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"How did we get into Freegling?" 4

A number of years ago we had a pram for our granddaughter to use when she was staying with us. When it was no longer needed we tried to give it to various charity shops but all of them said that they were not allowed to accept baby equipment. Reluctantly we were loading the pram into the boot of our car to take it to the tip when a random stranger walked past. Only on the strength that he was pushing a toddler in a pushchair my husband asked if he'd have any use for this pram. He didn't, but he did introduce us to Freegle and we haven't looked back since. We have Offered many items, and Received some as well, including a large plastic climbing frame which was taken to the Isle of Mull by our daughter and eventually donated to the Nursery in Tobermory. (Balamory to those who remember the children's programme.)
a year ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #5501

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