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"Sending to landfill is so unnecessary" 3

It appals me how much goes into landfill. It appals me in reality that so much is made that cannot be recycled. i try my best to bring as little as possible into my home that I know will end up in my black bin but it's so hard. I throw away as little as I can choosing to give it away either on here or through charity shops. I hadn't realise though how much charity shops throw away without even getting onto the shop floor. I don't think people know what to do with all their "stuff", I certainly regret how much I wasted buying unnecessary junk for my kids, stuff they probably never used. I think we all need to think about what we buy and should be trying to buy secondhand or even better share what we don't need with others. Now I run a crafting group repurposing unwanted fabric and wool into items needed by our community. I like to think they not only get the benefit but they know someone has taken the time to care, something we all be doing more of.
8 months ago on Tameside Freegle #6860

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