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"One person’s items are another person’s treasures." 2

I have been using Freegle for quite some time and have been able to give items I no longer use and also find items that I have been of great use to my family. Unfortunately I’m now in a wheelchair house bound and don’t drive which makes it very difficult for me to collect items but I will always offer people the cost of their fuel if they are able to deliver. My wife and I send items to Africa to be given out to people who have very little in life and find it difficult to put food on the table to feed themselves. The items are given out free we send out all our kids clothing when they have out grown them as well as educational items for schools pens pencils crayons just to mention a few. We have always recycled and encourage are kids to do the same if we keep putting our items in to landfill sites we are destroying our planet for our children’s children. Thanks for reading my post.
5 months ago on Bradford on Avon Freegle #6607

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