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"Helping one another ❤️"

Over the years I have Always sorted items out, clothes, furniture, ornaments etc & taken them to charity or I have had a pile of items ready to throw out only for friends & family to take as they had uses for them. So sometimes you may think it’s no good when in actual fact some1 has been looking for that same thing. Recycling your items is also good for our world too. I absolutely love it ❤️& now my grown up children sort out & give their no longer needed items away too. It’s also a wonderful community feeling to give & receive, helping one another is what we are all about & even more so during these terrible Covid Times we are all needing help in so many different ways! So please be kind to each other, even a smile can make a difference. PLEASE STAY SAFE xx
2 minutes ago on Rotherham Freegle #8683

"I hate to throw things out unnecessarily "

Hi, I love freegling because I hate to throw away things which can be useful to someone. Saves money, saves the environment!
an hour ago on Slough Freegle #8677

"One person's tat is another person's treasure!"

Freegling means that perfectly useful items I don't need can still have purpose, rather than going to landfill - thus helping the environment. And as a Geography teacher, this is very important to me!
19 hours ago on Croydon Freegle #8680

"Stops stuff being wasted"

Over time I have given away lots of wool,clothes and cross stitch things plus other stuff. I have met lots of different people some of whome come back for things more than once. It’s so nice to see people using stuff that most people would just throw in the bin .
2 days ago on Gloucester Freegle #8671

"A house made a home by Freeglers" 1

I've furnished a rented house over ten year, making the house a home for my family. The kindness of Freeglers has meant gifts from wall paper and paint, to door handles and a bath panel, carpet and rugs, to sofas and tables, cupboards to lamp shades, clothes, shoes and much more besides. I'm happy to rehome loved items needing a new home. I give back when I can. On the occasion an item wasn't really worthy of gifting, I take it anyway because it's owner clearly needs it gone and it's a fair trade for the house full of items we now cherish.
2 days ago on Hove GreenCycle #8668

"Your trash, my treasure!" 2

Many years ago I was homeless and got given a flat. All my furniture and white goods came from other people. There is always someone that will be able to use stuff even if it's broken. I was extremely grateful to receive all those things then. And now that I am in a position where I can help, I do it with pleasure.
3 days ago on Croydon Freegle #8650

"Quick giveaway " 2

Wow posted my item. and it’s picked up within 3 hours.
3 days ago on Hammersmith and Fulham Freegle #8647

"Declutter and at the same time help" 1

I can't bear having tons of clutter in the house and really try to resist packing things away indefinitely on the basis I might one day need them – I've found that day never comes. But I also appreciate, one person's clutter might be something really useful or desirable for another person, so it's good to share things you no longer need! It also helps reduce waste in the world, so everyone's a winner :)
3 days ago on Chiltern District Freegle #8590

"Test" 2

3 days ago on #8662

"Great Idea " 3

We’re new to Freegle, our daughter in law uses a similar site where they live in Leeds. This all can about early last year when we were staying with them, they have this plum tree and they wanted to make use of these and needed some jam jars, and they found a free site, so we brought a load of plums back and wanted to do the same, and as they say the rest is history.
4 days ago on Chelmsford Freegle #8604

"Freegle the best way to recycle " 6

It's always a lot easier and convenient to give stuff away through freegle. I have a fantastic personal experience. I moved into a new house needing so much to fill it, from decorations to fittings and more. Now, through freegle, I've been able to get almost everything I need for my garden. Most importantly and strangely, all the givers and receivers I've been in touch with, treats people with kind and respect.
4 days ago on Ascot Freegle #8607

"Thank you freegle" 5

Hi ,everyone thankful of that person who made this helpful website less then a week I joined freegle was very worry for buying some essential stuff for my empty house .was very worry but when I googled for free stuff found about this site and I registered within a hour I got response and some kind hearted lady offered me mostly essential stuff a very good condition . I'm so glad . Big relief . Thank you freegle helping those who really can't afford .
4 days ago on Chelmsley Wood Freegle #8610

"Brilliant site " 4

I have used freegle in a variety of ways firstly to look for items that I need or would find useful afterall one man's trash is another man's treasure, and because like so very many others our income is limited. Also I use it to give away items that are no longer of any use to anyone in my household and family or friends don't want it either. I used to spend ages on these fb sites trying to sell items for pennies people would say great can I have it and half the time never turn up which was beyond frustrating, so I started freegling myself little bits here and there till eventually it became more frequent and now my first thought is to put onto this site as I know its appreciated and people aren't having it to make a profit on it themselves. And finally the other reason I use freegle is to help those close to me going through a hard time one way or another, I have had freezer tv and single beds all that have gone to people who REALLY have been in need I just ask to be considered for item and collect it then drop off where needed and the appreciation and tears are very humbling at times for someone else generosity. I feel freegle is an amazing site which more of us should use.
4 days ago on Oswestry Freegle #8620

"Freegling is liberating." 3

I'm quite new to Freegle but am very impressed. I hate waste. I am also like a lot of people who put off clearing out things I no longer have a use for or were 'mistakes'. Now I feel liberated by letting someone else have them. Just keeping what you need and sharing your previous bounty with someone else is such a lovely feeling. I highly recommend it.
4 days ago on Ribble Valley Freegle #8629

"Free up Stuff give it a new life" 1

I hate the idea of stuff going into landfill. I have been gifted some amazing things so many years ago and then passed them on and Ive seen people crying when they received it. I passed on one woman a narrow welsh dresser that had been gifted to me and I no longer could use it. She cried because it completed her kitchen and she had driven all the way from Buxton and she had it just before Christmas. Those moments of helping someone be happy are precious and all your doing is sharing.
4 days ago on Sheffield Freegle #8632

"I have struggled in the past" 2

I have struggled in the past and have had some lovely things gifted to me, this got me through some hard times. More now than ever people are struggling and if I can put a smile on someone's face that makes me happy. I hate to see things being wasted unless it has been used so much it has no more to give One mans/woman's junk is another man's treasure, I'm a strong believer in this statement
4 days ago on Lewisham Freegle #8635

"Been freegling for years" 2

I have given many many things in the past and made a few new friends.Last week I had my dog Fraser put to sleep at almost 15. I posted all his stuff on Freegle and the amount of messages of sympathy I got was amazing. People who had been for stuff and met him and 1 or 2 that we hadn't met. 1 lady even left me a card. I will keep on Freegling till I've nothing left. Thank you all Sue and dog Fraser.xx
4 days ago on Blackpool Freegle #8641

"I hate waste!"

I think it’s an amazing group of dedicated people who hate waste as much as I do. I am delighted that something I no longer use can give someone else useful service. Keep Freegling!
4 days ago on Bedford Freegle #8644

"Make do and mend or give to a friend " 4

I would much rather give things that I no longer need to those in need than throw them away or keep them in a drawer for my mrs to moan at me about. The things I’ve given to our community have gone on to new homes which is infinitely better than going to landfill and the way this community has helped me when I’ve needed had been amazing. If I can’t find an item a new home then it’ll go to a charity shop but at least here you know who it goes to. We’ve met incredible people and made a few friends along the way. It’s just better to freegle 🙂
4 days ago on Wolverhampton Freegle #8595

"Hate waste" 1

I love to save things from landfill. I enjoy collecting bits for the house and up cycling them, giving them a new lease of life. I also love to give things away that I can no longer use, hoping that someone else will get as much pleasure as I do from some thing new.
4 days ago on Tendring District Freegle #8601


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