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Founded 3rd October, 2022. 7 current freeglers.
Give and get stuff for free from your neighbours in and around XYZ. Offer things you don't need, and ask for things you'd like. Don't just recycle - reuse with Freegle!

To learn more about Freegle groups, please visit the Freegle website:

Items must be free and legal
Items can't be lent, swapped or sold
We do not accept posts for animals/living creatures
Please don't sell items you got from Freegle without the permission of the person who gifted it to you.
OFFER posts are auto-reposted after 3 days if there are no replies.
WANTED posts are auto-reposted after 7 days if there are no replies.
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If you have questions, you can contact our lovely local volunteers here:

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Ruth Willmore

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