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Watford Freegle


Lets make Watford waste free! Don't throw it away, Give it away!

Founded 3rd September, 2012. 15893 current freeglers. More stats or stories

Welcome to the Watford Freegle group – Local residents rehoming unwanted items with their neighbours in and around Watford

To learn more about Freegle and to find out how to use the group, please read our short guidelines which apply to all Freegle groups:


In addition, these are the local rules of the Watford Freegle group:

1. OFFER & WANTED posts will only be accepted if you live in the WD postcode catchment area. People breaking this rule will have their post removed and they will be removed from the group.

2. Repeat OFFER posts are auto-reposted after 3 days.

3. Repeat WANTED posts are auto-reposted after 7 days.

4. Please don't sell items you got from Freegle without the permission of the person who gifted it to you.

5. We do not accept posts for Pets / Living Creatures.


Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.