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"Knitting wool for preemie baby clothes for JR" 6

A few months ago I put a wanted on for the above on hearing on the radio that the JR Hospital needed blankets for the preemie babies. I have knitted baby sets wherever I have lived for the past 15 years & decided to ask for help as I am an OAP with little funds. I received wool, buttons & toy patterns in abundance. The picture shows the second batch I took up after receiving lots of wool from Freeglers. I am really grateful for this site, to the admin as well as the Freeglers as I have now been able to supply them with over 50 sets, in two sizes, 20 blankets, 30 hats, 8 small toys & 4 angel sets for stillborns in white. I have a 3rd batch almost ready in Christmas outfits as the matron said they are always short of those at Christmas. I have also been making Christmas Cards for the Salvation Army for many years & received a bumper pack of coloured card from another kind Freegler & hope to raise a good sum again for the Homeless again this year. Thank you all of the Freeglers who have helped in any way, I could not have done it without you. I have had to buy some white/cream wool to use up the dark colours for ribs on the sets, but all colours have bee very welcome. I never throw anything away, always Freegle it & get my friends to do the same. It has helped me through some very difficult times in supplying items I could not afford & I will continue to Freegle. My thanks again go to all.
8 months ago on Vale of the White Horse Freegle #6821

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