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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

 Tell us your story!

Here are some recent stories from freeglers like you...

  • Reuse & relove 😊   Love this

    From a member of Maidstone Freegle#5330
    I just love to see items going to new homes instead of landfill and I try not to buy what I need new whenever possible - especially stuff with plastic in
  • Great!   Love this

    From a member of Bristol Freegle#5327
    Whenever I've been in dire straits or friends who don't use the internet, I've managed to get stuff I need from the kind people on Freegle. For instance five years ago I moved with limited funds and didn't have a fridge or freezer. I got a fridge and a chest freezer off Freegle. Ok they went new but did me a couple of years until I could get new. Also I have given stuff to people. It's very rewarding to know that items are going to be used by people who need them, saving them from the dump.
  • Hate waste   2 love this

    From a member of Sheffield Freegle#5324
    After closing my childminding business after nearly 14 years and 2 out of 3 of my daughter's moving out I've got loads of stuff with no particular place to go. So far I've freegled hundreds of pencils, had 4 requests in a day and have been able to split them so 2 people benefit. One being a charity. Also freegled ring binders requested within hours. What an amazing way to de clutter and save landfill.
  • Didn't know it existed!   2 love this

    From a member of Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle#5318
    I've only used freegle once and it worked! I had a laser printer that I wanted to get rid of so I went onto the local council website to find out how to do this. They will collect it for £85 (really!) but they said that if it works why not go on a website called 'freegle' which I did! The day I put it on the site I had four e-mails from interested people, one of which came over the next day and collected it. Superb and totally recommended!
  • New lease of life   3 love this

    From a member of Welshpool, Newtown and Montgomery Freegle#5306
    In the process of reinventing myself from one career to a new one I haven't found yet, and feel the same about upcycling if I'm not ready for the scrap yard yet neither are unwanted items. New to the site and looking forward to 'meeting' new like minded people
  • Don’t throw it, Freegle!   1 loves this

    From a member of Burgess Hill Freegle#5300
    I have lots of bits and bobs that I don’t need or I am replacing. Unsure what to do I asked a friend who suggested Freegle. I love it!!
  • Autistic widow   1 loves this

    From a member of High Wycombe Freegle#5297
    I love freegle. I’ve given and received several items, and it’s so good to do something to help ameliorate consumer culture. My partner died two years ago. I have two fabulous autistic kids, and I’m autistic too.
  • I work at a charity shop   3 love this

    From a member of Berko and Tring Reuse#5270
    I really hate to throw things out that maybe other people can make use of.. I love to up cycle things..
  • Vegan freegler into vintage 😎   1 loves this

    From a member of Dumfries Galloway Freegle#5261
    I love anything vintage, including lino and carpets, and like recycling and helping people out, so Freegle is an obvious good fit for me.
  • Saving old Retro Tech from landfill oblivion.   2 love this

    From a member of Chesterfield Freegle#5246
    I started nearly a year ago, asking for old computers or gaming consoles. I didn't expect too much but i have been astonished by the generosity of people with old tech that they didn't want, or it was broken with no other destination than the bin. I started a youtube channel with the intention of repairing broken tech, and to help others by showing that even someone with not much skills can repair there old items without trashing them. The people who donated to me over the past year are the best. I've had items that should be in a museum for these age and quality, and others that have been stripped down to fix other machines. A massive Thank You to all the people who donated computers, consoles, monitors, word processors, and everything Tech. Repairing these has been an education for me, and to bring old technology back to like is a great feeling. With not a penny made, and plenty of repaired tech given away to charity, i have had the best year, and made some amazing friends along the way.
  • Why waste anything   Love this

    From a member of Hull Freegle#5243
    I use Freegle to find things I am in need of when I don't need to buy full items that I won't use all of (part tins of paint etc) why buy a full tin to use a little and leave the rest on a shelf in the garage, I also never throw anything away as my wife will testify, and always look for what others want just in case it is in my garage, I have gained lots on here and also given lots away my latest being my greenhouse that I no longer used and wanted the space, the gent who took it had been searching for one for a number of years for his allotment and he was delighted with it.
  • An Upcycler's Dream!   1 loves this

    From a member of Colchester Freegle#5240
    I'm an ex Waste Prevention Officer with ECC and PASSIONATE reducer, reuser and recycler. I gave up my job to follow my dream of painting and upcycling to inspire others and make a little income. Freegle proves that one persons "waste" is another's resources and anything that still has a life should be saved, rejuvenated and reloved. Nowadays I buy little new if I can help it and try and live as sustainably as I can within my life time, Freegle is an Upcycler's dream. I have both given & received and am truly grateful for like minded individuals
  • Oldies refurbished   Love this

    From a member of Hillingdon Freegle#5237
    I have a couple of elderly neighbours who have both had partners pass away a decade or so ago. Unfortunately, both have let their properties slip and cannot afford to redecorate or replace worn items. The gentleman, Tony, is 79 and the lady, Francis, is 78. I was struggling to find reasonably priced things to help them, but came across Freegle. What a lifesaver!. I am one electric cooker and 1 curtain pole away (have a dehumidifier promised) from completing a lovely home for Francis. I have just begun on Tonys flat, which is a much bigger job, as he needs a gutting, cleaning and pretty much starting again. It's a hell of a challenge, but definitely worth it when they are smiling and happy in their homes again. Francis is over the moon, Tony is away at the moment and I hope I can do him justice. The lovely givers on this site have really helped my 2 neighbours immensely and all I can say is a HUGE thankyou to everyone, I can't do it without the generous help of others.
  • A downsizer's blessing....   Love this

    From a member of Malvern-Hills-Freegle#5234
    I decided to down size and both before and after the move had mounds of stuff to shift. Some went to family and friends, some to charity shops and some to freegle. Freegle is an absolute blessing as I meet the people who need a new bed/wardrobe/table for whatever reason and so it makes me feel less guilty about getting rid of stuff. Also deciding to get rid of a wide range of craft projects that I was never going to finish this lifetime, I met wonderful people who do craft projects for charity so I know that the project will get finished and go to a good cause as well - what could be better? I've finally finished 'right sizing' my stuff but now whenever I think of removing something from the house I always freegle it first. Thank you.
  • Learned the "Never throw away what you, or someone else could use!" at my great grandad's knee!   1 loves this

    From a member of Birmingham Freegle#5228
    As the intro says, I learned the mend, make, re-purpose and recycle when I was very young and lived with my great grandfather and grandmother in the wilds of rural Sussex. Of course in the late 40's and early 50's the country and many of the individuals were struggling to get by. Our family was little different, except that we had less by way of worldly goods, and precious little income. It was thus de-rigeur that everything was viewed and reviewed to check whether or it might have the potential for a second life. Tin cans became jugs, or off-cuts were used to patch other utensils. We lived in a three acre wood, so we were self-sufficient for kindling, logs and building materials. My mentor (Ernie, my great grandad) showed me how to fell trees and then how to split and shape the timbers afterwards to use as building materials. Today, while I no longer fell quite as many trees in Birmingham, those that do have to come down are always used. Similarly, while my workshop is 'equipped', I also have an extensive 'store' of things that 'might come in useful once in twenty years!" That was another of Ernie's maxims! My wife would probably confirm that when something breaks in the household, I can usually fix it with something from my treasure store. I just wish that more people would follow the way of life which doesn't waste precious materials. Long live Freegle and like organisations which both encourages and enables people to avoid waste and re-use where practicable.
  • I'm a single mum with health problems. I'm trying to make some changes in our home to update it.   2 love this

    From a member of Hammersmith and Fulham Freegle#5225
    I have a fixed income and can't afford to buy new. I am a great recycle advocate and give away as much as I ask for. There is nothing as good as finding just what you need from someone who has loved an item and generously gives it to another person. I look forward to freegleing.
  • New lease of life for chairs   3 love this

    From a member of Peterborough Freegle#5222
    I work for a charity helping people discover the joys of recycling. These chairs were donated and I used them in a workshop. They really just needed glueing, sanding, painting and recovering. They look brilliant with the recycled denim seat covers.