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"Such a good feeling " 10

I've been disabled for the last few years and have been struggling with loneliness and depression! Recently I decided to part with all of my adventure sports equipment, I've been holding onto it for years now and it's just been taking up space in my small bungalow. I have given away some very expensive equipment and in a way my first feeling of parting with it all was of dismay and heart break, knowing I could no longer take part in my favourite things anymore! I could have sold it but I couldn't be bothered to wait for customers, so I signed up for Freegle and split up the goods for basically 1st come first served! Within hours I was overwhelmed with people requesting the equipment! My heart breaking feelings soon turned into elated joy when I got the chance to help out people who were not well off and were struggling to make ends meet! I was especially happy to find out that 2 people were trying to get gifts for their children's birthdays. The look on the people's faces when they came to pick up the item was so much more rewarding than I'd expected! As the equipment was brand new or only used a few times. Knowing that a child was going get a gift that the parents would have been broke for a few weeks if store bought was fantastic!! One guy came round for 1 item and after talking to him for about an hour we just clicked together and I was so taken back with his story I realised that I had pretty much everything he needed to sort part of his life out so I kept supprising with him different items that I no longer needed all brand new! The best thing was that I now have a new friend who has been kind enough to contact me and do me a favour to better my life! Giving can be a wonderful feeling and being anonymous so the kids could have a great birthday present was an astounding feeling! This week I feel happier than I ever expected! Freegle has been a gateway to happiness and friendship for me and I will carry on donating as I often get hold of good quality items for free. I've had a great time and don't intend to stop now! 😁 Thanks Freegle you have helped me in an amazing way!!! 😜 ♥️
2 months ago on Sheffield Freegle #7465

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