Stories from Freeglers

We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

 Tell us your story!

Here are some recent stories from freeglers like you...

  • SO beneficial for all of us

    From a member of Hackney Freegle#662
    I am 53 and medically retired from work but spend time looking at things of interest on my lap top. I have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. Between us we all have things we need and when I found the site it was perfect. I could give stuff I don't need away and help others out. And I could find things that we needed. Its especially for children clothes and toys. The fact that we are also not adding to landfill is perfect. This service is amazing and everyone can benefit from it. I am always recommending it.
  • There are people out there who mend or repurpose broken stuff!

    From a member of Brent Freegle#654
    I have been freegling off and on for about 5 years. By nature, I prefer to mend or repurpose stuff rather than chuck in the bin. Finding like minded people even via Freegle requires hard work and dedication. Sometimes I have to advertise stuff several times over a number of years. Often I think I have a taker, and they don't turn up and they become what I call "ghost" takers. This is dispiriting, but I don't give up, because when I unite an unwanted item with a new home, it is such a joyous occasion. e.g. in 2003, I had central heating boiler installed for the first time. Prior to that I had a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard. In the airing cupboard were 2 electric bar heaters dating from about 1960 but still working. Eventually after many years I found someone who wanted to fit them in a damp cupboard. 3 cheers for Freegle!
  • freegle

    From a member of Durham Freegle#653
    I all ways had every thing I wanted when my husband was alive 2 holiday a year cars our own home money in bank all the jewellery I could wear you name it I had it, then my husband took ill and we had to move into a council bungalow and sell our home it was worth £98,000 but had to sell it quick for only £42,000 that just paid of our mortgage. not long after my husband died of cancer. no wage coming in and only £54 per week from the government I used up our saving on bills and funeral over the next year with only widows pension no housing benefits or any other payments I had to sell our things, I pawned our jewellery then lost it as I could not get it back including wedding rings. its been 12 years since I lost my soul mate and best friend my husband, then my white goods and furniture needed replacing but I had no money for that till some one told me about freegle. We had given all our lives to people but this was a first for me to receive things for free. I thank freegle for they help and some day I will be back on my feet and give back, at the moment I am able to give small thing back but I hope that I can do more in the future
  • More human than charity shops.

    From a member of Matlock Freegle#659
    I've always given clothes I'm no longer wearing to charity shops (and still do) but it's usually very impersonal and sometimes I struggle to carry bags from the car into the shop so it's great to have the human contact of actually passing something over to someone who thinks they can get more use out of it than you will. Occasionally friendships have been struck up and at the least there's often an interesting conversation to be had with the collector. It's also a great way to de-clutter your house and so much less time-consuming than trying to eBay things for what's often a very small return.
  • Nothing wasted

    From a member of Torbay Freegle#652
    Was very pleased to be introduced to a "service" that I was not aware operated locally. Put on my twenty year old dishwasher and a selection of work tops from my old kitchen plus the old laminate flooring. All were gone within twenty four hours, introducing me to people less fortunate than myself who can still make good use of the items. This has to be better than disposing of items in our local transfer station where not the slightest effort is made towards re-cycling - in fact when I disposed of my old kitchen AND WAS CHARGED FOR DOING SO - I wondered if I was in Chernobyl such was the squalor that confronted me. Then there is Newton Abbot which gladdens my heart every time I visit it, they really do try hard to salvage and recycle the items that people dispose of at very modest prices.I have a complete set of golf clubs in good condition together with a presentable bag and all for a tenner. Magic.
  • My garden is almost entirely Freegle!

    From a member of Penrith and Eden District Freegle#651
    We have had numerous compost bins; a bicycle to convert into a compost trommel; railway sleepers to make bridges; spare decking for various other applications; fencing wire; glass bricks for cold frames; wrought iron gates; fence posts; lots of lovely plants, bulbs, rhizomes; a fire place (now a garden incinerator); a snow plough;. We haven't yet found a chaff cutter, a contorted hazel and one or two other desirables, but hey! It's great fun! And we like to think that our blackcurrant cuttings, old doors, angle irons and various other things are constructively adorning other people's projects too.
  • Giving various items away

    From a member of Tonbridge Freegle#619
    I have just given away a duvet to a lady who wanted one for a guest who was coming to stay. I felt pleased I could help with something which was cluttering up in my spare room. I do use the charity shops as well, I've allways managed to find someone who wants what I want to give away, and you wouldnt beileve things you might put in the dustbin there is a home for it, just try it.
  • Freegle saves space, time and your sanity!

    From a member of Cheshunt and Waltham Cross Freegle#625
    In an age so dominated by people wanting to make a quick quid on eBay, Freecyle was a breath of fresh air. I've been giving the house a Spring clean but once you've cleaned one corner of a room or a drawer somewhere, you realise how nice it was not to have belongings piled up everywhere. I recommend Freegle because it's so easy and it benefits your local community. I look at the space created and I'm very smug because the house looks bigger, there's less dusting to be done - and you can just breath a sigh of relief. It's really quite cathartic. At the same time you give away something that someone else would dearly love and maybe can't afford. I've met some lovely people and I really appreciate those who apply for an item and tell me why they want it and what it means to them. My unwanted items have become new-starts for divorcees and finishing touches for others. To complete the cycle, I've also collected items from other Freeglers which replace broken or missing items of my own, sometimes things which can't be replaced new. I recommend Freegle to everyone.
  • Jammy tales

    From a member of Lewes and Seahaven Freegle#592
    As a recent preserver and baker for our country market I'm always on the lookout for jam jars and anything else that may help me to keep going. I think my first 'donation' was plums, kindly delivered to me as I don't have a car. Then followed the jam jars, I think I must have received over 100 so far. This has saved me from buying new ones- I still cant get my head round this fact- a new jam jar would cost me more than a jar of the basic marmalade in 2 well known supermarkets. At one point I considered buying them and dumping the contents just so I could use the jars! But thanks to freegle friends I can keep preserving! Big Big thank you!
  • Brought up to value things.

    From a member of Havering Freegle#590
    I was brought up to value and respect things. I hate waste and can't bear throwing things away. I have given many things, from shoes and clothes, to large items of furniture and even a mobility scooter. I have received some lovely items too. From a dresser, which I repainted cream, to wool, which I am crocheting into small toys for people. I've met some lovely people. It's a great way to recycle.
  • Amazing timing!

    From a member of Cambridge Freegle#582
    Three weeks ago I had to cut down a buddleia tree and some overgrown ivy and my garden was covered in the branches. Someone on Freegle asked for some leaf mould and compost so I wrote telling him that, if he had access to a shredder he could have my branches. This worked out so well and my garden is now clear and I have told him where to get some free horse manure. I have been able to get rid of a Playstation 1, an old video and VHS player, computer and other items. Sometimes the timing does not work out so well but I am very glad of Freegle.
  • Community spirit

    From a member of Bexley Freegle#564
    I discovered the Freegle community groups after relocating from South Africa to the UK. We shipped all of our belongings across and once we had found a suitable home here to put down some roots, we discovered that some of our furniture etc. didn't fit into the new space. I did some web surfing and saw a way to recycle AND help the local community at the same time through Freegle. Just a few of the items I've given away would be a new microwave oven and a lava lamp to a young man moving into his first flat. Some kitchen goods for someone going to university. A desk, bookshelves & rug to a chap who needed it for his office, a boutique dress to a lady who wanted it for her granddaughter for a formal event, bits and bobs for a lady who works with autistic children and plants from my garden for a lovely family who was keen to do a garden makeover! I've met some great people along the way and it makes me happy to think that in some small way, by passing these items on to local people, we have made a difference to their lives, promoted community spirit and saved perfectly good items from becoming landfill. Why not have a Spring clean? Your unwanted items may be treasure to someone else! :-)
  • Just imagine...

    From a member of Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex#567
    I've been a member of Freegle since 2005. I must have given away hundreds of things, of all sorts, from that time until the present. Sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like if somehow, by magic, all of these things suddenly flew back into my home...every room of the house would be filled up to the ceiling and no-one would be able to move! Thank you, Freegle, for giving me space, and more importantly, saving all these things from landfill.
  • Built a garage using donations from Freegle

    From a member of Shrewsbury Freegle#552
    I have recently completed a garage using bricks, roof tiles and window frames from generous users of Freegle. Of course I had to buy some materials but their donations have halved the price of the build while keeping this stuff out of landfill. Thanks to all who have donated to this great sharing site. I intend to keep giving stuff away as my part of the Freegle pact.
  • Just found freegle

    From a member of Wirral Freegle#595
    I've only just discovered freegle but I'm havinga big sort out so I won't be lugging loads of stuff to the charity shops from now on, at least not until I've put it in on freegle and hopefully helped someone out. I think it's a great idea and good for us waste haters
  • trouble with bubble

    From a member of Bedford Freegle#555
    when you'v e unpacked all the stuff you ordered, what happens to a mountain of bubble wrap? Freegle it! So along comes a Discovery van, and wow, it all goes in! What happens to it then? Well, it gets reused as packaging for fragile pottery and goes all over the world in little pieces. Now that's what I call 're-cycling!
  • bathroom suite on freegle!

    From a member of Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex#588
    OUr toilet cracked and I put out a 'wanted' for a new toilet - to my delight, a woman from nearby got in touch to say she had a whole bathroom suite she was giving away! our old one was that tasteful shade of 70's avocado and the side kept falling off the bath. We drove over to Shoreham and found the bathroom suite in her back garden - it just fitted in the back of my van, we brought it home and the only cost was for a plumber to fit it all, but now we have a nice new bathroom suite and no avocado to be seen!