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Grimsby Freegle

Welcome to Grimsby Freegle. Please don't pay any courier fees, they are a scam.

Founded 13th February, 2007. 2466 current freeglers. More stats...

Welcome to
Grimsby Freegle

Throwing something away? STOP!! 
Keep it out of landfill by recycling it

If you live in the Grimsby & Northern Lincolnshire area, please use this group to offer your reusable items to other members.

Items must be legal, appropriate and gifted for free.
No borrowing, swapping or selling.

Freegle in Grimsby

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Part of the Freegle organisation.

Freegle is registered as a charity with HMRC (ref. XT32865)

Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.