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Islington North Freegle

Helping you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Islington
Founded 6th September, 2007. 23,433 current freeglers.

Welcome to Freegle

Our basic rules:

All items must be offered and requested for free.

All items must be legal to give away.

No Pets or Live Animals.

No swaps or loans.


How Does It Work?

It's simple.

Post a message offering an item.

Other people see it and reply to you.

Choose who to give it to and they collect.

You have decluttered, made someone's day and saved an item from landfill.

That's freegling! and it's all free.

We hope that you have fun Freegling with us.

If you do have a problem with it please tell us - we listen.

Your Freegle Team. 


If you have questions, you can contact our lovely local volunteers here:

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Freezer and food items

Tufnell Park N7
26th March, 2023 23:01 on Islington North Freegle
Hello, I just got a share apartment where I will be sharing one fridge with 3 other people. Please anyone who can help with a fridge or freezer? I will so appreciate it
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Squash racquet

Finsbury Park N4
26th March, 2023 20:34 on Islington North Freegle
Handle is a bit frayed but otherwise fine.
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Old Mac book pro

Islington N4
25th March, 2023 21:56 on Islington North Freegle
Hi all, I'm looking for an old MacBook pro. Any condition, for spares. Many thanks.
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Green House gutter water butt connector

Upper Holloway N19
25th March, 2023 21:01 on Islington North Freegle
Greenhouse gutter end stop to connect to a down pipe to a waterbutt

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