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"Recycle or just keeping my nice old bike going"

Vintage bicycles and bicycles made up until 1970 used very hard-working, light and much lighter to peddle than modern bikes but by 1980 cyclists were only cycling 20Cm a year. So modern bikes have grease in the hubs and have to be peddled even on flat compared to old bikes. Old bikes you clean them, oil them weekly but for that, you only need to touch the peddles now and then to keep them moving. They easily go for a hundred year and am sure my heavily used and high mileage 70-year one has another hundred years in it So I am putting the case for looking out for old bikes and start using them again. The Sturmey-Archer geared bikes are wonderful and the ones made before 1960 like my four speed high mileage one is even better. Also, cycle lanes, pavement and road tolerance are better than it used to be, other than the scary mobile phone zombie risk walking in front of you. If you living in the Tunbridge Wells area would like to see I could meet a few people in a local park and show you some tips and let you ride one that is very well made, good and was purchased for almost nothing. https://blog.andrew-lohmann.me.uk/2018/10/lenton-sports-bicycle.html
a year ago on Tonbridge Freegle #6166

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