Why Freegle?

Because it saves money, time and the planet - and it's free.

What, you need more reasons? Ok!

  • It's easy and convenient when giving - someone will come and take your stuff away, and you don't have to pay the council.
  • You're helping out someone nearby - either giving them something they need, or giving them the gift of free space.
  • It's good for the environment - it saves resources, and sometimes people will upcycle things to give them a whole new life. And it might reduce your council's costs a bit.
  • It's fun! You meet lovely people, and each time you freegle you make the world just that little bit better.

Don't just take our word for it - read other freeglers' stories...

Surely nobody would want this?

You might not want something - but someone else might. How would you find out? Offer it up on Freegle!

Surely nobody would give away this?

Same thing - you might not, but someone else might. Have a look.

What about Freecycle?

You can use both - but we think you'll enjoy freegling more.

What about Gumtree?

Why not eBay it?

You could - and if you need the money, go for it. But it's quite a hassle to do that, and then you have to post it off. Plus people are quite picky about what they're paying for.

What about trash nothing?

Most Freegle communities are on trash nothing - so you can use them from there if you like.

What about charity shops?

Charity shops are great - they help charities raise funds they need. But you don't always know what will sell and what won't, and there are some things they won't take.