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"Waste not, want not" 7

I use a range of similar giveaway communities as I believe we have a responsibility to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I live in a block of flats and am constantly appalled at how people throw away perfectly usable things when they have no use of them (piles of shoes, clothing, cupboards and the odd bed or cupboard regularly appear in the bed shed). As my grandmother used to say "waste not, want not", and I live by that mantra for my own items very happily. I've given away mainly, but received a couple of items too. I particularly remember giving away my old bagless vacuum when I got a new one. It went to someone whose daughter was going to University and had virtually no money to buy all the essentials. I feel great that the vacuum will have gone to a good use, plus she wouldn't have to spend money on bags, as mine was bagless. On the receiving front, I work in an IT team, so often get asked for free technical help privately. I got a basic scanner from someone through one of these communities which enabled me to scan a load of family history materials digitally to help someone myself. I expected to re-offer the scanner after use, but I keep having new uses for it, and it's been used well for another 5 years after I got it now! It's great to see things get used rather than sit in a cupboard unused, or worse still get thrown away.
2 months ago on Newbury Freegle #7456

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