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"Freeglers turn bad into glad" 7

We had a planted a small unnamed tree from the London Wildlife Trust near the bottom of our garden. It turned out to be a beautiful wild bird cherry tree. Every year it was such a joy - smothered in white blossom in spring and then when the tiny cherries ripened, birds thronged to feed on them. But it continued to grow ever bigger shading our neighbours’ garden. We asked them what they felt and though sad, they wanted it to go. As it was cherry wood we decided to freegle sections of trunk. Quite a number of local woodturner freeglers responded. What made it such a joy was that each refused to take more than the small amount they could use so that other freeglers could have some. So every freegler got what they needed. I was so glad about that and also that the wood could bring them a little bit of joy. That turned a really bad thing into a good memory. And if someone is inspired by my story to plant one of these wonderful trees in their (large) garden that would make me very happy!
16 days ago on Croydon Freegle #7511

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