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"No reason for waste" 4

I've been offering and receiving long before freegle started and I'm always horrified to see things that can be offered arrive at the tip when I've been there. I was both shocked and horrified to see a pine welsh dresser there, I asked the men if they were really going to break it up and one of them said they had no choice. I find it a crime that people are just ready to throw anything away and not even think of offering it to someone else. Someone on freegle offered a flat hamster cage with a plastic lid. I collected it and it has been an amazing tray for my young seedlings with a clear lid, I've lost count of how many years and times I've used it, but I've had some lovely plants from little seedlings. We live in a throw away society, furniture, clothes, even relationships, so sad, but I like to think that I have made a difference to quite a few people by offering things I no longer need or use.
8 months ago on Canterbury Freegle #6854

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