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"i hate waist and try to rehome anything " 3

the house 3 doors up is having a extension and i beeing me i went to them and said please dont skip the wood and leave it to the side of the skip and its bean grate some of the wood has gone to good use so far some have used for shelving and another person making wood planters out off it and some gone to make a log house and i going to make some planters out of what i left with and driving along found another skip and got a electric leaf blower all that was wrong it had paint dropped on it and it works well its also bean re homed and got a cast iron which had a crack on it so now its a planter in a friend's garden i could keep going but hey there still lots to save going in a skip what people do hear is now put it out at the front of e house is free to a new home and it seams to work
6 months ago on Congleton Freegle #6784

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