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Bangor Freegle


Rehoming useable items since 2005

Founded 24th August, 2005. 4770 current freeglers. More stats or stories

Your local group for recycling those unwanted gifts and possessions.

Our aim is to save usable stuff from going into landfill and help develop a positive and local community spirit along the way.

Please always be polite to other members.

Freegle works best when it is local and we ask you to join and post to your most local group first if possible.

All offers and requests must be free and legal. No swaps or loans.

We suggest that you do not disclose addresses and telephone numbers in your posts, unless you are sure you are happy passing these details to several thousand people. Only pass these to the member who has replied and you have agreed to give the item to.

Any member who is found to be making dishonest offers and/or referring members to websites unassociated with Freegle may be banned from membership of the group. 

Repeat offers are allowed after 7 days. In special circumstances, for example if the item is very bulky, repeat offers may be allowed sooner - please contact the moderators.

Please do not post the same wanted post more than once a month.

Please do not email other members except to arrange collection.

PETS/ANIMALS Posts offering or requesting animals, insects or birds are not allowed; 

TRADING! Please be honest if you intend to sell on an item you are requesting.

We hope that you have fun freegling with us.

If you do have a problem with it please tell us - we listen.

Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.