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"Fab site for Southport and local area's "

Freegle is great. We hate landfill, and are thrilled when good items get an extended life.
17 hours ago on Southport Freegle #7941

"Big relief"

I am so pleased to have found freegle. Sorting through my parents house after they died. 60 years of loved stuff. Hated the thought of throwing things away and much of it was to big to cram in my little car for the charity shop (and most were closed anyway cause of Covid). A freind said try freegle and I did. So many items have now found loving new homes. I even put 16 bottles of detergent and cleaning fluids up for offer and had 16 requests in an hour. So pleased I found Freegle, the site is easy to use, people contacting me were genuine not scammers and lots of things saved from landfil
17 hours ago on St Albans Freegle #7938

"Happy gardeners"

My neighbour was going to throw away a huge pile of rhizomes of tall bearded irises - I hated to see that happen - so I advertised them on the site. In the end I gave them to about 10 excited gardeners and some to a gardening group as well. Great result and I met some lovely people. So next year when you all divide your perennials don’t forget to give the excess away!
17 hours ago on Havant Freegle #7935

"Keep stuff out of landfill"

When Freecycle came to the West country of the UK, I used them a lot as I'd just moved back here from France. The only local site was over 20 miles from my home which I was doing up from scratch. It was such a brilliant idea that I founded the Launceston (Cornwall) Freecycle group in about 2008. I got so busy with it that I had to attract other moderators and soon after that I withdrew totally. Now that Freegle has virtually replaced Freecycle in the UK, I'm so impressed with it, have joined them here in the Teignbridge area. Keep up the good work. Keep stuff out of landfill.
17 hours ago on Teignbridge Freegle #7917

"Really quick way of moving spare stuff" 5

I hate waste and find myself re-purposing lots of things into useful stuff. It's fascinating to meet folk of a similar mind and to see things that could have ended up at the tip being reused. In my experience, things move very quickly and it's very unusual to get no replies to an "Offered" item. Freegle often saves a trip to the tip and keeps stuff out of landfill .
a day ago on High Wycombe Freegle #185

"Freegle - for recycling stuff you no longer need " 4

I have been Freegling since before moving back here to Manchester area. I used the service whilst down in Wiltshire and continued now we are here. It is a great way to recycle stuff which you no longer need or to obtain stuff which you do. I have successfully obtained some soil for garden when down in Wiltshire and recycled everything from electronics to bikes and beds. Here so far have only recycled couple of things which were working but surplus. These have gone to good home - an old lady who could not afford to replace her dvd player. All good and gives you great feeling of satisfaction.
a day ago on Trafford Freegle #3315

"My new wheelchair" 4

I am disabled and use an electric wheelchair. Back last year my old chair Bertha was having issues and as I had bought her second hand with no idea how old she was thought she may be past her time. Here on Freegle I found a almost brand new ex showroom model chair in perfect condition. Susan just needed her control set moed from the back in the carer mode to the arm so I could use myself.Something I was able to easily fix. I got an almost brand new electric wheelchair for the cost of some fuel to collect it. I have given a lot over the years on Freegle as have been an avid second hand Rose since childhood but this is first time I have received. Thank you Freegle you gave me back my wheels and was able to get Bertha fixed so she is working too
a day ago on Launceston-Freegle #7762

"Great to know my things get a second life" 5

My daughters' have a regular clear out of perfectly good household items but are too busy to do anything with them so I am glad to be able to freegle them and know someone else can get use out of them.
a day ago on Burgess Hill Freegle #7854

"Hate waste" 5

I am a great hoarder of items and often this is useful but it can fill the house, I really enjoy the thought that someone is making use of items that I have kept and looked after but have eventually realised I do not need!!
a day ago on Wirral Freegle #7872

"Bound for the tip but now upcycled! " 6

Thrilled to receive a photo from a Bedford Freegler who took an old, tatty broken bench and repaired it. He mended the broken part, sanded it down and gave it a new lick of paint. That’s what I call Freegling! It was so nice that he took the trouble to show me what he’d done. If I could add two photos I’d show you ‘before’ and ‘after’ , but as I can only add one I’ll show you ‘after’! JJ Bedford
a day ago on Bedford Freegle #7875

"Deny landfill and Recycle by giving it to someone else to use" 4

Under lockdown we have been clearing all sorts of things. It is wonderful to know that they are being used by others and not being just dumped at the tip for landfill. This is such a fantastic site.
a day ago on Basingstoke Freegle #7878

"It's addictive!" 5

Wow, I really love freegle! I was so lucky a few years ago to be able to part furnish my home with the help of kind freeglers and I really believe that we should all try to make use of what we have - and the less going to landfill or the tip, the better! We are still enjoying our freegle furniture; coffee table, tv stand, mirror, sofa, bookshelf, and more! And it makes me very happy to think that when we no longer need these things we can put them back on freegle for others to use and enjoy. The result has given us a happy home with an eclectic mix of well loved items with great history. One freegler invited us in for some home made fruit crumble and a cuppa which was lovely! And another told me how she used the bookshelf to store her now 35 year old daughters baby toys. There really is a heart to freegle and I would recommend it to everyone. I'm thoroughly enjoying spreading the freegle love and offering out things that are no longer of use to us. It's really wonderful knowing that things you no longer need are going to a good home. Thank you freegle!
a day ago on Wolverhampton Freegle #7887

"Tool box replacement " 4

Over the last few years we have been decluttering, giving away beds, a TV, chairs, a red currant bush...all sorts of surplus goodies! Recently, a fire at our home meant that we have lost everything in the garage, which had beautiful wooden handled tools belonging to our grandparents and parents which are irreplaceable. Luckily, on freegle, a lovely lady offered us some old tools that she had been given. My husband has loved getting rid of the rust to find some old-style quality tools. He’s also got a “wish list” of things to put in the revived tool box, once we get back in our home again. Thanks for helping!
a day ago on Penrith and Eden District Freegle #7893

"Still usable but no longer wanted? Freegle it!" 5

I've got rid of so much stuff over the years that we no longer needed but still had life left in it and 97% of it has been taken. I'm going into hospital within the next couple of weeks so am having to self-isolate... I'm using that time to sort out my wardrobe and I'm gonna have bags full of clothes to offer at the end of August lol I'm also very slowly decluttering each room in the house and there are some kitchen things that have never even been taken out of their boxes that are going when I've recovered. I've recently got rid of 3 new bras that didn't fit and I had no way to send them back or take them to a charity shop so I freegle'd them and they were out of the house within days! When my previous laptop died on me, I Freegle'd that and it was snapped up as well as less expensive things like a bag full of women's rings that didn't fit me and even 3 large cardboard boxes, a box full of out of date baby wipes, a bag of un-needed dog food, a dog game for small dogs, shoes and arty things. Literally the only things that I've offered that haven't been taken were a chocolate tin and chocolate box, but with Covid-19 there were obviously no school fair's or anything, so I popped them into our recycling box and they were gone too. I love Freegle and can't recommend it highly enough!
a day ago on Gloucester Freegle #7899


I have been freegling for a few years now and am always astounded at what people do not want but one man's trash is another man's treasure. I offered a 2 piece suite complete with covers that no-one wanted! Alright so a spring or 2 was broken, but that's easily fixable. I then advertised it more locally, still with no takers until I had to pay the council for removal. It physically hurt me to watch it being chucked onto a van with no respect. Not long after someone asked for it! There are so many things I would love to take if I had a car and I don't have friends with one to help me out. So I miss out. PLEASE, please do not put in your ad "or going to the tip". Once at the tip, it's life ends, since the government decided to stop allowing people to take and recycle items there. We all know that delivery of a new item means that the old one has to go somewhere but for goodness sake, give it a chance before you actually sentence it to death. Advertise more than once if you have to, then try more locally in a village group. Very little needs to die. Let's all help it to last much longer.
a day ago on St Austell Freegle #7926

"Made friends along the way" 2

I have an overcrowded house with little storage so things don't get stored away just placed on freegle or go to charity. I am so happy when someone wants something we are giving away Asni know it will get further use. With 2 growing boys with additional needs and having lost my job at the start of covid I have been happy to give and lucky enough to receive some much needed items. Most grateful to those that have become good friends along the way. So much in common. So thank you freegle for helping me and my family as well as the environment too.
4 days ago on Wimborne Freegle #7914

"Kindness goes a long way" 1

I have been a member of the recycling community for a number of year from when it was called freecycle. Over the years I have given and received numerous items. I have not had many negative experiences so far. The only negative I can say is people saying they wanted something and then not picking up. People on here are so generous and accommodating it is heartwarming. I have just been given an beautiful office chair by a lady who is disabled and she was so kind and helpful she had the chair dismantled and ready for me to collect I can't thank her enough. This is the reason freegle is popular and successful. I want to say a big thank you to the moderator and all those who work behind the scene they make it work and people are benefiting from getting items that may otherwise have ended up at the Tip. Keep up the good work :-)
5 days ago on Calderdale Recycle #7884

"I've really enjoyed posting an offer and seeing a 'chat' pop up!" 3

I just started freegling a few weeks ago when we moved house. I posted our cardboard packing boxes and a big load of used paint samples (who would have known there were SO MANY shades of white to choose from :-O ). People had responded within minutes. I was thrilled that freegle has made it so easy to share stuff with other people around my area and stop it being dumped. What a waste it would be without freegle!!
6 days ago on Waltham Forest Freegle #7911

"Womble moving to a smaller place!" 2

I have been called a Womble because I hate to throw things away. I much prefer to give things a second (or third... or fourth) life and so joined Freegle. I was also struggling financially for a while as depression makes it hard for me to work more than part-time, so being able to pick up free items has been really helpful. I have wellies that fit my size 4.5 feet, a coffee table, TV stand and more bits I can't remember, gratefully received from others. I've given away a bicycle, tomato and pepper plants, coat hangers, and so much more. Currently I'm giving away a stack of furniture because we're downsizing and I had lodgers!
6 days ago on Thurrock Freegle #7905

"I think the idea of giving stuff away for nothing rather than throwing it away cluttering up landfill sites with things that can be of use ." 1

I often browse available items and have been lucky enough to get some useful items. I have also given away a few things that are no longer of use to me. Save the planet, recycling is the way forward.
7 days ago on Telford Freegle #7902


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