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"Old Sat Nav for Caring Hands" 6

I hate waste, so I freegle... easy as that... Some things your family wants to chuck in a bin, are someone's treasure. Not only your recipient benefits, but so do you... closing "open loops" in your mind. Among other things I freegled, I remember my old Sat Nav. I used it a lot on the old car, and when I got one with a built-in Sat Nav, I suddenly had no need for my "old and trusty". After a couple years I was cleaning up, and found it. A pang of sorrow stung me - it reminded me so many things about where I used it on my holiday trips... all European maps included... it could still benefit someone... So I thought and OFFER'ed it on Freegle. I knew most people's phones would do the same now, but thought "ah, what the heck. Let us try. I would hate to throw it in the tip... it was carefully looked after, all maps updated... fully working..." A gentleman called and said he would really love to take it off me. He arrived and I heard the story. His sister was really poor, and her courier job involved a lot of driving. Her phone was not that stellar, and she needed to use it all the time during being online. So, having the Sat Nav snugly on her windscreen, would allow her to go to the addresses, while using her phone as ... well, phone. I was completely delighted that the lovely little device will go to proper hands who will use & care about it, not just resell or strip for parts. I felt that I, inadvertently, had made a difference in someone's life... that warm fuzzy feeling.
a month ago on Basingstoke Freegle #7426

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