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Louth Freegle

Louth Freegle, keeping reusable items out of the waste stream!
Founded 13th September, 2009. 2,278 current freeglers.

Freegle Guidelines

Don't throw it away, give it away!

How Does It Work?    It's simple.

    Post a message offering an item.

    Other people see it and reply to you

    Choose who to give it to and they collect.

 You have decluttered, made someone's day & saved an item from landfill.

 That's freegling! And it's all free.


All items must be offered and requested for free.

All items must be legal to give away.

We hope that you have fun Freegling with us.

If you do have a problem with it please tell us - we listen.

Your Freegle Team - Biff


If you have questions, you can contact our lovely local volunteers here:

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Single Mattress

Cagthorpe LN9
21st September, 2022 14:05 on Louth Freegle
Looking for a newish or barely used single mattress. Daughter left her door open to bedroom and one of our dogs peed on it . Has to be taken to dump now. She’s got nothing to sleep on! 😮
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Lawn / Flat Green Bowls and equipment

Waltham DN37
10th September, 2022 15:02 on Louth Freegle
Hi, my son is keen to take up lawn bowls and wants me to join him, so we're hoping someone may have some bowls they no longer want, or any associated equipment. We understand good 'all-round' bowls for beginners are Taylor Ace; Drakes Pride Professional or Henselite Tiger Pro or Evo. Sets of 4 bowls (Heavy). My son requires size 0 and I require size 4. Also looking for bowls bags/carriers and white outdoor jack. If anyone can help out, that would be great!
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Chimney Pot

1st September, 2022 14:27 on Louth Freegle
Hi - does anyone have a clay terracotta chimney pot they would like to donate to me please? I can collect as I have transport. My old house has had the chimney blocked off and the original chimney pot removed - I need one to replace it when I have the fireplace installed and the chimney opened again - thanks
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Artificial Grass

market rasen
25th August, 2022 15:09 on Louth Freegle
I am taking up the artificial grass in our back garden (sorry i forgot to take a before photo) Before I cut it up and take it down the tip does anybody want it - it isn't the greatest quality but would suffice for a garden project Fair Offer Policy applies
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Old containers 10/20L Plastic/metal

Lissington, LN3
11th August, 2022 12:04 on Louth Freegle
Hi I’m looking for a couple of old containers to hold old diesel in I’m taking out of a vehicle that hasn’t run for 15 years. Already filled a 10L and seems still plenty in there. Anything 5L upwards really that’s suitable for fuel. Thank you.

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