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"Keeps me sane" 3

I have freegle and its community to thank for helping to keep me sane, both with gifting and collecting things for myself and on behalf of my friend (ex partner) saving things from landfill and making good use of various handy items, I really appreciate all the hard work of the volunteers who keep freegle going and those that willingly gift items I gratefully receive, thankyou all.....
5 months ago on Walsall Freegle #7732

"Give-find" 2

I used freegle first when I was after furniture to help a family member out who was moving into their first home and money was a little well let's say on the short side. I have also helped my niece find clothing for her little ones .I have collect on their behalf and we have appreciated the items. I also list anything I that may be useful to anyone . I believe in trying to help others and doing my bit to recycle and not taking everything to landfill . I have met some lovely people and it's nice by offering the things I can - it well gives something back rather than just taking . If we all do that doesn't make the world a better place and makes freegle a better experience.
a year ago on Birmingham Freegle #6730

"Very Good help others and receive help. "

I use to be part of Birmingham FREE CYCLE a few years ago. It was good in giving and receiving goods. Easy to use and benefited self and others. I have started again free cycling again on this site of Freegle site. However, this is very important for people offering goods and for people wanting goods. I most stress [to save worry and frustration] 1] When one offers an item, we should be able to communicate with the person who needs the item more easy. By Freegle site OR BUY EMAIL...DIRECTLY. Especially when your trying to get further directions for collection. 2] Same, if you want an item and express an interest, you should keep in touch with the person offering the item. I is time consuming when a person fail to respond. 3] I know this site is run by volunteers. Please look into, Why, items/goods are not uploaded on site...REGULARLY for others to others. To see whats on offer. "Make it Happen". I have meet some very friendly, helpful - address, location and COMMUNICATION. I have received - mattress, cupboards, bath, chair and tables, chair and other useful things for my needs. I have many items to give to help others out. So come and get up and coming goods from me. Such as, beds, wallrobes, sofa, table and chairs, coffee table, dog cage, etc, etc. Yes many goods, even the kitchen sink. We all need to help each other MORE. By this FREEGLE site can benefit others in need. Save money, Save waist, Increase your Health and Safety. And I believe our world. So use Freegle and increase community support.
3 years ago on Solihull Freegle #3724


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