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Bexhill Freegle


Welcome to Freegle in Bexhill!

Founded 19th May, 2005. 6889 current freeglers. More stats or stories

Hello and welcome to Bexhill Freegle!

Thank you for choosing to join the group - here you can give away unwanted items, ask for an item you may be looking for and offer items other members are looking for. Our aim is to find things a new home rather than send it to landfill!

We'll keep this brief so you can get on with freegling... :)

We have some basic rules which we ask you follow:

1. Everything you give must be free and legal

2. No swapping or borrowing

3. No requests for pets or other live animals (or humans!), and no offers of anything bigger than a bird or fish

5. Please don't ask for information, or non tangible items e.g. recommendations, vouchers, or services (although we have a news area where this can take place)

In addition, a couple of guidelines!:

- Please remember to be nice to other members and keep personal details out of your posts.

- You don't have to give items to the first person to reply; you might get another reply later that you prefer.

- Selling items on is allowed, but please make this clear in your email to the member so they can decide for themselves.

Any questions, comments or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

Welcome aboard and have fun!

Your Bexhill Freegle Volunteers


DISCLAIMER: FREEGLE MEMBERS USE THE GROUP AT THEIR OWN RISK. Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to the list or participating in giving or receiving items.


Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.