingham Freegle #9131

"Pallets received better than ever "

We were looking for some pallets to build a bar and the kind people that Freegled them to us, pretty much gave us a pre made one we use all the time and love it! What a win!
5 hours ago on Hemel Hempstead Freegle #9134

"Helping the community" 1

I have given quite a few things away on freegle and always find it extremely rewarding. Yes, they could be sold for a few quid but it's so nice being able to help someone in the community who might not be able to afford even that. The smile on someone's face is well worth it.
2 days ago on Gosport Freegle #9125

"I love to make use of everything " 1

I was given a grabber (mobility aid) by a lovely lady on Freegle. My intention was to use it as a litter picker. I took it on our usual walk to school and filled a few bags of rubbish. My daughter loved doing this and it made the area look much better. The headteacher noticed our eco efforts whilst greeting us at the school gates and my daughter was given the headteachers award for the first time. She was thrilled. I now take the litter picker everywhere we go and feel good that we are helping to clean up and recycle most of what we pick up.
2 days ago on Stafford Freegle #9095

"dedicated freegler from the start of Freecycle!"

I have lost count of the number of things I have given and received over the years, and until Covid I also ran 2 Jumble sales in Spring and Autumn. When my parents had to move into a care home I was down south, so I joined the local group for a week and managed to shift ALL the bigger things which I could not take to charity shops. I was exhausted so this was a Godsend.
2 days ago on Kendal Freegle #9119

"Generosity in action"

Moving house I have freegled boxes to help me move my stuff and then passed them on to help others. I gave away books and children's clothing to parents locally in lockdown through freegle. It was possible to clear out safely in lockdown through garden collection. When I was struggling financially 3 years ago I was able to pick up a desk chair for my daughter to use for home study and a very effective vacuum cleaner when mine became irreparable. It's been a long standing connection where I've been able to gift to help others and receive help too. Most recently I was able to get a carpet sweeper. My son loves gadgets including low tech ones and its encouraged him to help in the home. As a working single mum that is a win!
2 days ago on Ipswich Recycle #9092

"Baby equipment "

I've noticed a post for a young lady who needs baby equipment, which I have a cot and moses basket for her, which hopefully will pick up today. Also I work for a pregnancy support agency so we can be on hand if she ever needs us.
2 days ago on Bury Freegle #9098

"Super site " 4

Well who wouldn’t use this brilliant site, it’s so easy to use and get rid of what you no longer use or need, also I’ve got some things from other people, and the best part is I’m hoping in the long term it will help reduce fly tipping a great win win solution.
3 days ago on Chelmsford Freegle #8863

"My experiences with Freegle as follows:-" 3

This is the best way to furnish a flat or house. Everything you need is there, as long as you have patience to keep checking back. I have been happy to "give" away lots of things, and you"meet" the nicest people. Although we can't meet "face to face" at the moment I have acquired some new "friends" thro' Freegle and we plan to meet-up in person when the nightmare called "Coronavirus-19" is behind us!!
3 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #8872

"Saving good things going to landfill " 6

I have only just joined. I think more of us need to freegle to stop things going to the landfill. It’s the best form of recycling, I try only to pick up things locally and only get things I need. I have grandchildren so I look for toys for them and things I can use on the allotments as I have two allotments. I also visit out local charity shop for bits and pieces as I want to support the local hospice. I am looking forward to reducing buying new plastic toys. This is wonderful site, thank you for donating and I am hoping to start giving back to the community. This is one of my rescue kittens.
3 days ago on Chelmsford Freegle #8887

"I think it's a wonderful idea " 3

I freegle because previously on many occasions I have thrown stuff out not knowing what to do with it. And felt so guilty. This way your almost guaranteed someone will appreciate what you do not want and you are limiting your carbon footprint.
3 days ago on Kensington and Chelsea Freegle #8890

"Good to clear out and use other's excess" 3

So many things given and received over the years So much better than landfill!
3 days ago on Blackwater and Yateley Freegle #8902

"Waste not want not!" 3

It’s a great way to donate unwanted items. I hate throwing anything away and with Covid am unable to take to charity shops as I usually would. It’s also perfect for my job. I work in a children’s day nursery and it’s a great way to find items we can use for our children in our setting. Just because I no longer want items, they can be if real use to somebody else!!
3 days ago on Sudbury Freegle #8911

"Recycling items for Giving to those most in need." 4

Over the last 3 years I have been collecting clothes etc. that so many asylum seekers and refugees can have the things we take for granted. When they arrive in the UK they come with 1 bag of items as they are dispersed around the country. Such basic things like clothes, household items for kitchen and appropriate toys/books for children. I also collect wheelchairs for charities overseas where access to such an item is most times unavailable to disabled people because of cost and also often the isolation and prejudice they face in society. These activities feel right and stopping perfectly good items from going into the tip or rubbish is a priority for me. I have seen so much unnecessary waste and it makes me angry. Even used wheelchairs provided thro the NHS/Social services are often sent to the knackers yard when they are perfectly sound and usable - so much money wasted in our public services, we need to change this and instead share these to those who dont have such access. There is still much we can do to stop waste and talking to our friends and families is a very important part of this. Keep on Freegling!
3 days ago on Liverpool Recycle #8941

"Recently I freegled two lamps, and a mirror." 5

Recently my husband and I helped a 95 year old lady to clear her second bedroom which she now needs in case she needs a carer to stay. I was concerned to try to recycle items which could be of use to others so that they would not go to the tip. The mirror and lamps were snapped up and I was so pleased to think that these items could be of use to someone. I told the lady they had belonged to and she was thrilled too.
3 days ago on Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex #8944

"I'm a volunteer radio presenter " 4

I've met some very nice people I gave some dvds away and a couple of mens items , I have received a duvet and book and I enjoy meeting people , I also share to the homeless on the streets
3 days ago on Bromley Freegle #8947

"A really quick way to shift things" 4

I cannot bear the thought of throwing things away, so Freegle is my thing. People are brilliant, they come almost instantly you have promised something, and certainly seem very happy to receive. I have a feel good feeling as generally people are chatty and nice, they often tell you what they are going to do with the item, ie paint furniture, or get things for their children. It heartens me to know that something I owned and cherished will have a new lease of life. I remember using Freecycle about 14 years ago when we downsized, and I found it a gratifying experience. Thanks you everyone who helps Freegle work, and all who use it. Investors made a donation. Sally
3 days ago on Bath Freegle #8988

"One woman's trash is another's treasure"

We moved house at the end of last year and inevitably we unearthed lots of items that we had forgotten we had, or they no longer fitted the new house or the way we now live. My family regularly offered to take things to the tip for us each time, I decided to post on Freegle in case someone else could use them. We had a huge number of cardboard boxes from the move but a number of people asked if they could have them for their own moves, or to assist in long term storage. More recently we replaced 9 internal wooden doors which would ordinarily have been difficult to transport to the tip, but one local person took them all to replace his own pet-damaged ones. Win win on both accounts, smiles all round and no landfill incurred.
3 days ago on Royston Freegle #9089

"The great feeling that comes from de-cluttering" 1

We've just boarded our loft and used the opportunity to do some clearing up. I am not a hoarder but I hate throwing away perfectly well working things for social and ecological reasons. I often give to charity but I'm never sure if it's not causing them more work if the things I give are not in their "target" market. Freegle is a great way to give things away to people who actually want them! It's local so better than shipping on eBay (low carbon footprint) and you get to meet and help nice people local to you!
3 days ago on Vale of the White Horse Freegle #9086

"It's so good to know that things we no longer need are useful to someone else!"

Have given various things, & delighted that what we don't want or can no longer use, are the answer to someone else's problem
4 days ago on Reading Freegle #9083


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