Stories from Freeglers on Dunstable Freegle

We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

"A new wardrobe of clothes!! " 3

Received many beautiful clothes from a very kind person in Hemel Hempstead. I don't have spare cash for clothes very often so it's a God send. And my friends have benefitted from them as well so I am very happy and so grateful its like Christmas 🎁😊👌
4 months ago on Welwyn Garden City Freegle #7890

"Making a charity event even better" 1

Thanks to the kind donations we have recieved we have been able to build bigger and better props this year for our charity Halloween event in Pitstone. Everything we do comes from our own pickets so money raised in the night goes to A Rett Syndrome charity . This all started when we met a beautiful girl called Frankie with the condition it gets more busy every year. We are also doing a christmas grotto for a lad with cerebral palsy so free stuff to make props is wonderful. Made using coathanger and other bits donsted
a year ago on Aylesbury Freegle #6559

"why I love Freegle " 5

Hello 👋 I'm Angela I've been a Letchworth resident since I was 14 living with my mum & stepdad,been a tenant since 2010. The reason I love Freegle is because being a lone parent of 3,you don't always have spare cash to fund something for home etc and it's so nice that things other people no longer want can be reused by someone who needs it but wouldn't be able to afford otherwise x
a year ago on Dunstable Freegle #6379

"Brother inspired me" 2

I visited my brother and sister in law in Carlisle. While there he cleared his garage of stuff that was clearly treasure to those collecting it, He also saved a snooker table from being broken up and donated it to a local charity. So came home and joined in the movement. I am a cleaner and am often asked if I need furniture that us just being changed. I upcyle loads and sell stuff, as well as give loads away. I love seeing stuff go to new homes.
3 years ago on Chiltern District Freegle #701


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