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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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 Tell us your story!

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  • 2nd hand quality beats brand new tat   1 loves this

    From a member of Kendal Freegle#5977
    I always mistrusted the throw-away philosophy and lo and behold we are now finding that our wasteful ways are costing the earth, literally. If anything still has life left in it, hang on to it, upcycle it or pass it on to someone else. I have given countless things to freegle and charity shops over the years and have got myself some great stuff from those places too. Everybody wins and the planet has less junk cluttering it up. It's a no-brainer.
  • save going in to landfill   2 love this

    From a member of Bridgnorth Freegle#5968
    everything i freegle has plenty of life left in in . it also helps someone else who may be looking for certain its not going in landfill
  • Perfect sofa!   Love this

    From a member of Hastings Freegle#5965
    We have never had new front room furniture, including sofas. We had two sofas, both of which had seen better days, to say the least! One was approx. 15 years old when we took possession of it, and 20 years later it was literally falling apart - the wood frame, some springs and all the material. So as a Christmas present from my wife we choose a 'new' sofa from our local British Heart Foundation charity shop - one that I'd seen before and really liked, but couldn't really afford. So, after Christmas I was one happy bunny. Both our sofas were 'pre-loved' but one was the colour, style, etc. I liked. Some months later our second sofa was getting too uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time, and I spotted a sofa being advertised on Freegle, no pictures or description, just a two-seater sofa. I made contact and collection arrangements were made. When we went to collect, we discovered the sofa was identical to the one we bought from the charity shop, so we now have two the same, both just what we wanted, amazing co-incidence - thank you Freegle!
  • Freegle is found by CAMRA   Love this

    From a member of Stroud Freegle#5959
    The summer edition of Gloucestershire CAMAR quarterly magazine "The Tippler" is available free in good pubs throughout the county and has a mention of Freegle on pages 38 and 40, please visit a pub, buy a pint and read. An online version will be on the local CAMRA website later in July. If you enjoy the story, let me know.
  • Retired and avid volunteer   1 loves this

    From a member of Mid Devon Freegle (Tiverton, Crediton, etc.)#5956
    I use freegle not only to see if anybody wants to get rid of an item I want but have also freegled items I no longer need it is also a way of getting bric a brac for us to sell as one of the many fundraising I do for Allies Mid Devon for Tiverton and wider areas in the Mid Devon community
  • Cannot thank Freeglers enough!   1 loves this

    From a member of Shrewsbury Freegle#5926
    Many years ago my then 7yr old daughter and I ran away from a violent marriage. We left with nothing except our clothes. The generosity of the wonderful people on Freegle gave us a new life and a wonderful couple even gave us a brand new tent along with some camping equipment so that I could give my daughter holidays. As I got us back on our feet I used Freegle to recycle items...except our tent, which has a very special place in my heart and which we still use today 7yrs later. Freegle really does change people’s lives and I’m eternally grateful to all the wonderful people on here.
  • Saving the planet.   1 loves this

    From a member of Haywards Heath Freegle#5920
    When I get something or free gel an item I do not want I think it helps to save the planet. We throw so much away for what ever reason instead of re cycling it. Also it helps with the cost of these items, not all people can afford to purchase them. I came back to this country with nothing and have found a few things. On freegle that I use all the time. Keep up the good work.
  • Times with freegle   1 loves this

    From a member of Leigh Freegle#5917
    I was living in Spain with my Spanish girl friend and we split up and I had no where to live all her family outcast me so I came back to England but had no where to live I was on the streets for a while till I met a old school friend who puy me up on is couch and from there I manage to get a flat but had no furniture at all was sitting on a box and sleeping on the floor if it wasn't for freegle I would not have any furniture at all thank you very much freegle so helpfull !
  • Needed a wheelchair for a friend   1 loves this

    From a member of Bexhill Freegle#5902
    My friend could not walk much and could not afford a fold up wheelchair so l found one exactly right from freegle . Because that extremely lovely lady put it on freegle my friend and l could go out shopping, down to the beach and a few cafes . We could not have done that without it . Now she has died it has gone free to someone who needs it .We had new wheels put , the beach was tough on them , so the wheelchair will now last many years and make so much difference to a disabled person.
  • Tassimo Creamers   1 loves this

    From a member of Thanet Freegle#5887
    Thanks to Anne who gave bags of Tassimo Creamers! She didn't like them and instead of throwing them away she accumulated them and eventually gave them to me via Freegle. Now I just adore Tassimo creamers!! I'm working my way through them.

    From a member of Edinburgh Freegle#5884
    Hi My name is Duncan, I am from a poor working class back ground, I am and have been an environmentalist since my teens. I DO NOT WISH TO BE PART OF THE THROW AWAY SOCIETY. RECYCLE, REDUCE, RE-USE! Far too much GOOD & USEABLE stuff goes to landfill, causing unnecessary waste, over consumption and excessive pollution. We are starting the Musselburgh Tool Library. We will be temporarily running out off the Fisherrow Centre, in South Street, Musselburgh (hopefully in the next few weeks). Thanks to wonderful freeglers we have collected over 200+ tools, thus reducing waste, supplying tools to people who need but cant afford them, and to those who do not wish to buy expensive tools that will hardly ever be used. We are still looking for more:- Hand & Power DIY Tools Hand & Power Gardening Tools Car & Bike Maintainance Tools (including small ramps) We will also be running DIY training courses in the near future. Thanks Duncan (Musstool) Musselburgh Tool Library for more info find us on Facebook or posters around East Lothian.
  • Keeping the elderly active   1 loves this

    From a member of Gloucester Freegle#5881
    Superb principle. Means I can get things I need things I can mend and enjoy on a pension that I couldn't have normally and gives me little projects to keep me busy and occupied.
  • Downsizer   3 love this

    From a member of Kendal Freegle#5866
    Downsizing, fervent believer that one persons trash is another persons treasure. Nothing should go to landfill!
  • Redundant recycler   4 love this

    From a member of Lewisham Freegle#5863
    I was made redundant from work and so money has been incredibly tight over the last few months. The amazing generosity of people on Freegle have allowed me to do several things which have helped keep my spirits up and realise that just because you aren't wanted by one person doesn't diminish your value to someone else. Clearly this applies to people as well as objects. I grew up with parents who taught me to repair and reuse and it still shocks me to this day what people throw away without considering how it may change someone's life. The change can be small or huge but it all helps. There's nothing worse than sending something to landfill when that item is desperately needed by someone else. Freegle has enabled me to make my garden look stunning with an abundance of plants and other things. Give my daughter a new bike when she outgrew her old one and got a new one myself following a car crash so we could continue to go on family bike rides. Enabled her to learn the piano thanks to the gift of a synthesiser and music books. Equally, the knowledge that something you had gathering dust is now being used and changing someone else's life is a great feeling. I could go on and on. At a time when you can lose faith in humanity it's a beautiful thing to find other like minded people. Thank you so much freeglers!