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"Brilliant Idea"

Lots of things over a number of years most recently a small wine fridge, throws, dog bed, trainers and a toy car. Previously a few rugs, old tv, cushion cover etc. I usually end up listing items after I’ve been having a bit of a spring clean. All items were things I had mostly good use from but looked after and still with plenty of life in them. If someone else can use the items then thats great - too much good stuff goes to unnecessary waste in this world. Freegle is very quick and easy to use and saves a lot good things going to landfill - every one benefits, big wins all round.
3 days ago on Hillingdon Freegle #10327

" Far more than Freebies " 3

Shrewsbury Freegle found me at the lowest time in my life and through peoples kindness always first before their generosity and the warm welcome to Shrewsbury made me feel part of something that I felt was a bit special and more than perhaps them getting rid of the old mirror or hoover. The people who have been generous with their belongings really do care where the old mirror goes and that it finds a new home and a fresh bit of life into their once loved object! Freeglers in Shrewsbury made me want to try and have a nice home again and grateful for their generous offer and time, I've recently become unable to use my legs and body with osteoporosis and people have been kind enough to come to me and its been really good for me. Although I probably talk too much they're always lovely.So Thank-you to all who have helped me make my house a home. I have started on the garden now so no doubt I'll be everywhere online! I will write again if I'm allowed and promise not to go on! Warmest Wishes Hannah x
4 days ago on Church Stretton Freegle #10324

"Given My both leather Setees up for offer as long as they're picked up by 21st May"

Not received anything as yet. I freegle cos someone can get a second Life from these no problem. I'd rather Much do that rather than dump them.
5 days ago on East Dunbarton Freegle #10321

"Life saver" 2

I found freegal a while back when I was working with a dad and his 3 children's who became homeless and needed to rebuild their home again. I was amazed at how giving people were and saw first hand how their generosity made life easier for a whole family. Coupled with my dislike for seeing how we have become a throw away society, I wanted to help save other use able items filling up our planet. This site and those who run it are helping us to save the world, one pre loved item at a time❤️🌍❤️
7 days ago on Amber Valley Freegle #10315

"Declutter in progress"

Decided to Freegle to pass on useable items I no longer want and to clear some clutter. Avoidance of landfill is important to me
9 days ago on Garstang and Wyre Freegle #10312

"Recycling rather than dumping " 1

I’ve been pleased to use Freegle to pass on a few unwanted but useable household items to people nearby. Better than adding to the waste that’s blighting the planet.
9 days ago on Gateshead Freegle #10309

"To recycle people's unwanted stuff"

I'm here to recycle other peoples unwanted items due to low cash I recycle and try to upcycle things for my home and garden having low cash makes me want to freegle all the time
10 days ago on Hartlepool Freegle #10308

"But of a womble🤣" 1

I have given a fair few things I no longer need or use, as I have always been in to buying 2nd hand since I was 12..Why throw away a perfectly usable object? Freegle is a brilliant concept.
11 days ago on Whitehaven Freegle #10296

"Why skip what someone else could make use of ?" 4

I love to freegle as it stops a lot of items going into more landfills. Like they say one persons rubbish is another persons gold. Also sitems are so expensive and just because the item might be old it might still have years of life left in it and if someone can make use of something that I no longer want or use then I dont mind giving it away. Not everything has to be shiny and new. Recycling is something i love as my income is low and if I can make use or fix anything that I cant afford then its a bonus to my family. Plus useally all the gremlins have been found out in something old so you know what to do when an item goes wrong. New items are all complicated and a lot of teething problems . Theres hundreds of things why I like to recycle but saving the planet for the next generation is a biggy with all my family growing up and they need all the help they can get to save this planet, so ime doing my bit. Lets hope others are doing theres.
12 days ago on Wyre Forest Freegle #10022

"I can not in good consciousness throw smallelectrical appliances in bin" 1

It is such a great idea, I freegled a DVD player and a grandmother collected it to have at her house for her grandchildren! Awe! I know.
12 days ago on Kensington and Chelsea Freegle #9975

"Eco-friendly" 2

We have been concerned about the environment for a long time and re-using/upcycling is so much better than putting things out for recycling or trash. For many years, charity shops and Freegle have been our go-to places to get practically everything we need apart from consumables. Equally, we offer up anything we no longer need but is still usable. For people with a limited budget I think following this principle is a big, affordable step towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
12 days ago on Woking Freegle #9972

"Brilliant website " 2

Hello, ppl, Ive met some amazing kind people since I started using freegal, I made some new friends, its something I really passionate about, we need to stop throwing things in land fill and give things away. It's much better for the environment and make someone day. Your little things could be someones every thing.
12 days ago on Trafford Freegle #9981

"Kindness and generosity" 2

My son lived in shared accommodation for little over 4 years when in December of last year he finally got his own place and because of the people on freegle and trash nothing he received everything he needed to give him a good start in his new found independence within a month of him moving in and I would like to give a massive THANKYOU to all of the generous,kind people who gave things to him, especially TimNotts who started it all of with a sofa and some curtains. I feel that you have all bought him a bit of luck too as he now has a respectful job,a wonderfully happy face,and a feeling that the future is bright,so again THANKYOU
12 days ago on Nottingham Freegle #9984

"Old sink is now a mud kitchen " 3

We were trying to develop the outdoor area of our school. I asked for a sink and received a brand new one from a lovely lady not far from me. It has now been incorporated into a mud kitchen for the 4-5 year olds I teach. They love it and it gets a lot of use.
12 days ago on Feltham Bedfont and Hanworth Freegle #9999

"Unintended consequences " 9

The story starts with me placing a request for a tv for a Dad friend and his 12 yr old daughter at the last New Year. I was out collecting and delivering the tv when the following occurred.I wrote to the giver: I thought that you would want to know because of your generosity I was driving home past the crematorium along Barley Cop Lane. At the railway the road was very flooded and I could see a car with hazard lights on. I chose not to drive through but drove home to collect a tow rope and back to the other side of the flood. The car had 2 care workers one my age the other half that - young. I towed them out the flood and over to Skelton where they both lived. Because of your generosity 3 families were helped, the Dad and daughter with the tv and the other 2 families were the care workers I rescued. Long may we the Freegle community continue giving and helping wherever we can. You never no who you might help when the Freegle butterfly flaps it’s wings.
12 days ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #10052

"Paying it forward. I like to give but it’s also nice to be given things too." 4

I love nature and have always tried to help keep down landfill by recycling and gifting to likeminded recyclers. Over the years I’ve given almost a whole home of items including a Washing machine a large TV, ironing board, cookware, carpets etc. my husband is in IT and gets given older equipment which he fixes and gifts to needy households. We don’t get many a year but it’s best to fix and keep using than for it to go too landfill. The first time I offered items one woman asked for a lot of them and I said OK. Her husband came to collect and when he had almost finished loading it all up, including a large TV and a dining room table and chairs he said, “I don’t know why she wants all these we’ve got three big sheds full of the stuff”. I was 😠 annoyed to say the least. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I now look in the Wanted's and if I’ve got what’s being asked for and I’m not using it I reply to the Wanted post. I like to think I’m paying forward all the lovely things I’ve asked for and been gifted in the past by gifting forward lovely things from my home too. Don’t be afraid to ask for things, no matter how daft or small. I’ve got a few big jars and drawers full of daft and small things too useful to throw away but I know I just don’t need. I’m sure we’re all like this with things too good to give to landfill. There’s a saying where I originally come from, “Quiet Bairns get Nowt” So ask. You never know you might just get.
12 days ago on Lincoln Freegle #10028

"I love to give stuff and I also offer goods for neighbours but!" 1

The last couple of items I have offered have been a nightmare getting the recipients who have made requests to collect the items. I have come to the opinion that some people just watch the site all day and apply for items as soon as they go live without knowing if they have the means to collect. I offered a garden bench yesterday and within a few mins people where asking for it some saying is it sturdy when I had pointed out in the post that it needed some repairs. But the lady I decided on for the reason she was local. and was the first to ask, I gave her the neighbours number to make arrangements for collection and left it at that, I received a message from her at 3 in the morning saying she has been having trouble getting someone to collect it and to give it to someone else. All I would say is if you are going to ask for something make sure you have the means to collect it first before applying. This puts me off offering stuff in future as I don't have the time or inclination to be messing around for days trying to contact people. Also if you ask for something keep checking your Freegle to see if you have been selected. and it makes it worse when they say I'm too busy to check and offering all sorts of excuses.
13 days ago on St Helens Borough Freegle #10290

"Wow " 5

I have given various items over the years and taken ownership of some interesting stuff is my latest proud moment...I put a wanted request for a pine corner cabinet...I was lucky enough to be offered a dark brown wood corner cabinet and so I collected it from another freegler and transformed it to this unique display cabinet complete with fairy lights.... I love it now and that's the main thing
13 days ago on Swindon Freegle #9965

"Give and take 🙂" 1

We recently got an allotment. It had loads of scaffolding when we first got it. We donated it all on freegle. I could not believe how many people wanted it. They did us a favour by dismantling it and taking it away. We then managed to get a wheelbarrow and a greenhouse from freegle. Still have to assemble the greenhouse but it will be very well used. Just waiting for better weather 🌤
13 days ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #10037

"Hi I'm Stacey 😃 " 2

I joined freegle as I had a houseload of different things to give away its always nice to help others especially when you don't need these items yourself anymore someone else might I love the community spirit and living in hard times as we all are at the minute I mean who doesn't love something that's free eh ❤️
13 days ago on Durham Freegle #10287


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