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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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"Still usable but no longer wanted? Freegle it!" 5

I've got rid of so much stuff over the years that we no longer needed but still had life left in it and 97% of it has been taken. I'm going into hospital within the next couple of weeks so am having to self-isolate... I'm using that time to sort out my wardrobe and I'm gonna have bags full of clothes to offer at the end of August lol I'm also very slowly decluttering each room in the house and there are some kitchen things that have never even been taken out of their boxes that are going when I've recovered. I've recently got rid of 3 new bras that didn't fit and I had no way to send them back or take them to a charity shop so I freegle'd them and they were out of the house within days! When my previous laptop died on me, I Freegle'd that and it was snapped up as well as less expensive things like a bag full of women's rings that didn't fit me and even 3 large cardboard boxes, a box full of out of date baby wipes, a bag of un-needed dog food, a dog game for small dogs, shoes and arty things. Literally the only things that I've offered that haven't been taken were a chocolate tin and chocolate box, but with Covid-19 there were obviously no school fair's or anything, so I popped them into our recycling box and they were gone too. I love Freegle and can't recommend it highly enough!
3 months ago on Gloucester Freegle #7899

"Better than buying a new item" 6

This was an email I sent to someone who gave away a battery-powered piano keyboard: Thought I'd let you know the keyboard was a real hit at the children's centre today and one boy really played with it and later sat and sang with my wife (first time speaking for him as he has very little speech). So thank you - it really helps to have something good which at the same time, you can let children loose on to a limited extent, without being too precious about it. Just perfect and I'm very grateful you freecycled it.
5 months ago on Cheltenham Freegle #2098

"I love Freegle!" 5

I've given so much stuff away that could easily continue to be used by someone else but we don't need it any more so rather than binning it and filling up the landfill I've offered it on Freegle. I've even recommended it to my in-laws who have joined up too and got rid of stuff on their local Freegle too! I've been Freegleing for a number of years and had my first free thing given to me a couple of months ago... I love it!
8 months ago on Gloucester Freegle #7349

"Keeping the elderly active " 1

Superb principle. Means I can get things I need things I can mend and enjoy on a pension that I couldn't have normally and gives me little projects to keep me busy and occupied.
a year ago on Gloucester Freegle #5881

"Better than sitting in a cupboard" 2

My mother-in-law gave us an old sewing machine which was a bit temperamental. So we've freegled it to a women's refuge who will fettle it and make good use of it.
2 years ago on Hyndburn Freegle #5124

"Loving my garden!"

I love FREEGLE and I am always telling people about it. Recently, I moved into a rented house with a rather unloved garden. Thanks to several generous FREEGLERS I now have a rose arch, assorted terracotta and stone plant pots and plants - as well as old jam jars to collect the slugs and snails!. I had a car load of cedar chippings which have been perfect for ground cover. The garden now looks great! Inside , I have been given a table top, office chair and reading lamp which were perfect for my workspace. As I unpacked, settled in and saw things I no longer wanted, I FREEGLED all of it... jewellery, mugs and bowls, a slow cooker, plastic plant pots, pieces of perspex, a hose pipe and many useful cardboard boxes with all the bubble wrap from my overseas move. The best one was finding a little ceramic wall plaque on a dusty shelf. I FREEGLED it to a lady who gave it to a friend who had fond connections to the little local church featured on the plaque. I have had great fun meeting and chatting with other FREEGLERS. Like the mother and son who collected giant boxes for play projects. The super lady who helped me shovel all the cedar chippings from her front garden. The lady who collected the wall plaque and stayed for a cup of tea. I always try to send a message thanking people after I have collected an item. I tell them how useful the item is to me. They are usually pleased to hear that it has gone to a good home. I find great joy in giving things away to people who want them. And as I love finding a bargain too, FREEGLING is part of my life now. Before I take anything to the Tip, I always ask: "Can I FREEGLE it?" Try it - it helps you, helps others and also helps reduce waste and landfill.
2 years ago on Gloucester Freegle #4496


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