Stories from Freeglers on Dewsbury Freegle

We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

"Repurpose with a difference" 3

We ship goods to The Gambia to support locals and in turn creates employment and it also sends kids to school. We get all sorts donated which we collect and what we can't send we freegle. We also keep an eye on what is being offered and if not snapped up first.. We will ask afterwards. So a win win for us and freeglers alike. Thank you so much for everything you do. Helen and Clive xx
5 months ago on Bradford Freegle #7691

"People who can’t afford something " 3

i have been in situations where I couldn’t even afford a loaf of bread or pint of milk ,so giving something back to people who are in need and that makes me feel grateful that I’ve made someone smile . After being so ill 2018 Nov to Feb 2019 in Hospital coma for 16 days collapsed lung blood clot pneumatic infection both lungs and empyema.I had to learn to talk walk eat all over again and my family went through hell as they were told at least 5 times I wasn’t going to survive and start making arrangements .Well I’m a pocket rocket like my mum and survived .I am 60 in May and am now taking precautions to keep safe as I have lung disease and other health conditions.This is not a self pity attention seeking post it’s a happy survival post moral put a smile on someone’s face give not to receive .
8 months ago on Wakefield Freegle #7453

"I love to give away" 4

Id rather give away than throw away... It makes me feel happy that folk want to take your bags of shoes and clothes! Ive also picked up free items, its great!
8 months ago on Barnsley Freegle #7342

"my take on Freegle "

I became interested in recycling many years ago ad saw freecycle as it was them on the internet .. I joined my local group and rehomed in both giving and receiving items I became friends with quite a few of the other recyclers like myself and have remained friends for many years .. I became the active owner Of First Calderdale freegle and then Bradford ,, but due to ill health gave up my position As leader of the groups . The majority of folk I've met are friendly And lovely people.. Im just glad ive been able to keep stuff out of landfills and skips. Ive been recycling items from being teenager making what was them rara skirts into other items of clothes I was a machinist so pretty good At putting clothes together I've encourage many folk to have a go at upcycling.. I make guinea pigs runs out of old bed bases at the mo..
2 years ago on Leeds Freegle #585

"Why do I freegle"

Its simple really. They allways say for one another person rubbish is another person's saves money helps people out.helps the environment. What isnt there to like about freegle helped me out alot over years. And i like to believe ive helped others too. Everyone joined this site there wouldn't hardly be any waste keep doing the group fab idea.
2 years ago on Otley Freegle #4314


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