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We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

So please tell us your story!

"Weirdly happy" 7

I had a curtain pole delivered in a 6 foot cardboard tube, it made me weirdly happy that a very nice man wanted the tube to send spears he was selling from his spear collection.
3 years ago on Thetford Freegle #3787

"World of Waste" 4

Hi Freeglers, I've been freegling now for a few years now. And it appalls me when I go to our local skip site. For years before the local council started to clamp down on dumpster divers, I was able to maintain a nice life for my family not being able to buy certain items & money being very tight at times, etc. These were then maybe procured from skips say 5 or 6 months down the line. Then it was a case of scrouging here and there and hearing charity shops were also dumping goods because they weren't allowed to sell them. Started to make my blood boil then I found Freecycle etc and the waste seem to find a place away from landfill or incinerator. I have managed through fellow freeglers to furnish Grandkids homes help other people with items I've had or been given. Even to the extent of repair items so as I can get the use of them. From 4 winter tyres to a small mp3 player these have been stopped from waste and recycled and long may this go on. Last item I received I help a Charity Shop and the lady go assistance from me as she had purchased an item that was to big for her to use. All I Can Say Is I'm All In To Recycling And Repurposing, Long May It Go On.
3 years ago on Queensferry Freegle #3177

"I am a wannabe minimalist but have loads of stuff that is unsuitable for charity shops and do not want it to go to landfill." 4

I've only just started with freegle as was nervous about strangers coming to my door. However everyone that has come to pick stuff up has been so grateful and friendly. It has been a very rewarding experience. I recommend it to everyone!
3 years ago on Edinburgh Freegle #1459

"Give away what you do not need and receive what you do." 2

Over the last few years I have given many items to others who wanted them and I have also received a few things of interest to me. What is rubbish for one person is another's treasure. Doing this saves useable items being scrapped or dumped, saves energy being wasted creating new items when the old ones are fully functional too. There is nothing not to like about Freegle really - great on social and environmental fronts. Happy Freegler. :)
4 years ago on Stirling Freegle #310


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