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"Save our little Planet"

Over the years I've repaired hundreds of things and got them back working again. I was paid to do it. I eventually realised, there is no limit to the lifespan of an item. It will function, it will do its job, and work but appear different and will be modified and old, but perfect in its application. Jeff Bezoz's billionaire Amazon owner, has a counter culture of cynical dispose of everything because 'my money will insulate me and mine from the mess I've caused '. Future generations will have to try sort this mess out because of convenience coupled with stupidity. Long live Freegle!
19 hours ago on Southport Freegle #9549

"Reduce reuse and recycle- all by using Freegle!"

I’ve given a lot of stuff over the years but rarely ask. Using Freegle is a feel good activity. Win win.
2 days ago on Newcastle upon Tyne Freegle #9545

"Avoiding waste and landfill" 1

Im about to move house and have a garage to clear. Its been wonderful being able to find people who can make good use of things I no longer need. Anything to avoid waste and help the planet! I had a beehive clay oven, the couple came to collect all 160kg of it this morning, then sent me a picture in situ. Really touching. It would have been so wasteful to dispose of it Its been so easy to do and meeting people collecting has been nice too. So Im a convert and am telling my friends about it.
5 days ago on Lewisham Freegle #9533

"Fantastic idea"

After living in London for 2decades, moving to Scotland. I have found stuff I have hoarded for as long,was telling a friend and she told me about freegle,and have enjoyed giving so much beautiful,useful and basis household items away. I've not accepted anything. Keep up the good work.
5 days ago on Kingston upon Thames Freegle #9530

"I can’t throw away I’ve got to give to charity but love when I can help somebody I know needs something "

Although not taken, I offered walking frame and bathing stool and gas cooker but I have lots more. I suffer with severe health problems and I am in and out of hospital. When I needed something I have turned to Freegle and the lovely group turned up trumps, even sometimes delivering. I absolutely hate waste, so much I’m told I’m a horder. I give to charity shops but now I’m a Freegle I much prefare giving when I know someone needs something. I get a great buzz and met lovely people- Covid rules followed.
5 days ago on Wirral Freegle #9527

"Everything deserves a new life"

I was brought up not to throw things away so I feel immensely guilty if I do. I have stuff I don’t want or need but want a good home for them so I end up being a reluctant hoarder. I recently gave away an industrial looking work light and the freegler who collected it turned it into a lovely table light. Part of me wishes I’d thought of it but I know he did a better job and now it has a new life instead of languishing in a box of stuff.
6 days ago on Kingston upon Thames Freegle #9482

"Really enjoying Freegle." 1

I was brought up to respect people and property as well as the environment. I can't stand unnecessary waste and hate the Sending anything to landfill. So I reuse or renew where possible and pass on what is still of use, if not for me. Keep up the great Freegle.
6 days ago on Gainsborough Freegle #9485

"Have given, but never received "

I love giving things away to people that will use items, I hate waste and feel we should all be recycling when we can! I enjoy the satisfaction seeing people make good use of items that otherwise would be in the rubbish. But when I have used this site for much needed items myself,i have not once been able to get anything, either I don't get a repsonse or it seems the person has given it away within minutes of putting up an ad. I've even messaged and asked the moment the ad has been put up, and still the item has been Given away, This is disappointing for me as someone who does give alot away. I understand its first come, first serve, but in my experience, it's impossible to get anything on this site
6 days ago on Chelmsford Freegle #9491

"Carpet Cleaner " 2

I put a wanted on Freegle for a Carpet cleaner as my old dog has become incontinent and needed to shampoo my carpet to alleviate smells. Almost immediately I was offered not only a Shampooer but a Steamer also. I’m sure the steamer has never been used and the Shampooer is immaculate. I am so grateful to the gentleman that not only gave the goods but also delivered them. There are some extremely kind people about.
6 days ago on Basildon Freegle #9494

"One man's trash is another man's treasure" 2

I like to freegle because I have never had much in life and always had to rely on people's kindness, so now maybe I cam return the favour, I still haven't got much and have to do everything on a non-existent budget so when I have something I don't need I would rather give it away than toss it. I have freegled an electric chain saw, a leaf blower just to mention a couple. I also received some beautiful ceramic pots ( which I still need more of if anyone has some they no longer need) off some very kind people, totally grateful, thankyou.
6 days ago on Ludlow and Leominster Freegle #9497

"Trip ye not to the tip" 1

I am mainly a giver as I really hate to see things being thrown away. Any trip to the tip is not waste recycling and should only be a last resort or with something that really can’t be recycled by passing on . The problem we have as a society many people don’t want hand me downs. A few of the charity shops have also become selective and not wanting certain items.
6 days ago on Wakefield Freegle #9500

"Needed a mobile phone for my work as a booking secretary " 2

As a family we have always believed in reduce reuse recycle so were delighted to find this site to help us to send out things we no longer need and find things we need. Recently I needed to find a new phone for my work with a charity. I was so pleased to be offered one which turned out to be perfect and is making my working life so much easier.
6 days ago on Shrewsbury Freegle #9503

"Moving House"

We are moving house after 40+ years at the same address. We had "acquired" a lot of things...... Mostly in the loft and garage. I wouldn't say I am a hoarder, I just find it difficult to throw things away that still have a useful life. Someone told me about Freegle and I really like the idea that someone will reuse what I no longer need and I am hopefully doing a little bit to save on resources. Its a great idea. The move is taking some time to complete but this has given me chance to empty the loft and garage and hopefully helped some people along the way. I will always use this scheme when we get to our new home.
6 days ago on Oldham Freegle #9509

"Clearing late mum's house." 1

Nothing yet! I hate the idea of anything going to landfill. Also ma had a wealth if quality stuff and would have been really happy to know it was going to a good home. Added to that being on a low income for most of my life I have always acquired household items from charity shops and furniture projects and really appreciate that they are affordable or being given away.
6 days ago on Islington East Freegle #9512

"Vintage Lawnmower"

Eleven years ago I received aaon old flymo made in the early 70s. It was the best one we ever had. Finally this summer it developed a fault. After much discussion of repairs we decided to put it back up on Freecycle hoping it would go to someone who would repair and renew it and that’s what exactly happened! I was over heartened to hear back a message from the receiver that not only he repaired it he painted it the rusty parts and had the best kind of cut grass ever before. We both agreed that they don’t make em like they use to.
6 days ago on Wilmslow Freegle #9515

"Am loving freegling"

I am quite new to Freegling. In the last couple of years I have been slowly getting rid of our "stuff" to grow our family and make room for memories and play and rest and work. Our family of four don't have the biggest of houses but we love our home so dearly and (with some minimalism youtube inspiration and a bit of konmari research) I recognised that as our little girls grow if we don't want to move we have to streamline our possessions. Especially if our dream to own a dog were ever to come true! I knew we would need to dramatically reduce our material possessions. We weren't hoarders before but we did have way too much clutter given the size of our space. Freegle has been ABSOLUTELY amazing. It makes the decluttering process a joy. People are friendly and fast to reply and fast to pick up. I used to get messed around on FB marketplace but here people are appreciative. And we feel so good as we reclaim our space and have less clutter to manage and clean! Decluttering can take a lot of brain power, especially knowing the best way to dispose of stuff, but Freegle makes it a joy as you know the stuff is going on to be more valued than if it were to continue sitting around in your own home. Plus as I make more space I am also drawn to the collect the odd item to go and pick up for free too. The odd thing here and there that I am careful and mindful about picking up, knowing it can be a great plus for our family. Its is such a joy to bless my family in this eco-friendly way and without spending money unnecessarily too! Win win! (Oh... and as you can see we have successfully made enough room to own one very happy puppy now too. Thanks to my freggling/decluttering venture! Happy days!)
6 days ago on Bath Freegle #9518

"New Home for Table & Chairs!"

Today I have given a New Home to a dining table & chairs - beautiful set, which compliments our home perfectly!
6 days ago on Scarborough and Whitby Freegle #9521

"Trying to save the world." 1

Having relocated from living in Africa for 31 years, where nothing is wasted. I find it hard to see so many items with life in just discarded. I love finding things I can use and give a good home to. Just got a new clock radio, so happy. Let’s try and save throwing away good stuff and making someone else happy. Carry on freeglers.
6 days ago on Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex #9467

"Make Someone Happy"

My partner wants to keep everything because it may come in useful someday ! sound familiar. So the way I helped him get over the attachment to things we no longer need was to say if we Freegle things it will Make Someone Happy and they can enjoy and make use of something that is just collecting dust in our house. It is slowly working.!
6 days ago on Grimsby Freegle #9470

"What can be better?"

Given a great big TV to use in my home studio, and met a lovely neighbor at the same time. Fantastic stuff.
6 days ago on Lewisham Freegle #9479


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