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"Give and share" 3

I more or less furnished my house years ago. It was great to try some things that I thought would work - but they just didn't. So re-freegled what didn't "fit" for me. It's great when having a clear-out. It's great when you see something that you keep meaning to get and never remember to purchase. It's great to share surplus plants in spring and crops in autumn. It's great for that little bit of something that you need to complete a job and you don't want to buy (and waste most of) a big piece of wood, plasterboard, roofing felt, fabric, paving slabs, etc. Added bonus: you get to meet some really lovely people who have the same ethos as you regarding waste. You might even make some new friends!
7 days ago on Bath Freegle #8377

"I love helping people" 4

I love Freegle - and I've met some lovely people doing it. I've found it so satisfying being able to donate things rather than struggling to dispose of them. Today I gave a small sofa and a rug to a single mum and it felt great! And actually it not only meant some things that I've had good use of for 10 years are now benefitting someone else, it also saved me money, as I would have had to pay £30 to get the council to collect and dispose of them - which would have been such a waste. It's a win-win-win!
5 months ago on Bath Freegle #7716

"Freegling is such a good idea" 2

We have given lots of items on Bath Freegle and now moved so using different groups ... it’s a great feeling to think that someone can make use of something we no longer want/ need . The best story I have is of my freegling a standard lamp base belonging to my late parents but suddenly had a pang of nostalgia and withdrew it . A very kind fellow freegler then offered me the perfect shade to go with it , I was so touched by the gesture - it’s now in our living room and I love it ( and Freegle!)
5 months ago on Bradford on Avon Freegle #7667

"Win-win situation every time" 26

I've never claimed anything but have given quite a bit - everything from an electric lawnmower, a brand new unused child's cot to a collection of oldfashioned board games and a bag of assorted buttons. What really pleases me (apart from the freeing up of space in our tiny retirement bungalow) is that stuff that meant something to me has gone to someone who really appreciates it. The cot went to a women's refuge, for example, and the board games to an old people's home. Win-win
10 months ago on Chippenham Freegle #6954

"Priston Music Festival tries to be a free as possible for people to attend. We also try to pay the bands that play. Freegle helps us do this" 1

Priston music festival, run by a registered charity, tries to be as free as possible for people to attend. It is not ticketed. We also try to pay the great bands who play for us a meaningful fee. So the finances are a challenge. Getting stuff off Freegle, like chairs, mic stands, small gazebos, bits of equipment, and so on, has helped us keep the festival going for 12 years now. We realise Freegle needs people to give and well as receive. We have - as individuals also donated to Freegle, sometimes responding to requests. For example we recently donated a good quality Sony hand-held cassette recorder and microphone to someone who was helping people dealing with benefits claims etc. We have also offered people the chance to come to pick apples off trees in our village.
a year ago on Bath Freegle #6322

"Great help" 1

Freegle has enabled me to get a vast variety of articles enabled me to meet new friends also as I am 68 years of age it has given me something to keep my mind active get tools, computer bits etc that on my pension I might not have got. Long live Freegle because it has helped loads of people. Cheers Peter
2 years ago on Blaenau Gwent Freegle #5603

"Never throw anything away" 3

I'm in my mid-70s - my wartime childhood meant I grew up in an age when you never threw anything away - We were comfortably off but my mother used to turn her old skirts into aprons, the Sunday roast did for umpteen meals in a variety of guises and most of our furniture at home was secondhand. Old habits die hard - I have never thrown anything away, not food, not furniture - always found another use or another home for everything. We have downsized a number of times as we got older and I was delighted to discover Freegling. We've given away a real variety of stuff over the years - everything from a dining-table and chairs to (most recently) a bike and a Flymo mower. It gladdens my heart to think of our unwanted items being of use to other people.
2 years ago on Devizes Freegle #5504

"Wanted items descriptions."

I am a firm believer in the principles of freegle. But on several occasions of late I have responded to Wanted items, providing details and pictures of the items I am prepared to give away the response I then get back is sorry I am looking for something completely different. Why cant freegelers describe exactly what it they are looking for? It is very annoying when this happens and it is a total waist of time.
2 years ago on Bristol Freegle #5201

"House moving made a lot easier" 1

Back in 2012 we moved from Bath to Frome and had several things that weren't really saleable but needed to go - and go they did, very promptly, via Freegle. Then when we moved into our house in Frome there was stuff here we didn't want, like old bathroom suites, radiator cover, kitchen cabinets and they all went very quickly. I met new people too which was good, having just moved here. Since then not so much action, but have just offloaded an old hifi so still finding Freegle useful. Also have been given stuff, like a clay chicken brick I was keen to try - still using that - & two kids' scooters for the grandchildren when they stay.
2 years ago on Frome Freegle #3351

"Being blessed whilst blessing others"

I have only just recently begun using Freegle, but already it has been such a blessing to me. The way it is blessing me is by helping me to release items when I normally hold onto things - after all, 'they may be useful one day', or so I tell myself...and so the amount of 'stuff' grows. But now I am actually enjoying passing things on! Knowing that someone is going to use them lets me release them happily. Now I am actually going round the house looking for things that I can 'release' - what a change in attitude. And I'm sure this is so much healthier for me! Thank you for running this site so that I can be blessed by blessing others.
2 years ago on Chippenham Freegle #4489

"Hate Waste"

I have a part of Freecycle for some years and am very excited at the prospect that there is less landfill. Sharing is caring what I no longer need is posted to give free cycles the opportunity to save money. I have saved over the years and am most grateful that there are so many like minded people.. Saving the environment at the same time.
2 years ago on Bath Freegle #4840

"Giving." 1

I have used Freegle to give items away rather than they go to the tip. I have given,double mattress, chest of drawers, water butt and plants. So far I haven't needed to ask for anything but I have a friend who has been very successful answering things offered. Good site.
2 years ago on Bath Freegle #2459

"Why dump it when you can Freegle it ?" 2

I was told about Freegle by a friend and they gave rave reviews. My first `wanted` post was when I was doing work for a garden designer and we were using as much recycled stuff as possible. Needed 10 garden trampolines to use the frames for a Chinese style pavilion. Got 9 ! Grandaughter setting up home, got her started with Freegle furniture etc. Had a clearout at home and found plenty of things to offer, all gone . Bag of 40 kitchen cabinet feet ( don`t ask ! ) went within hours. 2 digital cameras have gone to a good cause. The list goes on for both wanted and offered items. All these things would have gone to the tip, OK, some will be recycled but there is still an element of waste. Last but not least you meet some amazing people when you Freegle. Well done Freegle and Freeglers, keep that stuff circulating.
3 years ago on Bath Freegle #1741

"Very good site!"

I received and given all sorts through the site. When I couldn't walk or drive following knee surgery, kind people even delivered to me! No one thought I was giving a sob story. Very nice community, thank you.
3 years ago on Bath Freegle #1843

"We downsized via Freegle" 2

We needed to downsize last year. We freegled a cement mixer, wind surfer, mangle, double bed, washstand and lots more went to the local charity shop as well. We are now sorting out our new home and have just freegled a single bed we didn't need to an 8 yr old who has grown out of his baby bed! Everyone wins and we keep stuff out of landfill. Thank you everyone who freegles.
3 years ago on Bath Freegle #1588

"One persons junk is another persons treasure." 4

I have used freegle for a while now and I am so happy I can say I have recycled so much for other people to use. It might be junk to you but it also might be the perfect item for someone else. Just because you change your decor or buy newer items does not mean your old stuff is rubbish. I recently passed on a curtain pole as wanted different colour, it had been cut to size but was collected by a very nice lady that said it was perfect size and colour for her bathroom. I haven't thrown something away as rubbish and she gained just the thing she wanted, to me that sounds like a win/win situation
3 years ago on Bath Freegle #728


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