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"Found Good Friends" 6

So I love to recycle and give away ...I also love the cinema and replied to A FREEGLER who was giving away 2 cinema tickets as he and his wife could not go ...at the time I was freegling plants and they were doing their garden ...we arranged to swap but what we were not expecting was the fact that because we all had so much in common we became good friends . That was years ago ... I think Freegle is a fantastic site we have recycled creatively for years and it is always great when you know what you are giving is helping someone else. For example when I was giving my old fence posts it helped a young couple make a front garden fence by cutting the rotten bottoms into 3ft posts and another couple made a tortoise sanctuary out of the rest..The thing I most love in my house is a pine box seat in the kitchen made from a freegled wardrobe door..and a mattress topper...saving the enviroment and our pockets £200 ...So thank you freegle and to all the like minded people who use it :)
8 months ago on Bexley Freegle #6812

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