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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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"Fab way to recycle!" 9

I bought a second hand kitchen and used most of it to replace an old and tired one in a flat. Rather than chuck out the remaining bits and pieces I put them on Freegle so someone else can get the use out of them. I have given away cupboards, a fridge freezer, a carousel, a heater, curtains and a printer.
2 months ago on Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle #7957

"Freegle won during lockdown" 8

As a shielding person, during the lockdown, all the stuff that I was able to sort through that I didn't want or need anymore, I couldn't take anywhere. Not allowed to the Biggleswade tip. Charity shops closed. Still are. Freegle closed. Ebay difficult. Then Freegle opened again. Fantastic. All you lovely people came and emptied my "indoor warehouse". Room to move again. I was "green" before they invented it and could never bin anything useful. Now I am about to Freegle some things for my parents. I hope thst some of my neighbours have now joined. Thanks Freegle.
2 months ago on Stevenage Freegle #8005

"Love freegling!" 1

We are moving and it’s been a great way to get rid of stuff while charity shops have been closed/not accepting goods. Thank you.
3 months ago on Hertford Freegle #7985

"A new wardrobe of clothes!! " 3

Received many beautiful clothes from a very kind person in Hemel Hempstead. I don't have spare cash for clothes very often so it's a God send. And my friends have benefitted from them as well so I am very happy and so grateful its like Christmas 🎁😊👌
4 months ago on Stevenage Freegle #7890

"why I love Freegle " 5

Hello 👋 I'm Angela I've been a Letchworth resident since I was 14 living with my mum & stepdad,been a tenant since 2010. The reason I love Freegle is because being a lone parent of 3,you don't always have spare cash to fund something for home etc and it's so nice that things other people no longer want can be reused by someone who needs it but wouldn't be able to afford otherwise x
a year ago on Hatfield Freegle #6379

"Bringing communities together "

Love that Freecycle keeps useful things out of landfill, reduces consumerism and helps bring communities together. I’ve met some lovely people through this website. Thanks to the volunteers for managing it for us.
a year ago on Welwyn Garden City Freegle #6349

"I’d like to help someone less fortunate than me " 4

Myself and my husband were very young when I found out I was expecting our daughter so when we moved into our house we had nothing and not a lot of money either so everything we had was second hand, either paid for or given to us from friends and family, we wasn’t lucky enough to have the internet and great sites like this so we had to look through the newspaper or look for hours on end around car boot sales and second hand shops etc. Now 20 years on I am financially in a position to be able own some lovely things that I have worked hard for and It would give me a great sense of pride to be able to give away some of my things that I no longer need to someone less fortunate than myself because I’ve been there and know how hard it is when you need something but can’t afford it xxx
a year ago on Bedford Freegle #6220

"Diverting landfill."

The flats bin rooms are a goldmine - A PS3 that looks repairable, a couple of laptop hard drives and heaps of assorted USB cables. Someone dumped their penny jar - the shiny bits went in my pocket, and the copper is getting fed to various checkout charity tins. In date tinned foods and various dried foods if the seal is intact - jars have an anti tamper pressure button on the lid so you can tell if someone let the vacuum out. Couple of days ago; I won a brand new broom a more suitable size for my pokey little flat.
2 years ago on Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle #5091

"Recycled batteries."

As an electronics hobbyist - I often rescue lithium cells from the recycling tub. Probably best left alone unless you know what you're doing - most battery chemistries are at least unpleasant and cadmium is *VERY* toxic, the lithium in batteries becomes lithium carbonate if exposed to air - pretty much an anti psychotic pharmaceutical. lithium batteries are also a fire hazard if not handled correctly. A bicycle lamp I bought had very short recharge interval, so I decided on an upgrade with salvaged cells - the modification was really easy - but so would burning the house down be!!! The main PCB probably only does current limiting - the voltage control was embedded in the original battery. If I hadn't spotted that - the battery would've been overcharged and gone exothermic (venting with flaming gas). Blowing up lithium batteries usually takes more stupid than I got - maybe I shouldn't have tried rebuilding a weird shaped laptop pack while I had evil flu. In that context: Lithium stimulates production of adrenalin and the cells make half decent rocket motors...…….
2 years ago on Stevenage Freegle #5094

"Piano with perfect timing!" 1

Our then almost 2 and a half year old twin boys took a liking to a piano at a friends house and then to one in our church hall. I joked to my wife that this could be expensive! The following week 2 pianos appeared on freecycle! A few messages with one of the freeglers, some measurements performed and with the kind help of a few friends later... by the end of the week the boys had a piano of their own!
3 years ago on Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle #1279

"Brother inspired me" 2

I visited my brother and sister in law in Carlisle. While there he cleared his garage of stuff that was clearly treasure to those collecting it, He also saved a snooker table from being broken up and donated it to a local charity. So came home and joined in the movement. I am a cleaner and am often asked if I need furniture that us just being changed. I upcyle loads and sell stuff, as well as give loads away. I love seeing stuff go to new homes.
3 years ago on St Albans Freegle #701

"Impressively generous Freeglers !" 7

I'd never heard of Freegle until I watched that very interesting programme on TV starring Kirstie Alsopp re-furnishing people's houses for free. So I looked up my local groups and haven't looked back from that moment ! It's amazing what you can find ! So far I have a huge purple gym ball to keep me fit, a shelf that I wanted for books, but found it more useful turned upside down to create a shoe rack. A beautiful picture of butterflies. My favourite freegle is a box of Christmas lights which were perfect - several sets of beautiful golden and coloured lights for nothing at all because the couple who freegled them were downsizing on house and Christmas tree ! My cat Tiddles freegles and is the proud owner of many gifts, including a bowl with a mousey head, a comfortable cat bed which he loves to sleep in, and a cat scratching post/hidey hole. Purrrrfect !!!
4 years ago on Letchworth, Hitchin, Baldock Freegle #322


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