Stories from Freeglers on Wellingborough Freegle

We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

"Grumpy old Gardener" 2

I use Freegle quite often, I am a young 80year old who love to garden but as I get older it is more difficult to do any heavy jobs so I have obtained many items from Freegle to help me with this problem, very good site and worth looking at offten
2 years ago on Wellingborough Freegle #5630

"Only keep beautiful or useful things" 2

My home is my sanctuary, with things that bring pleasure, as is my garden and the majority of it is from freegle over the years, I have collected plants, planters, rocks, clothing, paint, wallpaper, bikes, make-up, books...and given away about the same too,and have met some lovely people along the, thank you for keeping it going.
2 years ago on Thrapston and Oundle Freegle #5155

"The healing powers of Freegle" 3

I received a brand new typewriter ribbon from a lady on our local Freegle group; it brought a cherished old typewriter back to life. She was delighted to see a photo of it being put to good use. It prompted her to tell me this lovely story, which she has given me permission to share here: "I had a bird table that my late husband really enjoyed using it for bird watching in the garden.  Well that was his hobby not mine, so I let it go, especially as it needed a leg fixing.  I knew I should have repaired it but going through the anger of grief made me act.  I had a lady collect it for her parents and the feedback really made me so much happier. They were getting the same pleasure from the bird table as my husband did and that was a connection and a closure for me. Amazing! It bought a closure to a part of my life that would not have been possible if I hadn't offered this through Freegle. A kind of therapy, knowing that my act of giving has bought happiness to another person."
2 years ago on Islington East Freegle #3436

"Small everyday Freegle story" 3

During a garage clear out, some 6' fluorescent lightbulbs were being Freegled just round the corner from me. I requested them on behalf the hard-working man in the tiny watch repair shop who needs good lighting to do his job. I've taken him hard-to-source 8' bulbs in the past, thanks to another kind Freegler. Those original bulbs are still going strong but he was delighted to have some spares for his other light fitting. We dropped them off for him as we were going there anyway - and he insisted on replacing my daughter's watch battery for free to say thanks. My natural hoarder of a daughter is now looking out old watches to Freegle to keep the goodwill going...
2 years ago on Northampton Freegle #2782


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