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"Freegled Lego Helps Church Raise Funds" 2

A local parishioner suggested our village church (St Mary the Virgin, Minster-in-Thanet) could maybe raise some funding towards much needed restorations by 'selling bricks' to build a model of the church in Lego. Firstly where to acquire enough of those wonderful little bricks - how about trying Freegle I suggested. Requesting this on our local group produced quite a haul and along with other small amounts from residents and families the project got underway just over 2 years ago. Now the model is complete with a wedding in progress, the choir, organist and congregation and is about to be put on permanent display in the church. In total it has raised over £2,400 and although the building itself is now complete we will continue to sell trees, shrubs and members of the congregation for some while yet. I have quite a few of images of the completed model which I can't show you here but you can view on my Flickr account at this link https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5bxtE1 (Hope you like it)
2 years ago on Tenterden Freegle #2155

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