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"collected items to help the homeless in southampton " 6

I have recently been collecting items off freegle to help the homeless in Southampton. I have managed to gather 2 tents, a box of nylon jackets, all gratefully received. Thank you to those who donated the items. I help feed them and collect for them and we are often looking for small tents, sleeping bags, and clothing. We hand out hot meals twice a week with cake crisps biscuits and hot drinks. bags of toiletries and biscuits for the dogs with the odd dog coat. All items donated including the cooking ingredients. some stores donate foods due to come out of date and dominoes pizza donate one a month. With out all the volunteers the group would not be able to run. The New Help the homeless in Southampton can be found on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1407386152899451/
2 months ago on Eastleigh Freegle #5483

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