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Kendal Freegle


Kendal Freegle - we won't make a mountain out of a mint cake.

Founded 24th June, 2005. 3828 current freeglers. More stats or stories

Welcome to Kendal Freegle !

A group to give away your unwanted items to other local people for free.

You can also request items which you may think members may have but not be using.


Our main rules are :-

Please be polite to all our members and do turn up if you have arranged to collect an item.

No animals are allowed on this group.

Reposts are done automatically and your post will be bumped up the list if it is still available or not received.

Offers will be re-posted weekly for three weeks and Wanteds monthly for three months.

Please post to your local group first and wait a day or two before trying another group.


On our website we have a Noticeboard, where you can Chat to other members and ask about local issues.

Please select from the location ten miles or so to prevent seeing News items from far afield.

You can put local Events on the Event tab and, if you are looking for volunteers, do put an add on the Volunteer tab.


Be aware that a lot of emails are caught accidentally in spam filters. To try and combat this we have introduced ‘CHAT’. You will find copies of any messages you send or receive by clicking the ‘CHAT’ icon on the top right when you log in. Even if you prefer not to use this method yourself we advise you to check it, if expecting post.


You can contact your Moderators at


Kendal Freegle

Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.