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Milton Keynes Freegle


Encouraging Reuse of Unwanted items since 2005

Founded 30th March, 2005. 16093 current freeglers. More stats or stories

Throwing something away? 

If you live in the Milton Keynes area, please offer your Unwanted and reusable items to other group members.

Keep it out of landfill by giving it away to someone who can re-use it.

Our basic guidelines:

Items must be legal and appropriate, and gifted for free.
Items can't be lent, swapped, bought or sold 

Please Note: Milton Keynes Freegle does not accept offers or requests for pets or any living creatures. (Try Hula Rescue in Aspley Guise)

Offers can be reposted as often as required until taken, though we recommend a 48 hour interval to give people a chance to reply.

Wanted messages can be repeated every 10 days and we recommend only 1 Wanted message every 24 hours to avoid "shopping lists" of items.

Please share the service with everyone you know.

Finally. Be courteous to everyone you meet and use Please and Thank You. And if making collection arrangements, please advise the other party if you change your mind, to save them a journey or waiting around unnecessarily. 

Happy Freegling! 


Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.