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Flitwick and Ampthill Freegle


Give & Get stuff for Free

Founded 20th February, 2017. 918 current freeglers. More stats...

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Welcome to Flitwick & Ampthill Freegle

Throwing something away? STOP!! If you live in the local area, please offer your reusable items to other group members. Keep it out of landfill by giving it away to someone who can re-use it.

Our basic rules:

    • Items must be legal and appropriate, and are gifted for free.
    • Items can't be lent, swapped, bought or sold.

For advice and general discussion, why not join the Luton Freegle Cafe which is open to Luton and all of the surrounding area Freegle members.

Freegle works best when it is local, so please make sure Flitwick & Ampthill is your nearest group on the Freegle website before applying to join.

Contact your Moderators for help.

Offer stuff you don't need, or find stuff you want.