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Cheslyn Hay Freegle

Rehoming useable items since 2008
Founded 11th December, 2006. 2,775 current freeglers.

Welcome to Freegle

All items must be offered and requested for free.

All items must be legal to give away.

No Pets or Live Animals.

No swaps or loans.


How Does It Work?

It's simple.

Post a message offering an item.

Other people see it and reply to you.

Choose who to give it to and they collect.

 You have decluttered, made someone's day and saved an item from landfill.

That's freegling! And it's all free.

for more info:

We hope that you have fun Freegling with us.

If you do have a problem with it please tell us - we listen.


Your Freegle Team

If you have questions, you can contact our lovely local volunteers here:

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Ray (aka Mr O)
Cooky Smythe
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9 clean glass jars various sizes

WS3 Pelsall
12th May, 2022 10:43 on Cheslyn Hay Freegle
good clean jars with lid's various sizes free to collect
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Men’s Bike

Claverley WV5
7th May, 2022 15:05 on Cheslyn Hay Freegle
Is anyone gifting a man's bike please? Would need to be in good condition as we would be unable to do anything to it. Needed to help hubby, thank you
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Pressure Washer

Cannock WS11
5th May, 2022 21:50 on Cheslyn Hay Freegle
Could anyone gift a pressure washer, working or non working? Thank you
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Wellies & Trainers Childrens Size 9

Cheslyn Hay WS6
3rd May, 2022 05:56 on Cheslyn Hay Freegle
Size 9 children's shoes At least 5 pairs of wellies and 4 pairs of trainers, one pair of trainers still have tags on, most of them are Avengers or Batman 😊

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