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"Trying to be as Sustainable as Possible!" 4

Hi I run a large airbnb called Magical Margate Townhouse, and through the renovation and now that it's done we have tried to be as sustainable as possible by freegling and giving away, swapping, gifting as much of the old materials in the house, and now the furniture, as possible! I often hoard items hoping to upcycle them at a later date but freegling has given me the freedom to give them away, knowing that I will come across something equally as lovely in the future. Horses have drinking troughs, locals have furniture, and a local builder has a stash of plumbing parts because of us and that makes me feel happy. And small bits of building materials that most builders would chuck in a skip ended up being used by householders for DIY, saving yet more waste as they would only have needed to buy new too, and throw away what they didn't use! Happy freegling everyone! Anna
10 months ago on Maidstone Freegle #6992

"Recycle or just keeping my nice old bike going"

Vintage bicycles and bicycles made up until 1970 used very hard-working, light and much lighter to peddle than modern bikes but by 1980 cyclists were only cycling 20Cm a year. So modern bikes have grease in the hubs and have to be peddled even on flat compared to old bikes. Old bikes you clean them, oil them weekly but for that, you only need to touch the peddles now and then to keep them moving. They easily go for a hundred year and am sure my heavily used and high mileage 70-year one has another hundred years in it So I am putting the case for looking out for old bikes and start using them again. The Sturmey-Archer geared bikes are wonderful and the ones made before 1960 like my four speed high mileage one is even better. Also, cycle lanes, pavement and road tolerance are better than it used to be, other than the scary mobile phone zombie risk walking in front of you. If you living in the Tunbridge Wells area would like to see I could meet a few people in a local park and show you some tips and let you ride one that is very well made, good and was purchased for almost nothing.
a year ago on Maidstone Freegle #6166

"Giving is so satisfying." 4

I have given loads of stuff recently, due to having to clear a departed relatives house. I could easily gone to the tip, but it’s so good to give things away and see smiles on people’s faces, which has happened loads of times. I would urge people to turn up when they say they will and not reject what you collect. A few do this, it sometimes makes you want to go to the tip, which is a whole lot easier but loads of useful things then go to waste!
a year ago on Lewes and Seahaven Freegle #5770

"Pay it forward and waste not want not"

I've been freegling forever! I've got lovely furniture, plants and a fab microwave along the way. I always offer stuff on Freegle, as I hate to waste stuff. Just because it's no longer useful to me, doesn't mean someone else can't use it.
a year ago on Tonbridge Freegle #5675

"Freegled Lego Helps Church Raise Funds" 2

A local parishioner suggested our village church (St Mary the Virgin, Minster-in-Thanet) could maybe raise some funding towards much needed restorations by 'selling bricks' to build a model of the church in Lego. Firstly where to acquire enough of those wonderful little bricks - how about trying Freegle I suggested. Requesting this on our local group produced quite a haul and along with other small amounts from residents and families the project got underway just over 2 years ago. Now the model is complete with a wedding in progress, the choir, organist and congregation and is about to be put on permanent display in the church. In total it has raised over £2,400 and although the building itself is now complete we will continue to sell trees, shrubs and members of the congregation for some while yet. I have quite a few of images of the completed model which I can't show you here but you can view on my Flickr account at this link (Hope you like it)
2 years ago on Ashford Freegle #2155

"Making a little boy happy" 2

I love freegle and have received some beautiful gifts and given away all manner of things. My favourite was a Wanted Ad for a specific card of the Sainsbury's Lego collectors cards. The seeker said that her grandson had a complete set all bar one. I had a pack free with my shopping and couldn't find anyone who wanted them. I was about to put them in recycling that week. I opened the packet and looked and lo and behold, there was the number that he wanted. The lady was overjoyed. Her husband had told her she had no chance as they probably didn't make enough of that number to make people keep collecting. I was so pleased that something so small made a little chap so happy.
3 years ago on Tunbridge Wells Freegle #3671

"Freegle brings friends together" 3

No names or details for the sake of confidentiality, but where we lived before coming to the Penzance area, we did a lot of Freegling, and like you do, we got to know some of the most active Freeglers. One day, a lady we'd got to know put up a post about her son who had been diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease. She was feeling lonely and very low. Over the next six months, people from her estate and folk who saw her story in the papers did all sorts of things to support her. Every week we prayed for her and for her son in our church. And then he started to get better...until a big party was arranged, to thank everyone and to celebrate his going back to school D&J
3 years ago on Porthmadog Freegle #2578

"SO beneficial for all of us" 4

I am 53 and medically retired from work but spend time looking at things of interest on my lap top. I have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. Between us we all have things we need and when I found the site it was perfect. I could give stuff I don't need away and help others out. And I could find things that we needed. Its especially for children clothes and toys. The fact that we are also not adding to landfill is perfect. This service is amazing and everyone can benefit from it. I am always recommending it.
3 years ago on Maidstone Freegle #662


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