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"give what you have!" 3

we have been freegling for years - through 2 house moves (AND COUNTING!) This year we gave a way a few kitchen bits to a dad who was moving house. We told him that we had started going to a new church before lockdown in Manchester ( !Audacious - I know) As we handed over the goodies, we asked where his new house was - only the same street as our church! So we'll meet again! (Or was that Vera Lynn?????) God Bless Sue CEO
14 days ago on Blackburn with Darwen Freegle #8341

"Freegle made a joy of clearing my Mums house & belongings" 4

Its a sad time when you lose a parent. However, after selling off the really, really valuable items at my Mums house in Epsom, Surrey, I freegled - via the Epsom Freegle group - from my home in Coventry - all the remaining major items the house clearers wouldn't take (you wouldn't believe what they refused!). Giving away these items - all of which represented family memories - to people who really valued them, turned a very difficult task into a total joy ( the rest of the family were expecting it to all go to the dump - duh!!) . All of these things had been much loved & rigorously maintained by my mother & father over many years: a 25 yr old Phillips top-loader washing machine, petrol lawnmower, beautiful retro dressing table & 2 matching wardrobes, teak sideboard, a large set of bone china cups & saucers to a Caribbean woman so she could hold an annual tea party in memory of her mum, a huge wardrobe to a theatre stage manager - I could go on & on. My favourite was the rather - superficially - clapped out old "war-time utility" style dining table & chairs to a grandfather who wanted to teach his grandson how to refurbish old furniture. Each exchange was a total joy.
a year ago on Coventry Freegle #6277


I've been freegling for a long time now and before I send anything to charity or throw it out freegle it. There is usually someone out there who needs what I have, will give it gladly if it helps someone. Ive offered everything from plant pots medium and giant size ones, exercise bike, chairs, sofas, cushions, too often we forget that some people cant afford to buy these things especially if they are in good condition, I even freegle plants sometimes. Its a brilliant idea, costs nothing and makes me feel a better person for doing it. If you go down the tip and see what people throw away you would be shocked. Everyone should freegle.
2 years ago on Kenilworth Freegle #5516

"Helped a family out " 1

I have been really lucky as freegle has helped us out when we have needed we are hard working family that have no spare cash to get things so we have managed to get items on here to help and there greatly received and used x I repay by gifting things that I can it feels so good help someone specially when you know how hard can be x
2 years ago on Rugby Freegle #1261

"Anything is useful to somebody." 2

I've been freegle ing for a couple of years now. Both giving and receiving. Recently gave away my lovely old blue and white striped sofa after 30 years to make way for two new ones, the recipient was so thrilled to have it that it makes it worthwhile knowing it will give somebody else pleasure. Other things have been off cuts of furnishing fabric, odd balls of knitting yarn, surplus kefir grains, garden plants, blocking mat and pins for knitting and a pair of nearly new blackout curtains. I've gratefully received various baking tools, sky box and a set of oil paints but still waiting for a wooden changing table with under shelf to convert to a potting table. I live in hope. I've met many lovely people and travelled a few miles to collect my treasures.
2 years ago on Kenilworth Freegle #4854

"Christmas" 1

We have just collected a wonderful Christmas tree and some beautiful decorations. The kind gent even gave my daughter some fairy lights
3 years ago on North Warwickshire Freegle #3321

"Such a wonderful service"

I have items which once were useful but no longer needed. They still have useful life left in them and freegle is the only way I know of finding someone who can use them. I hate waste and so to find a recipient who needs these items is very satisfying. The most surprising give away was an old canvas ridge tent, around 40 years old, still good but not fashionable which I had little hopes of finding someone for. It had two people wanting it, both re-enactors who wanted a tent like the period that they were acting. So never think it can't find a home and well done all who labour to help in this.
3 years ago on Kenilworth Freegle #1698

"Better Than Going To A Boot Sale" 2

I have only been using this site for a short time but have offered train tickets, plants, chest of drawers etc. but on the other hand I have picked up a wicker chair. Great place if used as intended and we all give a little etc. as it saves money and landfill. Am just sorting out some more items at present but again I will be looking for something for my gym so means it keeps my clutter down and goes to someone that can make use of it and visa versa. Love it. Sandra
3 years ago on Rugby Freegle #2672


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