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"Collector gave us loads of help!"

Someone came in a pick-up truck to collect an item we were offering. We'd just had a load of wood chippings delivered, In a pile, at the top of our (quite long) drive. We'd just started barrowing it down to spread on our border, next to the drive. The 2 men who came offered to help, using their pick-up truck. They helped us to shovel the chippings in, then dumped it where we needed it. They cheerfully helped us with several loads, which saved us many hours of hard work.
2 hours ago on Harrogate Freegle #9912

"On the whole a good experience "

I have listed a number of items now to find a new home for them . I hate waste and a throw away world we seem to have turned into now days . So offer what I can and if it helps or someone can make good use of it I’m pleased. I try give to people who are polite and pleasant when asking if they can have my items. Mostly find people are pleased to have items and are polite and friendly -feel it’s that what makes it a pleasant experience using ilovefreegle
4 days ago on Stafford Freegle #9911

"Only one world!"

Dining chairs. Sofa bed. Demijohns. Nice to give stuff to someone who can make use of it. Also makes it easy if people come and collect.
6 days ago on Warrington Freegle #9909

"No such thing as "rubbish"! " 1

Ok, so perhaps there is "rubbish", though less and less these days, if you're careful with what you buy and your Council is good at collecting recyclables. But really, you never know who might need what you have and no longer need, perhaps never did, if you're honest! So, having set about some serious decluttering, I recently successfully offered: - old keys from long-gone doors, - felt bags that came with wine bottles, - coloured card and crumpled tissue paper from when our daughters where little, - eucalyptus clippings, twice! - old plastic sleeves for LPs, - a bagful of pre-loved Christmassy ribbons collected over the last 25 years. It has hardly made a dent in the amount of clutter, but I keep at it: giving away one item a day is an achievement. Can't beat the joy of finding someone who is actually looking for your precious odds and sods! Keep trying, keep giving!
8 days ago on Bath Freegle #9908

"Mum of 4, grandma to 5" 1

My children have all (except 1) flown the nest. I have always believed in recycling clothes, and now I recycle everything possible. I need to sort out clothes to give away, size 10/12 but I'm abit of a hoarder! If you live nearby and need something, contact me. Celeste
11 days ago on Welwyn Garden City Freegle #6896

"Great site" 4

I have given away crockery, door handles, brand new hair curlers, utensils etc, I don’t like throwing things away that are still in good condition & could be useful to others. It’s been great to pass them on. It also cleared my space and reduced number of things you end up keeping. Thanks to all the volunteers working on this site.
12 days ago on Edinburgh Freegle #9754

"Giving things away is pleasant. Selling is stressful." 2

When I have given things away people have been thankful and I have not had the stress of waiting in for people to collect items. It is easy to leave things at the front of the house.
12 days ago on Leicester Freegle #9751

"Making the place my own" 10

My Husband left me last year, and I wanted to try and make the house my own, instead of ours. With limited money, this site has helped me really turn the place around. I've cleared the bits I don't need / want to help others, and received bits I can use. One persons trash is another treasure etc. The photo below is of two fabulous hard wood chairs I found on here, and some foam. I then used some old curtains to make matching covers for all the furniture. The table was free from another site. All sanded down and repainted.
12 days ago on Basingstoke Freegle #9741

"Clearing a flat out" 3

Don't I just love freegle. I thought I might just have to dump all that is left in my fathers place. That really annoyed me to think i would have to skip the furniture. When I started out i had freebies from anyone and everyone. Then slowly replaced as i could afford it. I will promote with every chance I get.
12 days ago on Cheshunt and Waltham Cross Freegle #9904

"The people that come to collect my detritus, take away my refuse. In exchange, they leave me with something far bigger." 7

May be it is not so free after all. I wonder if the term ‘free’ in freecycle and freegle is a misnomer. Sure there isn’t any monetary transaction but that’s not all that happens when someone gives and someone else takes an object without requiring to pay for it with money. In the run up to the house move, I’ve been listing several things that have been gathering dust that would be better used. Cables that no one knows what for, revision books from exams past, best sellers that will never be re-read, exercise dvds that don’t reflect the waistline, shoes bought on a whim, skis and ski boots that no longer fit. Things. Stuff. Landfill. Almost everything has been picked up by those who I hope will put them to good use. Rarely do I hear back from them and I have always maintained it is as it should be. Until yesterday. We’d saved the boxes from our last move and when the current movers said they’d use their own boxes, I decided to give the first lot away. A woman came to pick them up in her car, driving tentatively as she pulled up on my drive. She spoke haltingly in English and said that she was a new driver. Since her husband was busy she had decided to collect it herself. We spoke about our new houses as I helped her load up the flattened sheets into her car. Seeing as her rear view mirror was hidden by cardboard, I guided her out to the road. A short while later, she messaged me on the website to thank me profusely for all my help. She hoped Allah would bless me and my family in our new home. I was so moved by her generous words. And that’s when it struck me. The people that come to collect my detritus, take away my refuse. In exchange, they leave me with something far bigger. Something that leaves me feeling much richer than money ever could.
12 days ago on High Wycombe Freegle #9756

"Pre-loved sofas to new home"

I recently freegled a couple of sofas as had to make space for my son’s furniture. These were really well received by the new owner. Lots of nice appreciative messages.
12 days ago on Fife Freegle #9905

"Time to declutter " 6

In the last week I've given a complete set of 6 while glasses, a child's wicker chair, a computer keyboard on promise, 6 reusable coffee jars and currently a 6th mattress in vcg waiting too go. I'm a terrible hoarder, and it's time to see my spare room again. I hate just throwing things away, I'd rather give them away if they use to someone else who may make use of them I myself rescued an unwanted Aloe Vera, looks nice in my living room. We have got into the habit to just throw stuff away there's days. Too much waist.
12 days ago on Haringey Freegle #9738

"It's green and saves you money!" 3

We've been freeglers for years, giving away everything from cardboard boxes to a car, and winning things both for our own use and to raise charity funds. This is such an important organisation, thank you to the volunteers who keep it going. You're doing a lot for the planet and for society.
12 days ago on North Tyneside Freegle #9752

"deafness is unseen It`s hard"

Because I was given a hearing life with a cochlear implant I decided to fund raise for deaf children People send/give me old watches etc These are auctioned FREE Every penny buys assessment items for these little ones Not one penny goes anywhere else Please help Huge thanks
12 days ago on Northallerton and Thirsk Reuse Group #9903

"It feels good" 5

I love to freegle because years ago when I started out and had nothing people helped me so I believe help others because I was there once
12 days ago on North Shropshire - Market Drayton, Whitchurch & Wem #9740

"Freegling is great! " 1

I love our local freegle site. I hate things being wasted. I'd far rather know things are going to a good home for someone else to use. People are lovely too. I've freegled many things... Yarn, books, pond plants, crockery and been able to get some useful things myself including chicken wire and plants.
12 days ago on Penzance Freegle #9749

"Less hassle than selling!" 3

It's great to give something you don't need any more another life, with someone who needs it now. Giving it away is not only less hassle than selling it, but lots of things have been generously given to me in my life, so I just feel I can give a bit too :) Thanks very much to Freegle for making it so seamless.
12 days ago on Aberdeen Freegle #9716

"Helping others and reducing clutter" 4

I have always been someone who has a "if you don't use it you can stand to lose it" view of things. But as my needs change, so does the items I require. For this reason Freegle is a godsend for ensuring that items that I do not think would go very far on sales can disappear in a flash. Items I have donated have gone to people whose stories range from, "What amazing timing, mine broke down," to, "This would help me with a dietary issue I've been facing," to even, "I lost my home and am rebuilding my life from scratch." It's better for the environment by reducing waste and the need for more items to be manufactured. It helps people with their lives in ways that you might not realise when you choose to donate them, especially when the item is still in a usable condition.
12 days ago on Hounslow Recycle #9722

"A great way to upcycle and at the same time reduce both our carbon footprint and landfill." 4

I have given away fully working music systems, assorted tools and other stuff, in return I could furnish my newly built shed with most of the storage facilities.
12 days ago on Fenland Freegle #9733

"A happy hoarder" 3

It helps the environment if we all reuse electronic stuff instead of adding it to the world's e-waste pile - I've just given away 3 old bits of telecomms/TV equipment and I'm going to freegle cables in future. Also I'm really glad to give away things that I've been hoarding. I can part with them because I know they can give pleasure to someone else! Just gave away a big dolls house.
12 days ago on Sheffield Freegle #9735


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