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Colchester Freegle


Keeping reusable items out of the waste system since 2005 - it's not waste until you waste it!

Founded 17th February, 2005. 14985 current freeglers. More stats or stories



Give and get stuff for free from your neighbours in and around Colchester. Offer things you don't need, and ask for things you'd like. Don't just recycle - reuse with Freegle!
Items must be free and legal
Items can't be lent or swapped
Please don't sell items you got from Freegle without the permission of the person who gifted it to you.

We do not accept posts for animals/living creatures

OFFER posts will be auto-reposted after 3 days.
WANTED posts will be auto-reposted after 7 days.

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Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.