We love to hear why people Freegle - it keeps our volunteers volunteering, and it helps show new freeglers what it's all about.

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"There are some very kind hearted people in this world and lots of them are on Freegle " 3

I have had an allotment for over 20 years, I also use my plot as part of my work to support two gentlemen with learning disabilities who love going there but due to vandalism this January that saw my shed burned to the ground we were unable to visit as we no longer had any tools or a place to shelter in bad weather. Since joining Freegle things have been looking great for the future of the plot. I have been receiving unwanted tools from various people and slowly building up what I need to get up and running on my plot again. Then I received a message from Freegle member jdcarter86-g4843 aka Joel. Joel had read my story and after receiving some old unwanted tools from him he sent me another message offering to build me a new shed! This was beyond anything I could imagine happening and I was so very grateful I accepted. So Monday 18th March Joel arrived at my allotment with a car load of wood and set about making us a shed which took him Two days with myself and a friend as his novice apprentices. I have since painted the shed to protect it and hopefully get many many years of use from it. I can't thank Joel enough for his kindness and spending two days of his time building it. There are some very kind hearted people in this world ❤️ Carol Stephens
a year ago on Liverpool Recycle #5522

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