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"Inundated with STUFF"

We've given away many items as a family on freegle. It's convenient and benefits others in need, so I can't think of a better place to help declutter.
8 hours ago on Edinburgh Freegle #8400

"Carboard boxes!" 1

A freegler wanted a large, strong flat shaped cardboard box to help move his very large TV. I had one spare, but with lockdown it was too far and not feasible. So I had advised him to go to a Halfords store near him that does bikes and ask for an empty Carrera bike box. They are huge and would do the job. He was very happy, problem sorted. (These bike boxes cost £15 and Halfords chucks the away, recycle that is!) Thanks for this amazing initiative, I gave away items and picked up odd items people did not need, fantastic for the environment. Well done volunteers, you are as valuable as NHS key workers!
4 days ago on Lambeth Freegle #8394

"Like to pass on" 4

Hi all love to pass on who might need the stuff I needed and didn't wear it out enough so it helps us all out
4 days ago on Slough Freegle #8391

"Breadmaker Revived!" 9

Our Panasonic Breadmaker had been baking flat, unrisen loaves for months, so we decided to advertise it on Cardiff Freegle on a ‘spares or repair’ basis. After a few days, I had a message from a gentleman called Geoff, who advised me that he’d had the same problem with his breadmaker, and had cured it by purchasing a small piece of electrical equipment called a capacitor, which he’d fitted himself. Cutting a long story short, I found the necessary component on EBay for around £2.50, took the Breadmaker apart (nothing like as tricky as it may sound), soldered the new capacitor in ........ and we’ve had perfect loaves ever since, probably even better than before the original capacitor failed. A case of one Freegler helping another; a lovely bit of networking! Many thanks to Geoff for his help. Off now to make a sandwich.........!!!!
7 days ago on Cardiff Freegle #8350

"Using lockdowns and Freegle to restore misbehaving laptops,etc., and give them to people who needed them." 14

Before the Covid pandemic hit us with lockdowns, I was an I.T. volunteer for Age UK, helpiing people who were having problems with their laptops, tablets, etc. I have continued to do this by using Freegle to obtain these devices, and make them useful, being successful in about 8 cases out of 10, with more in hand just now. I have met generous givers and happy recipients, and clever folk who have assisted me. It has helped me, too, as a widowed 91-year-old, to fill my lockdown time with interest, usefulness, and new friendships.
7 days ago on Carnforth Freegle #8356

"Charitable guy" 10

For the past few months I have been collecting toys, books, games, teddies for kids in the community i really enjoy doing it, also been collecting kids and adults clothes, footwear, household items.its a great honour to help disadvantage families
7 days ago on Fareham Freegle #8362

"Apples!" 7

This year my parents’ apple trees had a bumper crop, too many for them to eat. I’ve brought probably 50 or so large supermarket bags down to Freegle in Eastbourne, and I wanted to say thank you to the 20+ Freeglers who have all turned up and many of whom have shared with friends and neighbours (as has also postie). Thank you for spreading goodness.
7 days ago on Corby Freegle #8365

"I have lived in the house that my late husband built many years ago. I need to de-clutter years of acquisitions that I no longer need." 7

I am making the effort to de-clutter, but don't want to just dump stuff that could be useful. There is a use or re-use for everything, it's just about finding the people who want my unwanted stuff. I have just Freegled over 100 Kilner jars, and they have gone very quickly. I am a Happy Bunny! I have more stuff which I intend to sort out and Freegle when I have the time. Current lockdown is a problem, but Freegling seems to be a good way to socialise, too.
7 days ago on Norwich Freegle #8368

"Great site" 4

I love freegle, I’ve given lots and received lots, it’s nice we can help each other rather than send to landfill. Some thing are really decent condition. It’s great. Keep up the good work everyone x
7 days ago on Tendring District Freegle #8374

"Give and share" 3

I more or less furnished my house years ago. It was great to try some things that I thought would work - but they just didn't. So re-freegled what didn't "fit" for me. It's great when having a clear-out. It's great when you see something that you keep meaning to get and never remember to purchase. It's great to share surplus plants in spring and crops in autumn. It's great for that little bit of something that you need to complete a job and you don't want to buy (and waste most of) a big piece of wood, plasterboard, roofing felt, fabric, paving slabs, etc. Added bonus: you get to meet some really lovely people who have the same ethos as you regarding waste. You might even make some new friends!
7 days ago on Bradford on Avon Freegle #8377

"The kindness of strangers" 2

Thanks to a kind Freegler, my elderly and infirm friend now has a shiny, almost new and (importantly) lightweight vacuum cleaner to replace her broken one. Living alone and increasingly frail, the generous donation means a lot to her not just because she could ill afford to replace her old vacuum but because a stranger so generously gave one away
7 days ago on Leeds Freegle #8380

"Joy of not wasting " 4

Overtime I’ve given away so many things from the wooden gazebo to a box for the garden with a hole in it shelving for someone’s garage parts for someone’s lights there is so much that is so easy to get moved on to another home Freagle makes it easy with a simple photograph description I’d always ask people for a phone number and then it makes it easier just to clarify that what you’re giving is what they want and arrange a time to pick it up safely or leave it out so it doesn’t just disappear happy freagling everyone. This carpet was rehome to a man on a draughty barge!
7 days ago on Richmond Upon Thames Freegle #8383

"Freegele is amazing" 4

I am currently typing this, sitting on a recliner chair I got from Freegle. I haven't been on the site long, but I have completely changed my idea of "free stuff" being old, worthless or broken. So much is thrown away and recylability along with reducing what I "want" and getting just what I need, has changed my perspective on things. I am trying now to essentially, exchange my perfectly useable 3 seater click clack sofa, for a 2 seater recliner and once that is done, I'll be looking at what else I can swap, rather than buy!
14 days ago on Nottingham Freegle #8335

"I hate waste" 6

Unfortunately we now live in a throw away society but I’m not comfortable with that, I guess I’m old fashioned! I love Freegle because I can offer things that I no longer need, knowing they are going to a good home.
14 days ago on Wirral Freegle #8338

"give what you have!" 3

we have been freegling for years - through 2 house moves (AND COUNTING!) This year we gave a way a few kitchen bits to a dad who was moving house. We told him that we had started going to a new church before lockdown in Manchester ( !Audacious - I know) As we handed over the goodies, we asked where his new house was - only the same street as our church! So we'll meet again! (Or was that Vera Lynn?????) God Bless Sue CEO
14 days ago on Manchester GreenCycle #8341

"Being miserable during covid andlooking through freegle" 1

Searching through freegle and spotting two items that I could benefit from so contacted the givers to claim the items turned out to be the best day so far when I met the two most lovely ladies that were giving away my items not only did one deliver them to me but insisted on doing so at her own expense. The second lady turned out to be just as grateful that I was taking the items , but added some more to make my life so much easier. To them both a million thanks , and your items have been truly recieved and are being used daily , thanks to you and freegle , my lot is now easing , keep safe and have a nice xmas .
14 days ago on Sheffield Freegle #8345

"Your trash is my treasure!!!" 4

I love freegle especially in this disposable era we live in. The generosity of people never fails to touch me and I am so thankful for the incredible things I have been freely given. My house and garden has been greatly enhanced by the things that have been passed onto me. It gives me enormous pleasure to re use something that has been pre loved. I’ve also met fantastically kind people too on my freegle journey. I feel I’m helping the planet too be upcycling other peoples no longer wanted items and I get a great feeling of satisfaction from doing so. As a disabled, single lady of a pensionable age, who has been in the shielded category seeing very few people during this covid pandemic, it has helped me keep my sanity. It really has. It’s given me something to get up for in the morning. I’ve also passed my things on too, so I’m doing someone the favour that was done for me. I love this group!
14 days ago on Chippenham Freegle #8353

"Amazing kindness and generosity" 12

I just wanted to acknowledge the amazing kindness and generosity of one of our local Freeglers. This very kind lady gave me a mobility scooter! I am sure she could have sold it for a reasonable sum but she wanted to pass it onto someone who needed it - how incredibly kind of her. Due to Long Covid I've been out of action for months now and had to totally rely on my husband to get me around the place in a wheelchair, but he does find it exhausting pushing me, so our lives have been very limited during that time. Now I have the freedom to go to the shops and library on my own, or even just for a little outing by myself - how wonderful to have a bit of independence once again. You don't realise how precious that is until it's gone. He's managed to find a way to get it in his car too, so we can explore places that were off limits until now. So very grateful to Freegle as well for enabling this to happen.
14 days ago on Worthing Freegle #8236

"What would I do without Freegle" 8

I don't think I have given anything as I don't have much but God Bless all the Freeglers out there who have been so kind to me. I have met some lovely kind people and as of late my daughter has. She fetches things I have asked for and surprisingly been offered. Recently though, since Sainsbury has been giving away Lego Cards, I asked our Freegle Friends for any Lego cards they have that have no homes for. Well I was offered cards by 3 or 4 people who have kindly offered to post what they have as it would be cheaper to do that than me going to fetch them. I offered postage to them but no one accepted my offer. I want to Thank Those Freeglers from the bottom of my heart. When I receive them and I have given them to my grandsons, I will take a photo of them playing with the cards. Freeglers have hearts like buckets and to me are the angels we hear about.
14 days ago on Stone Freegle #8248


Hi Everyone who reads my story. My Grandsons, along with many other Girls and Boys, LOVE Lego. Well Sainsbury were giving away Lego Cards with every £10 spent. As I don't have a nearby Sainsbury I put an Ad on Freegle sites from a 50 mile radius of where I live thinking that if I get an offer I would ask if they would post them and I would pay postage. Well there are so many lovely people who have joined Freegle and shop at Sainsbury. I had 3 to 4 people who answered my request who declined the offer of monies for postage. Yes I had a couple of offers with no outcome but that happens everywhere. The true offers I had outweighed them by 100%. I tell everyone about Freegle . My daughter in law has joined and has given as well as received things.
14 days ago on Stafford Freegle #8302


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