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"NCT nearly new sale coordinator volunteer " 3

A Day in the Life of a Nearly New Sale Coordinator I start the day arriving at the sale venue at around 7.45am ready to greet the sellers. Once inside I start the signing in process, handing out an apron and name badge to the volunteer sellers, going through their jobs for the day with them, and taking their paperwork from them. Then it's time to start bringing in the sale items once the room has been setup. Volunteers all have their roles and designated areas of the sale to setup and attend to during the sale. Once the sale is over volunteers return any unsold items back to their seller's boxes to be collected at the end. All tickets from sold items need to be collected and sorted into seller numbers, then the data entry team of volunteers add the details onto the sale spreadsheet so we know how much to pay each seller. Then the room has to be returned to normal! Usually about 2.30pm it's home time! A long but enjoyable day. I’ve made lots of friends in the five years I’ve been part of the nearly new sales. It feels great to be able to raise money for a charity that supports new parents.
a year ago on Birmingham Freegle #5606

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