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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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 Tell us your story!

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  • Just a girl doing her best.   1 loves this

    From a member of Luton Freegle#5588
    Hi I'm Iona, I'm 24. I'm currently recovering from a long term illness, live in a shared house in Luton but have the opportunity to move into a flat soon. I don't have much to offer and I've fallen on hard times but when I have built stuff up I will gladly share it. Currently I'm doing some voluntary work to get back on my feet and am just glad of any help I can get! I browse most days looking for any furniture or household items people may have going spare. I'm very grateful for this community, and one day, when I'm doing better, hope to give back. Have a lovely day, and Happy Freegling!
  • compulsive hoarder seeking peace...   Love this

    From a member of Manchester GreenCycle#5582
    Hello, I'm a compulsive hoarder who has been using Freegle on and off for a few years to try and manage habit without much success, as I can't help but read descriptions of other people's preloved items, which leads me to hoard even more.... seeking the inner peace that I have been told exists for those people who never hoard anything (how can they exist even? I've seen some of their houses, they don't even have books!).
  • The concept of Freegle is great ! If I don't need it, you might!   Love this

    From a member of Wolverhampton Freegle#5579
    I discovered Freegle years ago, It may have even been called "Freecycle" back then. I've offered more than I've requested to be honest. I tend to dip in and out, have seen things change with tech changing too. I remember giving away several huge garden water butts for someone with a project , as I'd been left at least 3 at my home ! For someone to reuse something you have sitting around is a great thing. I think I've possibly Freegled plants, and surplus kitchen ware too.
  • Kitchen makeover   Love this

    From a member of Dundee Freegle#5558
    When I had my new kitchen fitted there were lots of bits and pieces from the old kitchen that I thought were too good for landfill - corner units, worktops, cooker hood etc. Also had offcuts from new worktops. Put these on Freegle and they were all snapped up within a couple of days. Someone doing up an old cottage was delighted and in return I got half a dozen new laid eggs. Great outcome.
  • It’s a wonderful thing!   Love this

    From a member of Islington South Freegle#5570
    I only signed up a few days ago because I was online looking for somewhere that had free woodchip for my garden and I came across Freegle I thought I might as well try.. within a day someone had compost for me!.. We made contact on here and I’m just waiting for details to make this happen. I hate throwing things away as I know they will always be of use for someone else. So as soon as I have a clear out day I will be posting! I just love this place.. Plus I just forbid out that it’s a community too!.. amazing people with same mindset
  • It's not only about owning something   1 loves this

    From a member of Oxford Freegle#5573
    Been doing it occasionally for years - and constantly telling other people too. I've acquired a door or two, given away a basin and a wooden worktop, and a variety of other less memorable things. Sometimes it works well, other times people behave badly and either 'snatch' at things - "I want that thing you are offering, when can I collect it?"; please be nice - or accept an offer and then never turn up to collect. But mostly it works well. Nowadays I'm into a slightly different version of avoiding waste and sharing, through the Oxford Library of Things After all, you don't have to own something, it can be there for everyone to make use of. I've also acquired a few things through Freegle for the Library, thanks.
  • Thurrock Freegler   Love this

    From a member of Thurrock Freegle#5567
    I freegle because I have seen so much useable stuff be thrown away. Been a member now about three weeks and have freegled a printer, laundry basket and four bags of old footballs . Shed has less clutter and the items have gone to people who can us ethem
  • Don't throw away unwanted clothes or even rags.   1 loves this

    From a member of Hull Freegle#5564
    Those clothes that you could not sell or because you think that they are of poor quality you consider throwing them in the bin. STOP - Take them along to your local charity shop where they will be made great use of. Most charities have their rags and unsold/unwanted clothes taken by companies who buy that sort of material for recycle. (Paid for by weight) Old handbags, shoes and some other leather gear like old damaged leather jackets and such, have a value. Just put the items mentioned into a carrier bag, mark it as rags with a black pen, or tell the shop staff and that is it. You have helped the environment, you have helped a charity and now you should feel good that you have also reduced your contribution to land fill.
  • Freegly ye have received, freegly give (to paraphrase Matthew 10 v 8)   Love this

    From a member of Wilmslow Freegle#5561
    When I joined Freegle I was incredulous that there could be more than only a few people who would be willing to give perfectly good items for nothing. I soon became one of them, and the enjoyment comes as much from the giving as the receiving! I've received things I would have struggled to afford to buy and items I have passed on to be raffle prizes such as unwanted toiletries. I have been pleased to pass on many items I no longer needed and to save serviceable items from going to the tip.
  • Love to recycle   Love this

    From a member of Preston Freegle#5546
    Hey guys. I’ve always loved to recycle or fix up things for re use, I had to make do with the things I’ve got at home as money has always been tight through my childhood and being an adult. I’m very crafty and do most DIY myself. Google is a wonderful thing these days. But trying and having fails is a good learning curve. I bake beautiful theme birthday cakes but less now due to chronic pain condition. I’ve always given things away instead of throwing away to landfill. Most people are grateful but some just want a profit and sell the goods they get. Nice to chat to people with the same thoughts as me as I’m house bound and lost most of my friends but do have a Grown up Daughter and son and a beautiful Granddaughter. Also love gardening but can’t do as much as I would like.
  • Reducing my impact   Love this

    From a member of Portsmouth Freegle#5555
    Thanks to Freegle, I’ve managed to rehome so many things that would have gone into landfill - everything from TVs and old laptops to furniture. You name it I’ve probably given it a new home on here. I’d sooner pass on an old electrical item if someone is able to refurbish it, rather than dump it. It’s nice knowing these items will be given a new lease of life for a spell.
  • Community at its best   Love this

    From a member of Croydon Freegle#5552
    I moved to Croydon after graduating from uni, waiting to start my new job with no money in the bank. I moved into an empty, unfurnished house with my husband and 3 children. Freeglers provided me with almost everything I needed to live in the new house. A very kind person went so far as to actually bring me a wooden table an six chairs on his own truck as my old fiat could not fit more than a chair! I have become a loyal freegler since - I have recycled all baby items as they were growing up, my furniture as I slowly replaced it, my exercise bike etc. I hate waste and I love helping people who, like me when I started, could use their money on more important things like food and heating instead of spending on quickly depreciating items, while saving the environment by reducing waste.
  • Costume maker   1 loves this

    From a member of Flintshire Freegle#5543
    Hi I’m a professional costume designer and maker, I make costumes for anyone who asks ! Comicon costumes are in demand at the moment, ( a public event where folk dress as their favourite character from comics films or video games) an amazing experience seeing everyone’s crazy ions I like upcycke when making my costumes for instance I’ve manage to make a version of the Mad Hatters Costumee Johnny Depp wore , totally out of scrap fabrics & used clothes here’s a photo of the top hat in progress x I even made the hat pins x
  • Extend the life!   1 loves this

    From a member of Ipswich Recycle#5531
    I love this site! Instead of putting goods in the bin to incinerate or go to landfill, the items get a new lease of life with a new family. Too much useful stuff ends up in a skip when there are many people who need it. It is good for saving money too! I have given and received via this site. The dogs sleep on recycled duvets while others have made use of a broken handled tumble dryer, bicycle basket, chewing gum and paint that I have given away.
  • Reuse of Ramekin dishes   Love this

    From a member of Slough Freegle#5540
    Gu desserts come in pyrex ramekin dishes. Such a waste to throw away. These were put on freegle and within 24 hours 3 people requested them for either home cooking or little dessert dishes for childrens birthday parties etc. Freegle is a brilliant idea. I hope everyone will be using this website in years to come.
  • Be creative!   2 love this

    From a member of Derby Freegle#5534
    My husband and I work hard to keep as much as possible out of landfill by passing on things we no longer need or finding ways to reuse/ reduce/ recycle things. An interesting recent project saw us take apart a leather settee which was no longer usable but the stuffing inside went to a fellow ‘Freegler’ who made crash mats for her grandchildren to use in the garden, the leather I am sewing into bags, etc and the wood is being used in the garden. I’ve met some lovely people through donating and am ever hopeful to find something I can make use of. Any crafting materials, please send my way! 😉
  • Freegle Bicycles   5 love this

    From a member of Fareham Freegle#5426
    I rebuild and restore bicycles I have given away a few on freegle.I have been doing it many years.I have complex health issues and it's great for my memory problems and happiness
  • ones persons treasure another persons junk   2 love this

    From a member of Vale of Glamorgan Freegle#5480
    this is a brilliant community of peoples, sharing helping and giving away items that would be trashed or broken up, and binned, not good for the environment. i have found pleasure in giving away things i no longer need or use, to someone who will make use of items, whether your rich or not so well off, or neither freegle so helped so many people, in so many ways, like in the movie pay it forward, one person helps another and in turn that person, helps another and so it goes on...spread a little happiness.
  • All the help I needed with a new pet   3 love this

    From a member of Buxton Freegle#5471
    After rehoming a cat last autumn, we have had some great things from the Freegle community for her, including a cat basket, travel box and multi level scratch post which has become her cat castle! When we moved house 2 years ago we rehomed lots of stuff - all useful to others even if it was excess to need for us. A great way to share resources and reduce waste.