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 Tell us your story!

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  • Less guilt   Love this

    From a member of Oxford Freegle#4511
    Freegling makes me feel less guilty of buying things that I don't have time to use
  • The occasional downside   Love this

    From a member of Blackpool Freegle#4502
    Freecycling is a wonderful way to reuse items that are no longer of any use to you but can help others and as such it has my wholehearted support but this is something of an appeal to those people who ask for items which someone has offered but then does not collect. Recently I offered a large wardrobe and received 2 replies, the first lady, after checking realised that the wardrobe was too big for her room and informed me of this which was fine. The second person agreed to collect and gave me a day and approximate time. I am a 76 year old man with some health issues and I had to move the wardrobe downstairs which involved carrying large pieces of wood down a narrow flight of steps and placing it in my small lounge leaning against some furniture and restricting my movement through from the front door to the kitchen. It is still there as the person failed to show despite my emailing to check whether I had got the wrong day It appeared there had been some confusion with the original day so the pickup was rearranged. The person again failed to show without even a word of explanation or apology, If someone changes their mind it is their prerogative but surely it is not much to ask them to inform the person making the offer that they have done so. It is fairly obvious that the person concerned had realised, for whatever reason, that they no longer wanted the wardrobe when they rearranged the pickup so why not just say so? I seriously considered my relationship with Freecycling but realised that their are many genuine people out there that form a community which is genuine about the re-use of goods rather than the throw away mentality which seems to prevail in the world so I shall continue to support the movement and hopefully my wardrobe will be collected by the new requestee and will be out of my lounge ASAP.
  • driving   Love this

    From a member of Leeds Freegle#4508
    yes hi due to using freegle for buying things for my new flat i came across an organisation looking for volunteer drivers , had i not used the recommended site would not have known bout them , thanks to freegle for this oporotunity
  • Loving my garden!   Love this

    From a member of Cheltenham Freegle#4496
    I love FREEGLE and I am always telling people about it. Recently, I moved into a rented house with a rather unloved garden. Thanks to several generous FREEGLERS I now have a rose arch, assorted terracotta and stone plant pots and plants - as well as old jam jars to collect the slugs and snails!. I had a car load of cedar chippings which have been perfect for ground cover. The garden now looks great! Inside , I have been given a table top, office chair and reading lamp which were perfect for my workspace. As I unpacked, settled in and saw things I no longer wanted, I FREEGLED all of it... jewellery, mugs and bowls, a slow cooker, plastic plant pots, pieces of perspex, a hose pipe and many useful cardboard boxes with all the bubble wrap from my overseas move. The best one was finding a little ceramic wall plaque on a dusty shelf. I FREEGLED it to a lady who gave it to a friend who had fond connections to the little local church featured on the plaque. I have had great fun meeting and chatting with other FREEGLERS. Like the mother and son who collected giant boxes for play projects. The super lady who helped me shovel all the cedar chippings from her front garden. The lady who collected the wall plaque and stayed for a cup of tea. I always try to send a message thanking people after I have collected an item. I tell them how useful the item is to me. They are usually pleased to hear that it has gone to a good home. I find great joy in giving things away to people who want them. And as I love finding a bargain too, FREEGLING is part of my life now. Before I take anything to the Tip, I always ask: "Can I FREEGLE it?" Try it - it helps you, helps others and also helps reduce waste and landfill.
  • So many things saved from the tip!   Love this

    From a member of Malvern-Hills-Freegle#4477
    I have been freegling for years. I loved people driving away with my old double bed somehow in and on top of their car. I gave away a 1950s dining set that had cluttered my garage but gave someone else huge pleasure. I picked up guinea pig runs that sat at the bottom of someone's garden - do you know how much these cost new? I even built a 1980s stereo set from bits picked up from freegle. One complaint - I just wish there was a way to identify whom to give an item to, for example by being able to see if they give as well as take.
  • i was given a solar panel, it's still useful and saves me cash.   Love this

    From a member of Fenland Freegle#4483
    i was given a solar panel, it charges a car battery which in turn runs my greenhouse sprinkler/mister system all summer, it was fun to create it and excellent to use. i've given walnut trees every year as they grow, i always wonder if any are growing or nutting by now. I gave away gold fish last year and will do this year as the fry get big enough to catch......... i hope people are enjoying them. many years ago someone gave me a hostess cabinet, it was great, every Christmas i used it to keep the mulled wine warm at the church festivities and at the kids football, i still have it.
  • finally managed to give away the stairlifts & scooter   Love this

    From a member of Lancaster Morecambe Freegle#4486
    I was reluctant to get rid of the stairlifts and mobility scooter, really pleased to offer everything on freegle - previous user of them would have been delighted they found someone ....... such aids can be life changing & all the better for them to help someone 'before' they become absolutely necessary, while people retain the confidence to use 'em. Had lots of things from freegle over the years.
  • Being blessed whilst blessing others   Love this

    From a member of Bath Freegle#4489
    I have only just recently begun using Freegle, but already it has been such a blessing to me. The way it is blessing me is by helping me to release items when I normally hold onto things - after all, 'they may be useful one day', or so I tell myself...and so the amount of 'stuff' grows. But now I am actually enjoying passing things on! Knowing that someone is going to use them lets me release them happily. Now I am actually going round the house looking for things that I can 'release' - what a change in attitude. And I'm sure this is so much healthier for me! Thank you for running this site so that I can be blessed by blessing others.
  • Scout Hut toilets a dream to behold.   Love this

    From a member of Barnsley Freegle#4450
    The toilets at my local Scout Group HQ left a little to be desired. Through the magic of Freegle I managed to source from some amazingly generous folk around the Barnsley area some tiles, a sink, grout, a tile cutter, everything we possible needed to refurbish both the ladies and gents toilets. No more embarrassment when anyone uses the loos now. In fact we are rather proud of our beautiful loo's now. Thank you from the bottom of over 75 little hearts and quite a few grown up hearts. :-)
  • Helping others and helping to fight waste   Love this

    From a member of Chorley Freegle#4480
    I've given plenty of stuff away over the years and taken a few things too! As life goes on I've bought new things, upgraded things and inherited things, some of which I have no use for. That doesn't mean others can't use it though. It breaks my heart seeing people throw working things away when someone could use them. It's true, decluttering is good for your mind space as well as your floor space but just the time it takes to type a simple message can make a big difference to someone in need.
  • Helped me so much and hopefully I’ve helped others   Love this

    From a member of Salford Freegle#4441
    Freegle has been wonderful for me, it’s really helped me get things done around the house and garden. I have received wood and built a retaining wall in my garden, ladders for decorating and a lovely man even offered a dishwasher which is something we couldn’t afford as a young family but saves me so much time! I love that freegle stops so much going to landfill and having to buy things that inevitably come wrapped in plastic, and not to mention the financial savings. I have offered lots too and also try here before getting rid of anything, you also get to meet lovely people. Great site, hopefully it keeps growing and growing!
  • Best recycling ever!   Love this

    From a member of Leeds Freegle#4447
    I have given loads of stuff over the years, most recent was an exercise bike which my son didn't want any more. It went to a local man who recently had surgery on his knee and needed one to exercise it, he emailed me afterwards and said it was just right for him. I've also had a lot of stuff given, including off cuts of wood, foam insulation, old fencing etc which is great for making things for my halloween display, and old clothes, shoes etc which are not good enough for the charity shop are ideal to dress my zombies! I raise money for charity so the more things I can get for free means a better display and more money raised. Win win all round. Best form of recycling ever!
  • Thank You for delivery if no transport?   Love this

    From a member of Wigan Freegle#4444
    Due to moving and a family bereavement we had many things to Freegle. In the past I have benefited from a slow cooker, so decided to give away too. My only moans for those wanting the goods is 1. Don't post on a local area if you then say it is too far to travel to collect 2. If you really need it delivered, at least arrange to be in (not lazy 20 something son). Oh - and a text back after the (non helpful) postcode for a "thank you" after walking 200+ yards due to a busy one way road (bus route, no parking.....!)
  • Why do I freegle   Love this

    From a member of Calderdale Recycle#4314
    Its simple really. They allways say for one another person rubbish is another person's saves money helps people out.helps the environment. What isnt there to like about freegle helped me out alot over years. And i like to believe ive helped others too. Everyone joined this site there wouldn't hardly be any waste keep doing the group fab idea.
  • New life for a Wendy house   Love this

    From a member of Leeds Freegle#3793
    Nearly sent my 20 year old Wendy House to the tip but a lovely woman in Leeds has just sent me a photo of her young daughter happily playing in it. Lovely to see it being used rather than taking up space in my garden.
  • Tasty bread and less plastic   Love this

    From a member of Oswestry Freegle#3433
    Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a breadmaker on Freegle. Now, I get fresh bread from the machine - I haven't bought any from a shop since the start of the year - which means I've saved all those plastic bags shop-bought bread usually comes in. And even better the bread tastes better and costs much less. An all round win!
  • Recycling works!   Love this

    From a member of Welwyn Garden City Freegle#3372
    Hi, I love the thought that what is no longer of use to me may be just what somebody else is looking for and is also saving our landfill sites being filled up un-necessarily. I have passed on bikes and furniture that my children have outgrown, curtains, blinds etc. Nice to meet the people who are receiving my goods.
  • Like to share with the community   Love this

    From a member of Windsor & Maidenhead Freegle#3098
    We inherited lots of furniture when mother in law moved abroad and as our family grows we need more space or have different requirements so I’ve given lots of home items to local people who are also needing things as their families grow too.
  • Giving.   1 loves this

    From a member of Bath Freegle#2459
    I have used Freegle to give items away rather than they go to the tip. I have given,double mattress, chest of drawers, water butt and plants. So far I haven't needed to ask for anything but I have a friend who has been very successful answering things offered. Good site.
  • Freegled Lego Helps Church Raise Funds   2 love this

    From a member of Dartford Freegle#2155
    A local parishioner suggested our village church (St Mary the Virgin, Minster-in-Thanet) could maybe raise some funding towards much needed restorations by 'selling bricks' to build a model of the church in Lego. Firstly where to acquire enough of those wonderful little bricks - how about trying Freegle I suggested. Requesting this on our local group produced quite a haul and along with other small amounts from residents and families the project got underway just over 2 years ago. Now the model is complete with a wedding in progress, the choir, organist and congregation and is about to be put on permanent display in the church. In total it has raised over £2,400 and although the building itself is now complete we will continue to sell trees, shrubs and members of the congregation for some while yet. I have quite a few of images of the completed model which I can't show you here but you can view on my Flickr account at this link (Hope you like it)