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"Trying to be as Sustainable as Possible!" 4

Hi I run a large airbnb called Magical Margate Townhouse, and through the renovation and now that it's done we have tried to be as sustainable as possible by freegling and giving away, swapping, gifting as much of the old materials in the house, and now the furniture, as possible! I often hoard items hoping to upcycle them at a later date but freegling has given me the freedom to give them away, knowing that I will come across something equally as lovely in the future. Horses have drinking troughs, locals have furniture, and a local builder has a stash of plumbing parts because of us and that makes me feel happy. And small bits of building materials that most builders would chuck in a skip ended up being used by householders for DIY, saving yet more waste as they would only have needed to buy new too, and throw away what they didn't use! Happy freegling everyone! Anna
10 months ago on Tenterden Freegle #6992

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