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Cheerfully Choosing to Reuse in Cheadle!
Founded 1st August, 2017. 1,000 current freeglers.

Give and get stuff for free from your neighbours in and around Cheadle.  Offer things you don't need, and ask for things you'd like. Don't just recycle - reuse with Freegle!


Items must be free and legal

Items can't be lent, swapped or sold

We do accept posts for animals/living creatures but please be respectful.

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Leek ST13
22nd June, 2022 10:02 on Cheadle Staffs Freegle
I'm looking for a shop type mannequin with a head, arms & torso. Legs aren't important but ideally with a stand. Doesn't have to be perfect, just functional. Thank you in advance.
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Soil Pipe

Blurton ST3
19th June, 2022 13:58 on Cheadle Staffs Freegle
I’m hoping to construct a hedgehog highway in the street I live in. I need a piece of soil pipe to go through a wall / gravel board to allow free passage. I’ve made ramps from wood that work very well. Photos of Hyacinth & Phyllis are shown. I’m able to collect. Thanks Andrew
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Foot brush

16th June, 2022 10:55 on Cheadle Staffs Freegle
Not a thing of beauty but useful! Will not stick to a wet room floor. It is a grey brush not neon! Fair Offer Policy applies
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Dehumidifier Refill

7th June, 2022 10:30 on Cheadle Staffs Freegle
Bought the wrong one. Fair Offer Policy applies

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