Stories from Freeglers

We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

 Tell us your story!

Here are some recent stories from freeglers like you...

  • Going, going, gone.   Love this

    From a member of Rochford and Rayleigh Freegle#6361
    My experience with Freegle has been nothing but positive. Stuff I've posted has been snapped up in a blink and always collected as arranged. No complaints, only praise.
  • Faullty items   Love this

    From a member of Cambridge Freegle#6355
    I like to fix things like so many others here my passion is more on the vintage side mostly old radios but do fix more modern hi-fi so always on the look out for non working items
  • Building a library.   Love this

    From a member of Edinburgh Freegle#6352
    Freegle has helped me to extend my home library considerably with offers of books. Those that are surplus are often of interest to other freeglers and if not they are welcomed by charity shops. Freegle has also helped to accommodate the books with offers of shelving being greatly appreciated. At some point all available space will be used up but fortunately that's not yet the case.
  • Fate or coincidence?   Love this

    From a member of Chesterfield Freegle#6343
    This makes me believe in fate. I placed a freegle to gift a stable door that I had had sitting for some time, it needed some tlc on the joints. A man messaged and came for the door. He told me that the night before, he stepped into his garden, turned and looked at his back door and said to himself 'what this house needs is a stable door' Next morning he saw my post. And to add more fuel to my belief in fate, he was a retired joiner. I have met some lovely people through Freegle, and the gifted items live on in another's possession.
  • Re-using Stuff   Love this

    From a member of Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle#6340
    Hi all. I love freegling both donating and receiving! For many years one of my favourite things has been to re-use unwanted and leftover items for many projects. I've built raised beds on allotment. Painted furniture, grown donated rhubarb, given a fridge and received a cooker; too many to remember. Sometimes I see an offer and it inspires me to make something for myself (and others) or the house or garden. Other times I look for, or ask for, what I need and and if I'm lucky go and collect it. Thank you admins for all your hard work and to everyone who gives away or accepts items from me. Happy Freegling Betty PS photo of some of my allotment produce on wooden box build from Freegle wood
  • I love to freegle, recycle and upcycling.   Love this

    From a member of Wigan Freegle#6331
    I freegle as I don't like things going to landfill, also people might get some use out of what I do not want. I have recieved shelves, magazines, glass TV stand. Met really nice people.
  • I like to reuse and recycle   Love this

    From a member of Birmingham Freegle#6328
    I hate to see things go to waste. I'd like to think my unwanted stuff would help someone who couldn't afford to buy things. The biggest thing I've given away is an armchair.
  • In bereavement   5 love this

    From a member of Penrith and Eden District Freegle#6325
    My husband died suddenly 3 months ago. Since then - SO much 'stuff' to clear out - he was a hoarder... What a relief to be able to make (about 20) offers on freegle and have keen replies, folk who DID turn up when they said they would, they did the transporting of bulky items that I'd never have got into my small car. And they were unfailingly grateful and pleasant. I was faced with items like a (good) bike with two flat tyres which the freegler told me, a few hours after taking it, were 'sorted' and the bike added to his village's 'pool' for a new cycling-in-retirement initiative. Marriages (apparently!) saved by old ladderax bookshelf units which meant untidy piles of books all round the marital bedroom could, at last, be stacked neatly... Large 1960's desk went to a home-worker only 200yds away(!) so we could, between us, carry it there. Yes, stuff's gone to good homes and I've met some really nice people along the way.
  • Priston Music Festival tries to be a free as possible for people to attend. We also try to pay the bands that play. Freegle helps us do this   1 loves this

    From a member of Bath Freegle#6322
    Priston music festival, run by a registered charity, tries to be as free as possible for people to attend. It is not ticketed. We also try to pay the great bands who play for us a meaningful fee. So the finances are a challenge. Getting stuff off Freegle, like chairs, mic stands, small gazebos, bits of equipment, and so on, has helped us keep the festival going for 12 years now. We realise Freegle needs people to give and well as receive. We have - as individuals also donated to Freegle, sometimes responding to requests. For example we recently donated a good quality Sony hand-held cassette recorder and microphone to someone who was helping people dealing with benefits claims etc. We have also offered people the chance to come to pick apples off trees in our village.
  • I love to give unwanted things to others   Love this

    From a member of Birmingham Freegle#6319
    I have never had a lot of money and any I had I used to pay for the necessities and a treat now and again for my boys. Small items I take to charity shops; larger ones on free to list sites or freegle. Not only is it good for the environment but is also good to be able to save money for other nesecities. Many gifts I give are hand crafted. Knitting; crochetting; paper crafting or baked! Some times it may be cheeper to buy, however there is great satisfaction in making something personalised.
  • Made a child very happy!   1 loves this

    From a member of Burgess Hill Freegle#6316
    I've been freecycling for years - given and received many good items. If I receive something I always try to match with giving something fab. One year, we had a child's mountain bike to give away, just before Christmas. To be fair, we waited for all the replies but one really tugged our heartstrings. A little boy's bike had been stolen and his parents couldn't afford to replace it - we were so delighted to be able to give them a decent bike. Another time, someone was asking for help to teach their autistic son to ride his bike so he could join in with his friends. My husband (who is a teacher) helped him in a couple of sessions so that the lad could ride his bike safely. We had a lovely message about how happy this had made him. I very rarely take things to the dump as generally someone on here wants them.
  • Lived in Oxford, taught to help and share.   2 love this

    From a member of Chipping Norton Freegle#6313
    We were not well off, and I remember Mum, making things sewing, and repairing my brothers trousers she just bought him. So Mum was good, at that, and cleaning so she taught me, as I was always watching and helping her, as she was a single mum. She always taught us to share, and be kind to others. So I learned about how to get stains out of many things, as we had four brothers, and four sisters. Money was tight. She taught us how to knit, aunty used to teach me how to crochet, and watched my brothers making things out of wood. I remember stripping my first set of drawers, and waxing it. So years gone by, I upcycle, fix, mend, and help my daughters. They all recycle when they can, I couldn't believe all the things they would throw out, and kept telling them, Take it to a Charity Shop, or use Freegle. Because you could help a cause, or someone, who might need that! Now I have learned to plaster, mix paint, use all sorts of machinery. I have done up, a few houses in my time too. And sourced some things, and gave away things in the house that were left. It helps lots of people. Any one wants some Holly Hock seeds?
  • Real recycling   2 love this

    From a member of Chippenham Freegle#6301
    I volunteer for an organisation that depends on grants and donations to survive. Some of this was being spent on tools and equipment. After a trip to the tip one day I noticed that there were skip loads of perfectly serviceable tools and machinery being dumped so decided to put up a request on Freegle for tools and equipment. I have received equipment, which with a bit of work was perfectly usable. It gives a great sense of purpose to 1. Really recycle something instead of creating more pollution by eg melting metals, or sending stuff to landfill. 2. it is great to save money that can be put to use for other things. I have also found some great items for myself and have great satisfaction passing on my own things that I no longer need so they can have an extended life span and keep them out of landfills. Every time I do go to the tip I am really disappointed at the wastage I see. I wish more people would use these sites. The world has enough rubbish without creating rubbish out of things that can still be used.
  • Creating a better society   Love this

    From a member of Cheltenham Freegle#6298
    I've been inspired by the challenge of the climate crisis for decades. Most people see it as a problem but it is really our greatest opportunity to re-create our society in a way that addresses the biggest issues: poverty, inequality, loss of species, public health and local resilience. Freegle is a key component in this processs, building community and finding local solutions by matching up what we have with what we need. I love it.
  • I’d like to help someone less fortunate than me   4 love this

    From a member of Milton Keynes Freegle#6220
    Myself and my husband were very young when I found out I was expecting our daughter so when we moved into our house we had nothing and not a lot of money either so everything we had was second hand, either paid for or given to us from friends and family, we wasn’t lucky enough to have the internet and great sites like this so we had to look through the newspaper or look for hours on end around car boot sales and second hand shops etc. Now 20 years on I am financially in a position to be able own some lovely things that I have worked hard for and It would give me a great sense of pride to be able to give away some of my things that I no longer need to someone less fortunate than myself because I’ve been there and know how hard it is when you need something but can’t afford it xxx