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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

 Tell us your story!

Here are some recent stories from freeglers like you...

  • Making a house a home   Love this

    From a member of Borehamwood and Elstree Freegle#3432
    We had finally completed on our first home and were packing up from our rented flat when we realised that we didn't have any sofas (the ones in the flat were our landlords). Having just spent all our money on the house purchase we didn't have anything spare to splash out on Sofas. I hadn't used Freegle before but decided to give it a go. We knew we would have the moving van in a couple of days and could collect. We managed to find some the day before on the site and quickly messaged the owners saying we could come collect the next day. Luckily they were quick to respond and on moving day after we had transported everything we owned (1 truck and countless car loads) we had two brilliant sofas to collapse onto after the long day with our take out Pizza. 3 months down the line and we absolutely love our sofas - we were so lucky and couldn't be more grateful to the original owners for putting them up on Freegle.
  • Tasty bread and less plastic   Love this

    From a member of Wrexham Freegle#3433
    Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a breadmaker on Freegle. Now, I get fresh bread from the machine - I haven't bought any from a shop since the start of the year - which means I've saved all those plastic bags shop-bought bread usually comes in. And even better the bread tastes better and costs much less. An all round win!
  • The healing powers of Freegle   Love this

    From a member of Wellingborough Freegle#3436
    I received a brand new typewriter ribbon from a lady on our local Freegle group; it brought a cherished old typewriter back to life. She was delighted to see a photo of it being put to good use. It prompted her to tell me this lovely story, which she has given me permission to share here: "I had a bird table that my late husband really enjoyed using it for bird watching in the garden.  Well that was his hobby not mine, so I let it go, especially as it needed a leg fixing.  I knew I should have repaired it but going through the anger of grief made me act.  I had a lady collect it for her parents and the feedback really made me so much happier. They were getting the same pleasure from the bird table as my husband did and that was a connection and a closure for me. Amazing! It bought a closure to a part of my life that would not have been possible if I hadn't offered this through Freegle. A kind of therapy, knowing that my act of giving has bought happiness to another person."
  • Many faces of Freegle   Love this

    From a member of Bexley Freegle#3431
    We have used Freegle for a few years now. We work for a children's charity and have up-cycled Furniture , re-made fabrics into sensory toys, furnished half our house :). We have given away toys & Items those we have bought or received & no longer needed. My House plants have gone to many homes. My Garden Bee & Flower plants have helped 2 community gardens local to me and many many freegler's gardens One freegler was making a memorial garden. One year my green Tomatoes were made into chutney & sold & small amount went to a children's home in India. One freegler arrived for two bags of my items that were helping War Orphans in Africa. Another was raising money to help a child have an operation to allow him to smile. Another worked in a charity shop local to me.( all were able to supply proof) All these people have been to my door, a few become my personal friends and some my known freegle community. The money I have saved has allowed us and others to live better whilst caring and sharing with others. What wonderful values to give to our children as I see it the faces of the future. THANK YOU FREEGLE!
  • I love the synchronicity of freegle...   Love this

    From a member of Hertford Freegle#3427
    Isn't it wonderful that people give things away, and others can get what they need, all the while saving the planet. Recently someone offered his three old belts (very worn), wondering if anyone could use the buckles. My partner does leatherwork as a hobby and was very pleased to receive the belt buckles (which were also delivered by the kind offerer). So often on Freegle you will see someone asking for something, and at the same time someone else offers the very same thing. Perfectly synchronous!
  • very large mirror .to a partially sighted young lad   1 loves this

    From a member of Sevenoaks Freegle#3425
    Some time ago I freegled a very large mirror which I had bought for my granddaughter, she had changed her mind. When the lady came to collect it, it was for a young lad who was nearly blind. They were filling his room with mirrors to bring more light in. I was so pleased it had found a really good home.
  • Homeless and Freegle   Love this

    From a member of Wakefield Freegle#3423
    Last year I was homeless for a while, I was given lots of things by some amazing people plus what I had managed to put into a friends garage (due to relationship split and not having a job to pay rent). I am now back on my feet, but over the years collected Freegle items. Now I am in a flat and can afford to replace stuff, I am giving things back on Freegle, as I can not bare to see anyone else in my postion or in need. Even if something only puts someone on for a while it is better than seeing it go into landfill, which I hate. As an avid second hand shopper I feel its the best way to live. I have to thank those that helped me when I was in need, now its my turn to repay the kindness. Thanks Freegle for helping so many people in need and saving the planet.
  • Brilliant   Love this

    From a member of Hull Freegle#3422
    Freegle is brilliant because it allows me to get rid of stuff in an environmentally friendly way. I don't want to throw things away, so it is good to find good homes for the items I no longer need. Thanks for the site.
  • might have to give up freegling   Love this

    From a member of Croydon Freegle#3420
    I've given away a few things via Freegle over the years but am now thinking about giving it up as a waste of time. There have always been a few timewasters on the site (people who ask for an item but don't show up for it) but now it seems to be more and more common. I have just put another item up for grabs and have had quite a few responses. The first person I offered it to suggested collecting it at a time that wasn't convenient. When I suggested an alternative, they went silent. The next person I offered it to has done the same thing. Although there are still a few more people I could contact, I am not going to bother - I will sell it on Ebay or take it to my local charity shop. No point in trying to do people a favour if they don't really need it and don't have the manners to say so. I'd like to say that using Freegle is a happy thing for people who are short of cash but this hasn't been my experience lately.
  • Charity begins next door!   Love this

    From a member of Burgess Hill Freegle#3417
    Last October my dear friend and neighbour died leaving all the contents of his home to a local charity for which I am a trustee. The clearing tasks has been long and emotionally draining. What the charity has not been able to sell in its shop has mostly been Freegled. All those freeglers who came to collect have happily made donations to the charity and in all cases I have felt that my friend's possessions have gone to where they will be equally loved and used. The service has also made my task considerably easier in that I have been able to deal with it in the charitable way my friend would have wished. The charity has also boosted its funds which Freegle has indirectly helped to raise.
  • One good turn (out)   Love this

    From a member of Penrith and Eden District Freegle#1258
    In 2007, after major health problems caused me to quit my dream job, I decided I would try to fulfil my long held dream of gaining a degree. I was 53, not well and stoney broke but determined not to let little things like that stop me. My body might be falling apart but my brain still functioned: luckily I found the degree I wanted to do virtually on my doorstep so serious planning began. I realised fairly quickly I couldn't afford to stay in the house I'd lived in for a good few years and a chance encounter led me to a residential caravan on a beautiful working farm, just 4 miles from my home. Obviously, I couldn't take a house full of furniture and stuff from 2 bed bungalow to a caravan, so I decided to just keep the things I absolutely had to keep : books, music, personal things, and I gave away virtually everything else I owned on Freecycle! 4 years later my health dictated that I needed to move back into a house. I posted 'wanteds' on to Freegle, as it had become, and within one month I had everything I needed to enjoy a comfortable, safe warm home which I continue to enjoy to this day. I've always believed in Karma: this proved to me that 'what goes around comes around' and I continue to give and recieve, (but I can't really say which one is better ;). PS, I got a 2.1 degree!
  • Brilliant site and members   Love this

    From a member of Northampton North and Central Freegle#2559
    Received so many things from these groups over several years and myself and a friend hold the table top sales about every 4/5 weeks in the library foyer of Weston Favell Shopping Centre and with the help of members on here (and some of them even kind enough to deliver to us) we have managed to raise £6,733.52 in the last 2 years alone for the different charities. We try and cover as many different charities as we can and the two days this September which was to help the patients of the Renal Unit In Northampton raised £153.18 and in August we managed to get in two sales and for Macmillan it amounted to £227.29 and the one for Marie Curie raised £189.58. Out of each sale we also donate so much to Library funds as they are kind enough to put up with us storing the goods there and using the foyer to raise the money. So you see how much good you are all doing you brilliant people.
  • Freegling is a Win Win   2 love this

    From a member of Brecon and Hay Recycle#3295
    I freegle whenever possible because I hate to see things go to waste - or to landfill! Here are some of my freegle stories from the past 18 months: ~ Freegling a washing machine where the computer part was kaput but the motor still good, it was a delighted inventor who came to pick it up as he had plans to incorporate it into some clever new contraption. I was also delighted as I had no idea how I was even going to get the machine down the stairs and to the recycling center if no one had wanted it. ~ I had a house full of almost new wall to wall carpet I didn't want. It went to a family in need of carpeting. They came to help me take it up and we were all thrilled! ~ A bag of old sheep wool that I had no space to keep went to a felting artist. ~ When ready to replace some old garden fencing I freegled it to a nice couple who needed fencing in the course of renovating some old barns. They had a truck to come and pick it up and, once again, we were all delighted!
  • Freegle brings friends together   2 love this

    From a member of Medway Freegle (Chatham, Gillingham, Strood & Walderslade)#2578
    No names or details for the sake of confidentiality, but where we lived before coming to the Penzance area, we did a lot of Freegling, and like you do, we got to know some of the most active Freeglers. One day, a lady we'd got to know put up a post about her son who had been diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease. She was feeling lonely and very low. Over the next six months, people from her estate and folk who saw her story in the papers did all sorts of things to support her. Every week we prayed for her and for her son in our church. And then he started to get better...until a big party was arranged, to thank everyone and to celebrate his going back to school D&J
  • Recycle it! Feel good.   1 loves this

    From a member of Hull Freegle#3398
    I have used Freegle several times over the years and have found it a simple, uncomplicated way to pass on unwanted goods to others.
  • Loved seeing all my preloved possessions going to good homes.   2 love this

    From a member of Hertford Freegle#3301
    Since discovering freegle from my much loved, late sister in law (who was a great freegler) I have found good homes for a number of items I no longer had room for. I don't like the idea of selling my possessions and can't bear to put in the skip. So it's great to have this alternative and the people who gave them new homes have been so nice. Some have sent photos of furniture they have upcycled! I haven't as yet posted a wanted notice but who knows.......! Thank you all for this great service.
  • Freegle pride   2 love this

    From a member of Stafford Freegle#2553
    We had a fridge and decided to give it to someone who lived quite a distance from us whose sons couldn't, or wouldn't, collect it. I was a bit miffed but took it all the same. I had to carry it in and install it and told the chap that, when it had settled down, at least he'd have a few cool beers later. Then the story exposed itself. He had taken a "Hit" in the army and the fridge was to store his medication. His disability allowance was subtracted from his army pension so he received nothing extra to help him. He was in real pain but pride forbade him from showing it, crippled, lived alone, apparently didn't need visiting by the social services despite the fact he couldn't get out of his house and needed a Freegle fridge. Makes you think doesn't it.
  • We've only gone and down sized.   2 love this

    From a member of Lancaster Morecambe Freegle#2416
    We have moved out of a large house into a bungalow. We have had to get rid of quite a lot of good quality stuff. Some has gone to the charity shop and some of it has been freegled. On the other side, I am a woodturner and have had to set up my workshop. There are certain things that I have needed, and some I still need. So listen out for me please. Thank you, Jim.

    From a member of Eastbourne Freegle#1977
    I barely throw anything away and am in fear of becoming a hoarder, especially since my dad passed away and I have his house to clear as well. Having been brought up my parents of Wartime and generally make do and mend mentally and my dad being an inventor and engineer etc, everything has always been generally recycled. In this weather the best example is a fan which my dad made from an old washing machine motor, left over lino (for the fans) and a lamp switch. It's better than any you'll find in the shops and inquisitive fingers won't get hurt. Now I have to find a home for all his bits and bobs. Mum, Dad and I have always volunteered and tried to help the community and I can't justify sending all this stuff to the tip, but I havn't the room to keep it either. They would have loved the idea of Freegling their belongings where possible. So here I am. :D Thank you. x
  • Such a wonderful service   Love this

    From a member of Kenilworth Freegle#1698
    I have items which once were useful but no longer needed. They still have useful life left in them and freegle is the only way I know of finding someone who can use them. I hate waste and so to find a recipient who needs these items is very satisfying. The most surprising give away was an old canvas ridge tent, around 40 years old, still good but not fashionable which I had little hopes of finding someone for. It had two people wanting it, both re-enactors who wanted a tent like the period that they were acting. So never think it can't find a home and well done all who labour to help in this.