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"I REALLY DO LoveFreegle !!! " 2

I have given and received so many lovely things, it is always a pleasure exchanging items with good never know who you are going to meet!! :) Its great to give when you know it will go to good use. I have things from many years ago that I still cherish. Give it a go...ilovefreegle Xx
10 hours ago on Adur GreenCycle #7352

"I love Freegle!" 1

I've given so much stuff away that could easily continue to be used by someone else but we don't need it any more so rather than binning it and filling up the landfill I've offered it on Freegle. I've even recommended it to my in-laws who have joined up too and got rid of stuff on their local Freegle too! I've been Freegleing for a number of years and had my first free thing given to me a couple of months ago... I love it!
10 hours ago on Gloucester Freegle #7349

" Freegle - spread the word" 1

Freegle can act like a lubricant to keep the home economy running. Reusing or repairing things, or even just cannibalising for parts or materials helps to avoid having to spend money that's not readily available. And there there are otherwise unaffordable luxuries like books, CDs and DVDs. Not to mention the satisfaction of being able to sometimes help other people out, as well as contributing to general sustainability. Everyone could be a winner, but more awareness is called for.
7 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #7327

"I love to give away" 1

Id rather give away than throw away... It makes me feel happy that folk want to take your bags of shoes and clothes! Ive also picked up free items, its great!
7 days ago on Wakefield Freegle #7342

"New bed - so old bed frame freegled!" 3

We finally could buy a new bed in the sales... Due on Thursday, so we stripped our 15-year old mattress off on Tuesday, then I photographed the frame before carefully dismantling it. It was up on Freegle by early evening and by Wednesday morning we has 3 people interested. I made my choice and the pieces, screws and bolts were collected by 2pm. We now had a clear bedroom ready for delivery if our new bed. Everyone satisfied!
8 days ago on Milton Keynes Freegle #3327

"Replacement door" 8

Over the years I've had the good fortune thanks to Freegle to add substantially to my book collection. As a result one bookself became so overloaded that it collapsed, resulting in an avalanche of books just behind an inwards opening door. The door being impossible to open had to be cut through to remove the books one by one. Then by a stroke of luck a wanted post on Freegle received an offer of an identical replacement to match all the other doors in the house. Thanks once again, Freegle members and organisers, for saving the day.
a month ago on Edinburgh Freegle #7229

"Win-win situation every time" 26

I've never claimed anything but have given quite a bit - everything from an electric lawnmower, a brand new unused child's cot to a collection of oldfashioned board games and a bag of assorted buttons. What really pleases me (apart from the freeing up of space in our tiny retirement bungalow) is that stuff that meant something to me has gone to someone who really appreciates it. The cot went to a women's refuge, for example, and the board games to an old people's home. Win-win
2 months ago on Devizes Freegle #6954

"There is no downside to Freegling" 24

I have to say I have not received Freegle products but giving away yes all the time. It never ceases to please me the variety of items people want. I have given away pictures, ink cartridges, curtain poles, crockery, a washing basket and a bin. I also love hearing why people want stuff from stuff for uni to changing the style of a room. I don't do it often but when I do it has been 100% successful.
2 months ago on Ascot Freegle #7015

"One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!" 25

I freegle because I want to try to be more sustainable. I’ve given away loads of quality furniture which was far too big for my current house. I suppose I could have sold it, but it’s much nicer to be able to help someone else out. I’ve also received things that have helped me out during lean times. It’s the way things should be ..... helping each other. Just do it and feel the love 💕
2 months ago on Falmouth Freegle #7043

"Go getting granny, upcycler and carpenter!" 18

Having been a single parent for many years you get very good at second (3rd 4th 5th) hand stuff!! Hand me downs. We were always passing things on in our family and community. Sharing food too sometimes when times were really bad. And I see it's getting that way for people now. I'm happy to help and never too.proud to ask for or accept help. I'm always on the lookout for things me or my family/friends need or can make good use of. I'm a keen carpenter and am always looking for old, quality wood working tools, and upcycling projects.
2 months ago on Kingston upon Thames Freegle #7062

"I abhor waste and love gifting " 17

I’ve met some lovely people- I’ve gifted things I can never use again and often pop into Freegle at just the right moment! My cooker broke at Christmas, I was gifted a steamer that will save Christmas dinner! That’s just one of many - I’m doing my bit and meeting like minded people- a fantastic way to bring communities together and help our planet.
2 months ago on Bournemouth Freegle #7077

"I just want to help." 11

It's as simple as my title tbh I love to be of use and to help others. It makes me feel happy knowing that in some simple way I've managed to make someones life easier if only for an hour in a day.
2 months ago on Trafford Freegle #7083

"Can’t bear waste and love to help others" 13

Hi, thanks to Freegle my animals now have a source of eucalyptus rape seed straw, I don’t throw anything out, try to recycle as many ways as I can, even to making compost, which then needs a home too. I walk guide dog puppies, eat a healthy diet, don’t drink alcohol anymore, do explorer scouts . Often have found things in my porch to recycle in some way because people know I am good at rehoming things.
2 months ago on Warrington Freegle #7086

"Love to reuse things" 11

We wanted to get rid of our rhubarb plant after we bought our house. I offer it to Freegle members, as I hated the idea of throwing it in the garden bin. I received so many responses that I splitted the plant in about 30 viable little plants. We left it in the front garden and in two days they were all taken away. Few years ago, I needed some knitting needles and a Freegle member kindly offered me an Asda bag full of knitting needles which she inherited from different family members. Since then , I gave some of the knitting needles to other friends. Thank you, Freegle.
2 months ago on Nottingham Freegle #7095

"Sharing is caring😁" 15

I freegle because in the past I have been in a position were I have been helped by friends or family. I will never forget what it felt like to not be able to provide the basics, needed when starting out in a hostel as a teenager. I hate the idea of decent items being thrown out and discarded, when their are people desperate for furniture clothing etc. Working in a school, I have been helped by several members of this group, for clothing for our students. When I can, I like to return the favour.
2 months ago on Liverpool Recycle #7098

"This is what I do with everything now." 10

I have been Freegling for a long long (way back when it was Freecycle). When I was a new driver, I was gifted a car through the Reading group. Since then I have given away 2 cars, it's just what I do with them now, so much better than scrapping working vehicles! I choose Freegle over selling things on Ebay too, it's so much easier and the value of giving is far beyond anything money can give you.
2 months ago on Hillingdon Freegle #7104

"I love upcycle" 6

I love upcycle all sorts to people
2 months ago on #7158

"I'm Nyasha, and I'm new to Freegle! " 7

I work for a charity and first found out about Freegle by receiving the weekly volunteering updates, and posting some opportunities myself! Since then, I've loved how friendly the community is, and having a way to share with others and pass on things I'm not using, rather than constantly buying more or throwing stuff away!
2 months ago on Oxford Freegle #7161

"I'm new to freegle and here's why I love it ... Join us! " 8

What a wondeful way to recycle unwanted stuff. A very friendly community who are kind and genuinely passionate about the environment.Thanks freeglers for caring ♥️
2 months ago on Trafford Freegle #7164

"Wanted crochers, knitters or yarn" 7

I run a pod called I have a few people making 6 inch squares and send them to me. I sew them into blankets and take to the homeless. They can be any pattern any yarn. As long at they are 6 inchs. If you have yarn in the back of your cupboards and dont know what to do with it. I will accept that too. I am making hygiene bags up for the homeless, wipes toothpaste and brush, hair brushes etc. Anything can help there is more homeless then people think out there. Thank you for reading. You can find me on facebook with the link above.
2 months ago on Grimsby Freegle #7167


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