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We love freegling! πŸ‘ As we're an outdoors eco conscious family. We believe in recycling & upcycling stuff πŸ˜€rather than binning it which is wastefu! I grew u on pink panther films, bagpuss, the clangers, I'm an 80s kid πŸ˜€We grow our own veg/fruit herbs. Married with 2sons. I'd like to learn how to use all our power tools. I've always wanted to try whittling, sculpting figures or Harry Potter wands out of branches or drift wood. We all love DIY & crafting. I'm a qualified seamstress/textiles. I've saved a load of tin cans from Hubby's cider etc to have a go at tin craft from a book I bought. Any advice on woodwork as I bought my 9yr old son a junior woodwork bench/saw set, it has bolsa wood & thin mdf. He'd like to go onto better wood with progressive techniques maybe marquetry? any advice on these skills welcome πŸ‘ Regards Mrs Serena
14 days ago on Hull Freegle #7523

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