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"Old tree, new beginnings" 1

I recently had a huge sycamore tree taken down and advertised the logs on Freegle. Several people collected logs (there was plenty to go round) and they are now being used to make garden furniture , stepping stones in a children's nursery and keeping one couple warm throughout the winter in their log burning stove.
3 days ago on Bolton Freegle #9800

"Quite a few things over the years!" 4

I have been recycling for the best part of 20 years. I've given stuff away and I've collected stuff. I built a summer house out of recycled building material's and gave away a mobility scooter from a deceased relative. The recipient of the last was going down hill fast but here daughter wrote to me over a year later to tell me that her mother was fine and now going strong. God has given me all that I need so at present I don't need to sell things, thus I can give things away to people I know have a real need.
5 days ago on Nottingham Freegle #9348

"Does what it says on the tin - wonderfully well!" 3

I’m a bit of a hoarder. I hate throwing stuff away that can be useful to the right person. Freegle makes it o.k for me to declutter - a bit like when our daughter was wee, the only way to reduce the population of cuddly toys threatening to take over her bedroom was to say they were going to another little girl or boy (via charity shop) who’d love them just as much! The other reason ‘ilovefreegle’ is it’s so easy - so well thought out! ‘Send address’, well-timed, no nuisance email alerts ...’nudge’ , ‘Promised’, ‘Taken’ buttons. That and a real ‘community’ feel about it. Thank you so much Ed and team for are providing such an invaluable service and for free! You deserve a knighthood apiece! Failing that, at least our donations whenever we can to keep it going.
5 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #9351

"House re-old-ation!" 1

We're going house renovations and decided to start supporting Freegle after we realised it made us save a couple of 6-yards skips! It is an amazing community and we totally share the culture. We love the "indi" looks of the app che it's very well done, much better than other, more "refinished", competitors!
5 days ago on Oxford Freegle #9354

"recycling centres ...not" 1

over the years i have always given anything i no longer need or use , everything has been taken and welcomed but....sometimes we have things that are too far gone or not in a condition that can be fixed or made whole so we take it to the recycling centre in bodmin, we use to be able to buy bits from there and donate things but not any more, even if someone else is dumping something you would find useful you cannot take it, all it will get you is banned, they have a huge shed there that would be ideal for putting in stuff others could use and it makes me so mad that all this really good stuff is thrown away and cannot be recycled because its ''company policy'' and i think this needs to change.
5 days ago on Wadebridge Freegle #9798

"So happy that someone else can make use of things" 1

A few years ago we bought a number of products to maintain our garden furniture. Some of them turned out to be the wrong thing altogether, and some turned out to be the wrong color. So many of them ended up being stored in the garage, taking up valuable space, for several years. While having a clear out, I came upon these tins and had a choice about what to do with them. Taking and uploading photos, describing them, and listing them all took a bit more effort (though probably a similar amount of time) than a quick trip to the recycling centre, but was so much more satisfying. Within a few hours of my post I had a message from someone whose family has a lot of garden furniture they need to maintain themselves, and can use it all. How wonderful that someone else can make use of these things I no longer need, rather than just mindlessly throwing them into a skip! And it’s all so much easier, with more built-in automation than when I was using Freegle regularly some years ago. Really well done to all the volunteers who set this up and keep it going.
5 days ago on Bradford on Avon Freegle #9797

"A brilliant organisation so glad I joined."

I have only just become a Freegler and I am so glad that I have joined such a fantastic organisation.It is brilliant. I have just recently had to clear my late parents home which has been very difficult with so many memories. I have been able to use Freegle to rehome lots of my parents cherished belonging which I don't have space for. And the people have been so grateful.I know my parents would be so pleased that the things are making someone else happy and getting a new home. It is what they would have wanted. They were always big believers in helping one another. If I can re home my things rather than send to landfill I will continue to do so however big or small. Its good to make other people happy.So keep Freegling everyone we need to save our planet!!!
5 days ago on Dursley Freegle #9795

"Welcome donations "

I collected a load of bedding from a generous freegler which has all now been donated to Pendle Welcomes a group set up to help refugees fleeing Afghanistan. I told them where it was going and they’re now looking out warm clothing, toiletries etc which are also needed. Thanks
5 days ago on Burnley and Pendle Freegle #9796

"Why throw things away, when it could do someone a good turn."

We have given portable television, doors, display cabinets & carpets, all worth something to someone else to make good use off, freegle is as someone else mentioned a very useful outlet to support other people wanting, using & to make use of sometimes discarded items, it's great to help others to have these items, & not just throw everything away, it's always got a use somewhere.
5 days ago on Benfleet Freegle #9793

"Gift Economny- functional ,sustainible, uplifitng" 3

I love gift economy, mutual aid and all things empowering to the individual and community. It makes sense conceptually and its also super fun in practice, I love knowing my unneeded things are going to a good home (also makes it easier to let go) and getting what i need without expenditure or wastage (also not having to choose between a million products, and being pleasantly surprised). Somehow I am preferring Freegle to other platforms as I really feel a sense of community on here.
5 days ago on Bath Freegle #9338

"NO to landfill!" 3

Firstly, one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure, secondly huge NO to stuff going into landfill. The more uses that can be had from an item and if people can benefit from it, all the better.
6 days ago on Cardigan Freegle #9363

"Donating is fun " 2

I donated 2 shower glass doors that I planned to use as a cold frame in my garden but suffered a serious accident and cannot harden any more it feels amazing to know somebody else can use them for exactly the same purpose I intended for them .I also donated some spare green house glass and am very happy to have been able to help somebody to complete their greenhouse and out it to work . In the past I have donated musical instruments, plants, furniture, paint ,craft items, curtains .I am downsizing due to my injury and hope to give away most of the contents of my huge house on freegle.
6 days ago on Wyre Forest Freegle #9299

"Retired hoarder who has decided to declutter" 2

If Something is no longer useful or has been languishing in the loft then I feel I might as well give it away .Someone else may benefit from Items I no longer need or want.I have found new homes for three items since joining a week ago.It’s a nice feeling to actually give things away rather than have them go to land fill.Hopefully I will soon have more space in my home too.
6 days ago on Borehamwood and Elstree Freegle #9335

"I’m a Magpie for junk with potential" 4

I try wherever possible to keep things out of landfill, i avidly believe that we should all get back in touch with our inner artisan and see the beauty that the resources we have on our doorstep are far more valuable than mass made earth destroying consumerism.
6 days ago on Leeds Freegle #9239

"Too good to throw away" 2

I've given spare hearing aid batteries, acrylic paints, and I have more to put on freegle. I've taken some kids toys such as garden slide for my grandchildren. By freegle-ing we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint
6 days ago on Birmingham Freegle #9245

"We all have to do our bit" 2

I have been given some great garden pots,a picture frame and just recently we were given an amazing table. We haven't given anything yet but we will. It's great to know that people are doing this rather than it all ending up in landfill.
6 days ago on St Albans Freegle #9287

"Valuing the earth's resources whilst 'shopping' for free" 2

I've always loved recycling, repurposing, rummaging skips and making do and mending. I love the opportunity Freegle creates for exchange, throwing things into landfill when they are perfectly serviceable is a travesty when our resources are limited and so many people in the world go without we gave no right to be wasteful AND you can get some great stuff for free or find a home for stuff you've done with - his fabulous us that?! Thanks Freegle volunteers.
6 days ago on Daventry Freegle #9290

"Freegler" 3

I've introduced my work colleagues as we all love a freebie!! I've got furniture, baby items, etc and have donated quite a few household items too especially if I have something that someone is asking for. Great to know it's going to be used by someone who "needs" it. Keep Freeling people 😊
6 days ago on Sheffield Freegle #9293

"Ex-Third Worlder!" 4

My mother was an orphan, brought up by her aunt during the war - thrifty days of rationing passed on. Then I lived in St Vincent & the Grenadines for 3 years in the 1980s (the volcano, la Soufrière has just erupted): Third World thrift, nothing thrown away - puts our society to shame. It’s fun! Meeting people (if briefly), saving stuff from landfill, declutter with a conscience, wee gems to be had, upcycled, repurposed… What, as they say, is not to like?
6 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #9296

"Clearing space and promoting goodwill"

I'm clearing space for my brother who's coming to stay, between houses, with all his belongings. I enjoy decluttering, it makes me feel good, and I like the clear spaces after it's done. I love giving stuff away, it's always a thrill to see how happy people are to get that item they've been looking for. It's great to think of things being used and appreciated. I don't like waste - it's a waste! - and over time it does clog the place up. Getting stuff for free is a lovely bonus as well!
6 days ago on Presteigne Freegle #9792


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