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Camborne & Redruth Freegle


Keep re-usables out of Land Fill

Founded 24th August, 2011. 5283 current freeglers. More stats...

Welcome to Camborne and Redruth Freegle
Throwing something away? STOP!! If you live in the Camborne & Redruth area, please offer your reusable items to other group members. Keep it out of landfill by giving it away to someone who can re-use it.
Our basic rules:
Items must be legal and appropriate, and are gifted for free.
Items can't be lent, swapped, bought or sold.

Before you post, please read our Member's Handbook . Contact your Moderators for help.
We welcome applications from all members of the Camborne & Redruth community. Freegle works best when it is local, so please make sure Camborne & Redruth Freegle is your nearest group on the Freegle website before applying to join.

Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.