How can we help?

These are the most common questions we get asked - please have a look and see if this is what you need.

If you've used Freegle Direct before, you'll notice that it's changed. We've done a bit of a revamp; here's why:

  • To work better on mobiles and tablets
  • To make the site easier to use and more friendly
  • So that the code is easier for geek volunteers to maintain and improve

We know it's always a bit of a shock when a website changes, but we hope that after a little while you'll be happily freegling.

If you're looking for something, use the Find feature.

This will let you search what's currently on offer - and if you what you're looking for isn't there, you'll see a button to post a WANTED to ask people for it.

If you go to the Settings Page then you can change how many mails you get in your Mail Settings.

If you want to pause mails for a while, you can do that there too.

If someone has collected your OFFER, then make sure you're logged in (click on Sign in on the top left if you need to), then go to the Home Page, find your post, click to expand it, and click this:

Similarly, if you have received your WANTED, go to the Home Page, find your post, and click this:

If you've not had any replies, this happens automatically now. Have a look on the Home Page, and click on the post. You can see the time until the auto-repost is due on there, like this:

Auto-repost due in 2 days

If you have had replies, you need to use the Repost button in the same place.

You can do this from your Settings, in the Personal Information section.

If you'd like to leave Freegle, then go here.

Something else?

Your local group will usually be the best way for you to get help, and it helps us if you use them where possible.

But you can also contact:

  • Our support volunteers at They deal with questions about this site, or problems with freegling where your local group volunteers can't help.
  • Our national mailbox volunteers at They deal with more general questions about Freegle which aren't specific to one group.
  • Our media volunteers at Please use this if you are a member of the media and want to help publicise Freegle. For urgent press enquiries only, call +44 (0)7962 449573.