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"Freegle furnished our flat, then we passed it on when we moved." 5

10 years ago my husband took a job in Slough, but we were unable to sell our house in Gloucestershire thanks to the recession in 2008/2009. This meant we had to have a flat in Slough during the week, then we trekked back to Glos. on the weekends. We did not want to buy new furniture for the flat, so thankfully Freegle furnished our entire flat, including dining table, chairs, desks, book cases, bedroom furniture, etc. A year later, we finally sold our house and were able to move into a new house in Berkshire. All of the furniture in our flat was given away through Freegle. Thanks Freegle! I still use Freegle all the time. I hate throwing things away, and I always look at Freegle first when I need something for the house.
5 months ago on Slough Freegle #6457

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