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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

 Tell us your story!

Here are some recent stories from freeglers like you...

  • Better Than Going To A Boot Sale   2 love this

    From a member of Kenilworth Freegle#2672
    I have only been using this site for a short time but have offered train tickets, plants, chest of drawers etc. but on the other hand I have picked up a wicker chair. Great place if used as intended and we all give a little etc. as it saves money and landfill. Am just sorting out some more items at present but again I will be looking for something for my gym so means it keeps my clutter down and goes to someone that can make use of it and visa versa. Love it. Sandra
  • Our Community Garden overlooks the sea and we were given a small shed. Through an offer on freegle we were able to get a sliding door unit.   2 love this

    From a member of Durham Freegle#1795
    I run the Easintong Community Garden and we overlook the sea and can see down the coast to North Yorkshire. We were given a small shed and the view was blocked by the door and the front only had two small windows. I saw an offer on the freegle site and we were able to get a large glazed sliding door which fitted the front of the shed. We now can sit in the shed on good and bad days and admire the coastal views and the ships entering or leaving Teesport. We can now say that we have the best view from any Community Garden in all of East Durham, thanks to freegle.
  • Moving house after 25 years   2 love this

    From a member of #2663
    I am extremely grateful to Freegle and members for helping me in my move. I advertised several items and when people came to collect they also took many more bits and bods before I had chance to advertise. I have recycle much more than anticipated and could only have done this with your wonderful help. Many many thanks
  • Second Hand Rose   Love this

    From a member of Reading Freegle#2462
    I used this song title to describe myself at a recent meeting. I buy from and give to two major charities I am involved with. Things they can't sell are Freegled. I started when I helped clear out a clergy house when the Minister moved on, then went on to personal stuff. I have cleared a number of items to make space in the attic and wardrobes, I have been given fruit, plants and experimented with oddities, such as a foot spa. I try to delay giving away items immediately to give people who don't do social media like me a chance, but get irritated when bidders don't show up to collect without explanation- someone else may have been refused for you. Persevere, you gain friends, and even bouquets!
  • Best way to recycle!   Love this

    From a member of Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex#1936
    I regularly freegle stuff that is too good to just dump. In the past we received a TV, toys for our grand children, books, furniture etc. We have given away toys, books, TV's, etc. It makes the world go around! And keeps things out of landfills. It is also a fun way to get to know people in your area.
  • Homeless   2 love this

    From a member of White Cliffs Freegle#1579
    After being made homeless though no fault of my own. The property was condemned because of damp amongst other issues. My three young children and myself needed to start afresh Hence freegling started for me and aided in my collecting furniture and bits and bobs to create a loving place called home a safe haven for my children. Which I wouldn't of been able to do without so much help and generosity Thanks freegle
  • From Riches To Rags   1 loves this

    From a member of Aberdeen Freegle#1288
    After a horrible separation, I found myself in a situation where I was left with debt I never knew I had ( I never spent it) bank accounts cleaned out, and to top it off everything taken out of the house.. So was really greatful to be given an oven and when they realised I had nothing gave me a washing machine that they had spare from a rental property. I got back on my feet.. and replaced everything and after such a generous gesture have always been mindful of helping people out when you see them strugggling .
  • Helping medical research!   2 love this

    From a member of Waltham Forest Freegle#2666
    Having passed on many items over the last few years I attempted to freegle my airboot. Briefly I broke my leg some months ago and finally I'm almost recovered. My local hospital supplied all manner of hardware to help get around and it's nice cluttering up the house. They aren't able to reuse any of it currently and it really would be a wicked waste to dispose of it. The toilet frame and walking frame went to someone who needed an additional set for when a relative visited but I advertised the airboot several times without luck. I was really pleased when someone contacted me to say they would like it as they're doing some medical research at a well known and highly respected university and now it's finally gone to help research into blood pressure. The gentlemen who collected it explained a bit about his project and also some other projects which were very interesting & relevant. I'm pleased this item can be useful still.
  • Been on Freegle for some time but only just started to use it.   2 love this

    From a member of Hinckley & Bosworth Freegle#2505
    I now look at Freegle before buying anything, it has made me more aware of the waste of good stuff. I wish everyone would consider Freegle before throwing away items no longer wanted, because there is someone out there that would want it. I recently started going to the council waste centres and am amazed at the things people throw away, it's so sad. I have had water plants, sink, cot and more.
  • It's changed the way we live   2 love this

    From a member of #1653
    I be only been on freegle a short time , first I downloaded the app through Boardem . When I see a garden table which would be perfect for my son at his new place he was just starting out and was delighted when the lady gave it to us . So now he can use his garden with the children for eating and playing . We was so happy . I then looked around my house for things to give away . Because I wanted someone to be as happy as I was when I received somthing . It's great . I love it also as a person with mental health and not really one for going out . I've got my self a couple of projects to up cycle for my home . It's really changed me . As I've never really got money to spare to buy things to do up when I'm inexperienced . My kids laughed at me at first but now they see how our house is changing and looking nicer also they are happy to see me on my projects in the house and not just sitting in my room . It's fabulous and I appreciate all the volunteers and everything they do . It might seem tribal to some people but it really has helped me . Thanks to you all .
  • Been trying for a year to sell a few bits.   Love this

    From a member of Camberley and Surrey Heath Freegle#3120
    I have been trying to sell a high sleeper bed, settee, computer desk and a toy storage cabinet for over a year. I wanted some money to make a few bob. I'm a single mum of 1 and money is tight. Anyway, i just kept getting messed about on selling sites with people telling me they wanted the stuff, then they would let me down and waste my time. Then somebody suggested Freegle. Well in a couple of days I got rid of the toys storage cabinet and the computer desk. It felt so good helping 2 lovely ladies out with my stuff. The only thing now is I'm getting messed around by people again for the high sleeper bed. My biggest bug bare is getting messed around. I wish Freegle could make a rule on Freegle to make it clear to only show interest when GENUINELY that person wants the item. I will definatley use Freegle again to get rid of stuff or look for stuff.
  • Stuff given   Love this

    From a member of Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle#3117
    I came across Freegle when looking for someone to take some vinyl records since then I given away a bed and mattress,gas bottles and records .it makes me feel great to help other people
  • Like to share with the community   Love this

    From a member of Windsor & Maidenhead Freegle#3098
    We inherited lots of furniture when mother in law moved abroad and as our family grows we need more space or have different requirements so I’ve given lots of home items to local people who are also needing things as their families grow too.
  • Making space for a refugee   Love this

    From a member of Tameside Freegle#3095
    Our most recent freegling was to clear our spare bedroom so we can volunteer with Refugees at Home.
  • A Delivery Wirral   Love this

    From a member of Liverpool Recycle#3081
    I was offered a computer table from Sue, and because I'm disabled I asked if she would deliver, and she did, with her Husband Dave, I often have to ask for delivery of large items and most times its not possible, so I can lose out, that's the luck of the draw, I would like to show my appreciation in some way but I know payment is not allowed, Sue and Dave are 5* freegers, I think maybe there should be some sort of point * system, Baron.
  • Freegle is a great free website, especially for people like me who work for a registered charity.   Love this

    From a member of Liverpool Recycle#3075
    I have worked for this charity for 24 years and ever since freegle was introduced it has given me the opportunity to pick up some of the thing that we need and are useful to us in our charity, therefore saving us some much needed finances.
  • It's so good to give   Love this

    From a member of Plymouth Freegle#3052
    On getting some really great stuff on freagle I decided to start freegling myself, giving is definitely as fulfilling and rewarding as getting and it is such as great idea, when I visit the local landfill site I am apalled at the stuff that is in the skips, stuff that people could really use.
  • Less landfill, more environment for our children   Love this

    From a member of Nottingham Freegle#3046
    Freegle helps me keep useful things out of landfill whilst also supporting other people. I’ve also received useful things when I’ve needed them, and if it’s a temporary need , freegle on. Less consumption and more careful resource use is essential to our survival. Freegle is an excellent example of a green initiative. Everyone is so lovely and I’ve rarely had people not turn up when they say they will. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. I always felt heartbroken seeing the useful items just dumped at the tip or by the side of the road.