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"Setting up pub from scratch" 3

As some of you already know Adam and I opened The Nine Pins Saltwell (was aka Park View Inn) as the managers back in December, we started to move in upstairs and everything was going in the right direction then just 14wks later BANG...lockdown in March hit us. We quickly transformed into a food takeaway and bakery over night to try and help our locals and keep the business going. Our Boss (a publican from Manchester) sent us an email out of blue telling us he had handed in his notice for the pub which was 1day, panic set in as we had both gave up the security of employment to become self employed managers, but luckily we got a phone call from the brewery regional manager the same day offering us the tenancy which we accepted. Only problem is now our ex boss has emptied the pub even the ice cream tubs used for storage. We aren’t eligible for the governments grant as our ex boss already received it and with funds being tight we are asking if anyone can help us out with anything they can think of, empty ice cream tubs, large pans, gastro tins, Hoover, buckets, wine coolers etc etc. We are avid crafters and love to upcycle, recycle ♻️ where we can, I even made a bedside table using an old pin cask (mini real ale keg) I’ll upload a photo if I can. If there is anything we can do to help anyone please get in touch. Thanks Lynn & Adam
7 days ago on Washington Freegle #7546

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